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Solution to Reduce Size of a VCF File Via Expert’s Technique

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Summary: How to reduce the VCF file size? If you are struggling with the same problem then this blog post is for you, as the post discusses a professional solution to decrease the size of a VCF file. The solution is described briefly with a steps-by-steps procedure.

Before diving straight into the solution to how to resize a VCF file, let’s take a look at what VCF files are. VCF file is a standard file format used for storing various data such as contact’s information that includes the content’s name, email address, phone number, physical address, and other identical details.

Users query:

  • Hello! My name is Mick, I have a large VCF file containing all my contacts, which I need to import to my mobile phone. I tried a few methods but was unable to perform the task and couldn’t find the appropriate method to resize the vCard file. Please suggest a working solution to reduce the size of my vCard file.
  • Is it possible to split a single VCF file into multiple VCF files? If yes, please provide the procedure to do so.

Numerous users are struggling and searching for a working for methods to reduce the VCF file size. The queries above are just few out of the hundreds queries that user search relative to the resizing of VCF files. Those who are looking for a manual method to complete the task are notified that there is no manual way to decrease the size of a VCF file, therefore, one has to use an automated tool to accomplish the task.

Professional Method to Reduce the VCF File Size:

There are multiple softwares that can help you out with the problem to reduce the size of the VCF file. But being an expert it’s my duty to suggest you with the best tool to finish off the task to decrease the size of a VCF file. Therefore, 4n6 vCard Splitter Wizard is a recommendation for completing the job without any hustle, as the tool has a user-friendly interface.

The tool is a complete package in itself and not only let you resize VCF files, but also help you perform other various tasks. In relation to the second query, I want to inform readers with same question, that the tool is also capable of splitting a single VCF file to multiple files with one click.

Procedure to Use the Tool for Reducing the Size of a VCF File:

Follow the instructions to split VCF file and decrease its size as per your requirement:

  1. Install the software and launch in your windows systemreduce vcf file size tool
  2. Go to the “open” option and click on the “choose folder” optionreduce vCard file size
  3. Browse and select the VCF file or folder you want to split upreduce size of vcf file
  4. Now, go the “Export” option and tap on “vCard(VCF)”reduce vcf file size by automated tool
  5. finally, choose the desired location path for the resultant split VCF file and then hit the “Save” button

Within no time the size of your vCard file will be reduce and exporting your contacts to other devices would be a lot easier.

Key Features of the VCF File Splitter Tool:

As I have mentioned in the article before, the tool is capable of performing many certain tasks and is loaded with many amazing features that can definitely help you out with VCF files resizing. Some of them are as follows:

  • VCF file split option: Using this feature you can split single as well as multiple vCard files into differtern VCF files and reduce the VCF file size according to your need.
  • Individual VCF files option: The tool allows you to break the VCF files into individuals, each contact file stored in the vCard file would be converted to corresponding VCF file.
  • Maintain contact information: Using the software you can easily preview contact information such as name, physical address, email address, phone number, images, etc.
  • Multiple vCard version: The tool let you reduce the VCF file size and let you export them to various vCard versions(2.1, 3.0, and 4.0).

These are some of the features of the split vCard file software that make your task of decreasing VCF file size easier. Moreover, the tool also provides a demo version for new users by which you can resize 10 VCF files.

Few last Words:

As there is no manual way to reduce vCard files size manually, using an automated software is the only option to go with. The recommended tool comes with many great features and is one of the best tools to opt for accomplishing such tasks. Moreover, the tool’s charges are very nominal and provide more with less price. The tool not only helps to decrease vCard file size but is also capable of doing other tasks(mentioned above).