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How to Migrate Outlook.com to iCloud Account Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This 4n6 blog contains information on how to migrate Outlook.com to iCloud account directly without encountering any difficulties.

Are you an Outlook.com user who, for personal or business reasons, requires the migration of data to an iCloud account? Have you discovered the answer or are you still seeking it?

The fact that you are reading this blog indicates that you have not yet found the solution. No worries. We’re here to assist you. This article will give a comprehensive approach for migrating from Outlook.com to iCloud. We developed this solution after researching all of the user queries listed below.

I need to entirely move to an iCloud account, but I also want to maintain my Outlook.com data. I need a method to move entire Outlook.com info to iCloud account.

Hey, is there any solution available that supports to migrate selected Outlook.com account mailboxes data to iCloud account directly?

How do I migrate Outlook.com emails and header information to iCloud account? Please assist.

Is there any way available to transfer Outlook.com to iCloud.com in bulk?

These are the questions that forum users raised, and we tried to address them. Therefore, our solution can cure all of these issues in a few simple actions.

Introducing the Most Reliable and Complete Outlook.com to iCloud Migration Tool

4n6 Outlook.com Backup Application for Windows users is a complete software for you. It is possible to migrate Outlook.com data to iCloud in bulk or selectively with this application. The solution migrates all data to an iCloud account without deleting or modifying any information. In addition, the UI of this trustworthy program is really intuitive. Due to the application’s intuitive user interface, non-technical people may utilize it without difficulty.

Also, to migrate Outlook.com to an iCloud account directly, fewer steps are required. This application’s operating procedure is likewise quite simple. The migration may be readily accomplished by following the simplest procedures outlined below.

Instructions Required to Migrate Outlook.com to iCloud Account

1. First, it is recommended to download and utilize the tool’s free demo edition. The free trial enables you to test its full functionality and operation without investing any money. Additionally, you will be able to move certain data to iCloud. Below, we do this procedure using the trial version.


2. After downloading, install this utility and click Open from the menu.

click open to migrate outlook.com to icloud

3. Kindly, choose Add Account from the given options.

click on add account

4. Fill the login credentials and IMAP Server details of Outlook.com account then click Add.

enter the login details

5. Once you click Add, the application starts analysing and loading Outlook.com folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. Click on the mailboxes and preview all your Outlook.com data.

preview your data

7. Now, click Export and choose IMAP as saving option.

choose icloud

8. Here, you have to enter the login details of iCloud account including the IMAP Server details.

enter login details

9. Finally, click on the Save tab to begin the migration procedure.

saving process

You may now view on-screen notification indicating the app has begun moving Outlook.com data to your iCloud account. This process of migrating will just take a few seconds.

Note: If you are having trouble logging into any account, please verify that you have entered the correct credentials. If the credentials are valid, please contact our support team they will assist you.

Discover What Else This Program Has to Offer

  • Bulk Migration Option: The utility successfully supports to migrate multiple Outlook.com mailboxes into iCloud account directly in batch.
  • Supports Multiple File Savings: With this app, you can migrate data to multiple savings like PST, PDF, MBOX, Gmail, Google Workspace, Exchange Server and more.
  • Migrate Selected Folders Data: With this program, you can also migrate selected Outlook.com mailboxes data to iCloud as per the need.
  • Migrate Complete Data: With this incredible app, you can migrate Outlook.com emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, tasks, notes, etc.
  • Transfer Email Header Information: If you need to migrate Outlook.com email headers to iCloud, it is possible with this app. You just have to check the option “Including Header Information”.
  • Provides the Detailed Preview: This fantastic program gives a comprehensive glimpse of the Outlook.com account, including the text, message headers, hex value, and raw messages, among other things.
  • Extract Data from Outlook.com: You can also extract email addresses from Outlook.com and email attachments from your Outlook.com account.
  • Migrate Your Email Attachments: In addition, this software has the capacity to transfer emails sent from Outlook.com to iCloud together with any attachments such emails may include.
  • Completely Standalone Application: There is no need to install any supportive app to migrate Outlook.com to iCloud account. You can directly migrate your complete data without losing a bit of information.
  • Windows-Based Application: The program that migrates data from Outlook.com to iCloud is compatible with all versions of Windows. This program is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and older editions, and it may be installed and operated on any of those operating systems.

The Abstract

We have offered the most wonderful program to migrate Outlook.com to an iCloud account in the preceding section. Using the provided application, it is simple to migrate a whole Outlook.com account with all of its properties. If you are one of those who must complete this duty, utilize the app without hesitation.