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How to Remove Duplicate Videos from PC?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
July 17th, 2023
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If you want solutions to remove duplicate videos from Windows computer, you have arrived at the right blog. Videos are the best medium for dynamically displaying sound and images. In short, videos are the best medium for entertainment as an amalgamation of sound and moving images. Videos get divided into many types: short films, music videos, live-action (known as movies), and social media reels (mainly Instagram and the time ranges from 10 seconds to a minute). Whatever the type, all videos stored on your computers present a problem – duplication.

We will discuss the reasons and solutions for removing duplicated videos, beginning with an introduction to the renowned video formats, so keep reading this blog!

Video File Formats

We will discuss a few video file formats in the following points:

  • WMV – Developed by Microsoft, WMV files have excellent quality for smaller videos, but compressing them results in a downgrading of quality. Also, these files can’t get played on every video player except VLC Media Player and YouTube, apart from Windows Media Player.
  • MP4 – The universally accepted video format, MP4 stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 and offers higher quality in smaller file sizes. MP4 is the go-to video format for all devices and video platforms. You can compress MP4 videos without losing image quality, making them the best choice for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • WebM – Developed by Google in 2011, the WebM video format offers high quality and smaller file size with almost no buffering for web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari and video platforms like YouTube.

Let’s explore the reasons to delete duplicate videos on pc now!

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Reasons to Delete Duplicate Videos on PC

Many reasons necessitate finding and removing duplicate videos from your computers, and some of these reasons are:

  • Several Backups – Repeatedly backing up the same video creates replica copies that occupy extra storage in your backups. The backups made in all local drives and the system Videos folder have those duplicate copies of a video, leading to your computer running slowly.
  • Downloads From Multiple Websites – Another reason highlighting the urgency to remove duplicate videos is downloads from multiple websites. Downloading a video from many websites and not checking the download status once leads to a duplication problem in your computer. You may have that music video or movie saved on your computer, but you download it again, unaware it has already been downloaded.
  • Same Videos with Different Names – If you have the same videos with different names stored on your computer, they are considered duplicate video files. Downloading the same video from multiple websites (where they have various names) or backing up similar mobile videos with different names on your computer leads to the video duplication issue.

These reasons highlight the urgency for finding and deleting duplicate videos, and we will now discuss the solutions, so keep reading!

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Manual Solutions to Remove Duplicate Videos on Windows

The manual solutions for deduplicating videos from your computers involve using the following methods.

Method 1: Deduplicating the Videos Folder

Deleting duplicate videos from the computer’s Videos folder is the first method to find and remove duplicate videos. Each system folder has a file-sorting facility to arrange the files based on date, size, and other criteria. Follow these steps to deduplicate the Videos folder:

  1. Open File Explorer on your computer using the Windows search bar.
  2. Go to the Videos folder from the left-side panel.
  3. Click View on the top ribbon menu, select Preview Pane, and click Details under the layout menu.
  4. Select the duplicated videos (even with different names) and permanently delete them using the Control + Shift keys.

Method 2: Windows Media Player

The second method for deduplicating the videos in your computer is using Windows Media Player, and the following steps describe the method to remove duplicate videos from pc using this in-built multimedia application:

  1. Open the Windows Media Player app using the Start menu.
  2. Select Videos from the left panel and right-click to select Manage Video Library.
  3. Choose the Videos folder and other folders where you have saved the videos and click OK.
  4. Select the duplicate videos (music videos and others) and click Delete using the keyboard.
  5. Confirm the deletion and select Delete from the library and my computer.
  6. Click OK, and the duplicated videos get removed from your computer.

These manual methods are effective for removing duplicate videos from your computer but lack features like bulk selection and have the danger of further duplication due to factors like sudden computer crashes. Hence, an automated tool is the best solution for removing duplicated videos without limitations.

Automated Solution to Delete Duplicate Emails on PC

An automated tool is a perfect solution for removing duplicate videos from your computer, and the tool we are discussing here can deduplicate videos in bulk. This tool is the 4n6 Duplicate Remover.


Video Duplicate Remover Features

  • Preview the duplicate videos before deduplication.
  • Apply filters to remove specific duplicate videos.
  • Analyze duplicate videos before deleting them permanently.
  • Capable of removing duplicate Audios, Images, and Videos.

How to Remove Duplicate Videos from PC?

  1. Download the Video Duplicate Remover, open it, and start the deduplication process by clicking Proceed.
    select proceed
  2. Select a Drive or Folder from which you want to remove duplicate videos.
    choose location to scan
  3. Select the location of duplicated videos and apply the desired filter to speed up the deduplication process. The tool has the following filters for duplication checks: File name, File Extension, Ignore File, File Type, and Size Filter.
    file type filter
  4. Start the duplication checking by clicking the Scan Duplicates box.
    scan duplicates to find duplicate videos
  5. The tool automatically selects and shows the duplicate videos with their size and destination path.
    how to remove duplicate videos
  6. Click Remove and start deduplicating the videos on your computer.
    how to remove duplicate videos from pc
  7. Go to the selected folder(s) and view the original videos.


This blog explored the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate videos from pc. The manual solutions described in the blog can easily deduplicate videos only when their numbers are few. On the other hand, the automated Video Duplicate Remover helps you deduplicate videos in bulk, and non-technical users can easily use this tool with a simple graphical interface.

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