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How to Remove Duplicate DOC Files from Computer in Batch with 100% Precision?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
July 4th, 2023
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Summary: In this blog, we are going to capture the query “how to remove duplicate DOC files from computer. Hence, if you are in need of such a solution and are unable to discover it, seek assistance from our page.

Several copies of the same document kept on a computer are known as duplicate DOC files. These files typically appear when a file is provided to multiple recipients and each one saves a copy, or when a file is mistakenly saved multiple times.

If you use a computer and only have a few duplicate DOC files on your system, the problem might not be too serious. But, if you routinely use DOC files for business and your computer has a lot of DOC files on it, you should be concerned. For many reasons that we will list below, you must delete such duplicate files.

The Pros of Removing Duplicate DOC Files from Your Computer

  • Easy to Manage: Eliminating duplicate files might make managing your computer’s file system simpler. It can assist in ensuring that all the files you require are in one location and are simple to locate.
  • Reduced Risk of Data Loss: When it comes to data loss, duplicate files might be problematic. By getting rid of them, you can lessen the possibility of losing important files.
  • Decreased Space: Duplicate files can take up more space on your hard disk than necessary. This can keep your computer operating more effectively and provide you extra space for new files.
  • Enhanced Performance: Duplicate file removal might enhance your computer’s performance. It can speed up your computer and help free up disk space. By doing this, you may ensure that your computer is operating as effectively as it possibly can.
  • Reduced Clutter: Getting rid of duplicate files will help clear up the clutter on your computer. This may make it simpler for you to locate the files you require when you require them.

These are the most common reasons why you should remove duplicate DOC files from computer. Most of the people you are reading may be dealing with one or more of the problems mentioned above and desire to solve them. The issue now is how to go about it. To learn about the solution, continue reading.

Solution to Remove Duplicate DOC Files from Computer

You can manually or professionally remove duplicate DOC from your computer. But, manually deleting duplicate DOC files from a computer can take a long time, and if the user is careless, mistakes can readily made. However, it may be ineffective if the user lacks a well-organized system, and erroneous results may come from failing to adequately search for and remove all duplicates.

Manual method is only good when your computer having some duplicate DOC files. If your computer is having a large number of files, then you should go with any third-party software.

One such solution we have also developed is Duplicate Remover Software for Windows. This is the all-in-one solution that can easily meet the requirements of all users. With this application, users can easily remove all duplicate DOC files from Computer in batch without facing hassle. This Duplicate DOC File Remover has so many powerful features. The application has a very simple graphical user interface. One can easily use the app without facing issues. Also, the app is capable to overcome all the limitations imposed by manual method.

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Step by Step Process to Remove All Duplicate DOC from Computer

  • Firstly, download the free demo version first to test the software without investing anything.
  • Once the app is downloaded, run the solution and click the Proceed button.
    click proceed
  • Now, choose Drives from which you need to remove duplicate DOC files.
    choose drive
  • Select the Browse option to navigate to a specific folder from which you want to delete duplicates.

    browse folder

  • Please pick the appropriate Filters, such as for DOC files, Select the file extension .doc, and so on.
    select filters
  • To begin scanning and identifying duplicate DOC files, select Scan Duplicates.
    scan duplicates
  • All discovered files can be previewed on your software’s screen. Select the duplicate DOC files and press the Remove button.
    click remove

That’s it. By following the above simple process, one can easily remove duplicate DOC files from Computer.

Special Note: With this application, it is also possible to remove duplicate PDF files from computer, remove duplicate email files from computer, etc. In short, it is an all-in-one solution available for computer users.

Main Features of Duplicate DOC Remover Software

  • With this app, it is possible to batch remove duplicate DOC files from computer at the same time.
  • The application comes up with the very simple graphical user interface for the ease.
  • Also, the application allows users to apply several filters to find duplicate DOC files.
  • When you remove duplicate DOC files from computer, the application maintains all the other properties.
  • With this Duplicate DOC Remover tool, you can preview your files before removing them.
  • Additionally, download the application on Windows 11, Windows 10, and earlier edition.
  • With this application, one can easily get the accurate results without facing any type of hassle.

These are the most common features. Many more are included in the software.


In the above content, we have explained how to remove duplicate DOC files from computer. Here, we have also mentioned some reasons why it is require to remove duplicate DOC files. The solution provided is safe and reliable. With this application, you can quickly and safely delete all duplicate DOC files from your computer using this application.