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Quick VCF Splitter to Split vCard Files into Multiple Contacts in Simple Clicks

  • Split multiple vCard files into individual VCF at once on Windows computer
  • vCard Contacts Splitter supports all vCard files including 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0
  • Selectively Split VCF (Virtual Contact File) to multiple contacts as per need
  • After breaking VCF files into multiple contacts, preserve all contacts at one place
  • Successfully supports to split VCF files / folders with images & contact information
  • Search by Date & Contact fields like Name Email etc. & Split vCard contacts
  • Preview evidences in VCF contacts before separating vCard into multiple contacts
  • Analyze vCard in two different modes: Business Card View & Raw vCard View
  • Successfully Supports vCard files created by any vCard supported platform

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Free Demo Version Limitation: vCard Splitter Software free download will Split Only 10 Items.

Best vCard splitter

Best vCard Splitter Tool

A Professional Tool to Split vCard Files

The vCard Splitter Tool is an all-purpose tool created to securely and expertly split vCard files to versions like 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0, among others. It is a Windows program that works with all current OS versions. The fact that it contains so many sophisticated features makes it the perfect application for you. It has a search engine for finding specific contacts among hundreds of vCard files. It also functions as a vCard Viewer, so you may read vCard files and easily look over each contact using it.

  • 100% tried and tested VCF Splitter Application
  • No file size limitations to split vCard files
  • vCard Splitter Tool has simple graphical UI
A Multi-purpose Tool

A Multi-purpose vCard Splitter Tool

The VCF Splitter Software is an all-in-one package that allows you to not only split but also convert vCard files. It gives you several options for saving your vCard files. This software is useful if you want to convert your VCF files to email, document, or web-based services. You may also retrieve specific attributes such as phone numbers, email addresses, and contact photographs with a single click.

Steps to Use vCard Splitter Software:

  • Step-1: Download and launch the vCard Splitter Tool
  • Step-2: Add Your vCard File / Folder to the Software
  • Step-3: Click Export and Select Saving Option
  • Step-4: Browse Location, vCard Version and Save

Primary Features

Main Features List of vCard Splitter Wizard

Split Multiple vCard into Individual VCF Files

Split Multiple vCard into Individual VCF Files

Users can split a vCard file into separate VCF files using the program. Users will receive several VCF files as a result of dividing each contact within a VCF file. Users can split any VCF file into several VCF files without difficulty. Throughout the division of VCF directories, the vCard Splitter program encounters no errors. Some of the various variants of of vCard Files supported by vcf splitter software are:

  • vCard 2.1
  • vCard 3.0
  • vCard 4.0
Two Ways to Browse vCard Files

Two Ways to Browse vCard Files

The VCF splitter software provides two modes to browse the files in order to perform the vCard splitting process & split vcf into multiple files:

  • Choose Files : This mode allows you to add single vCard files or group (with one contact).
  • Choose Folders : This mode of VCF Splitter Tool allows you to add and split vcard files within a folder that contains several vCard-Files (electronic business cards. Use this option to save time and efforts.
Split Selective vCard Contacts File

Split Selective vCard Contacts File

One can easily split vcard Files of their choice using this vCard Spliter Tool. This can be accomplished by first choosing a VCF file and then using the Checkbox option to pick the appropriate contacts from the list to split multiple vcf file selectively. This amazing solution is developed for all type of users to break split contacts.

All Contact Details are Retains Original

All Contact Details are Retains Original

After the selection, the vCard Splitter Software displays a sample of the added contacts and keeps all contact information such as name, address, phone number, email id, photos, logo, URLs, and definition intact. When breaking VCF files, no contact data is missing or damaged. In the resulting split vcf files, users can find the contact information exactly as it is.

Supports All vCard Platform

Supports All vCard Platform

Users may use this VCF Splitting Tool to split any VCF file exported from a variety of applications, including MS Outlook, Skype, iCloud, G Suite, and others. Furthermore, the VCF splitter software can collect contacts from a single VCF file to several VCF files and is compliant with all versions of VCF files, including vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, and vCard 4.0.

vCard Splitter Software Free Edition

vCard Splitter Software Free Edition

We also included a trial edition that is identical to the license version so that you can fully test the vCard Splitter program. For the trial version, users can conveniently break 10 contacts from a VCF file. Users can update the trial version to the license version after completing the review, allowing them to break an infinite number of contacts from a VCF file into separate VCF files.

Contact Fields to Divide vCard Files

Contact Fields to Divide vCard Files

You can search by vCard file fields including Full Name, Email, Address, Company, Organization, website, Contact No, City, Street, Postal Code, City, State, Nation, Notes, and more with the vCard Split Tool. VCF File Splitter allows you to examine Contact information in greater depth and divide the search data.

Split vCard Files by Date
Split vCard Files by Date

The search feature in the vcard Splitter program allows you to quickly search vCard files from large numbers of contacts by name, email address, or even date range. This allows you to sort the information and split vcf into multiple files, only the contact files you need.

Software Specifications

vCard File Splitter Basic System Requirements

Software Download

Size : 26.5 MB

Version : 3.5

Trial Limitations

vCard Split Software free download version permits you to split & export 10 contacts from each folder. Purchase the licensed edition to split multiple contact vCard files into multiple contacts.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
131.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the 4n6 VCF Splitter Tool is automatic. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email containing the product download link and activation key within minutes.

Software Screenshots

Step-by-Step Working Procedure of vCard Splitter Wizard
run vcard splitter tool
select vcard files or folders
preview vcard files data
choose file saving option
click save to split vcard files

Software Video

Online Video Tutorial of 4n6 vCard Splitter Tool

User Reviews & Industry Recognitions

Awards & Reviews
CNET Reviews and Award

According to Cnet, this software is really good at keeping your files safe all the time. 4n6 vCard Splitter Tool works quickly and makes you feel calm when you're dealing with important information.

SOftware Informer Reviews and Award

Software Informer has given 4n6 VCF Splitter Tool a 100% safe and secure rating because it does a good job to split multiple large sized vCard files into multiple contacts without any limitations.

Software FAQ

vCard File Splitter - Asked Questions

To use VCF Splitter Tool, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Install and run the VCF Splitter Tool on your computer.
  • Step 2: Select VCF File from the Browse menu. To parse and validate vcard results, click the Add button.
  • Step 3: Pick the right vCard edition you want to split vcf into multiple files . The original edition is the default.
  • Step 4: To get individual vcard files, disable "Generate Single VCF for All Contacts" and click the "Save" button.
  • Step 5: These split vcf files will now be available in your Downloads folder.

Without a doubt. Regardless of the number of contacts or file size, the software easily will break this single VCF file.

Yes, all VCF contact properties such as first name, last name, email id, address, phone number, photos, and others are retained during VCF Split.

Yes, this VCF Splitter Tool is available for download and installation on all versions of Windows, both current and previous including 11, 10, 8.1, and more.

Yes, you can use the personal licensed on two Windows devices.

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