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How to Migrate Outlook.com to Exchange Server Directly on Windows?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This 4n6 informative blog is all about how to migrate Outlook.com to Exchange Server account.

Let’s start today’s article with discussing a recent user question:

“Hello, I have long used my Outlook.com account to handle my business-related information. Now, owing to business requirements, I am considering migrating to Exchange Server. As my Outlook.com data includes vital information, I cannot migrate immediately to Exchange without migrating it. Therefore, I chose to migrate my Outlook.com account data to Exchange first. However, I cannot find a solution that supports the same. 4n6 team, please provide me a cost-effective and safe method.”

In response to this query, the members of our team advised him to make use of the 4n6 Outlook.com Backup Application for Windows. It is a one-stop application that can address the issues that are being faced by any and all kinds of users. With this utility, one can easily migrate Outlook.com account data to Exchange without any downtimes.

Our goal in writing this article is to help individuals who are struggling with similar problems but have not been able to locate a solution to those problems. Below, we are going to explain the steps that can help users to accomplish this task easily.

Easiest Steps to Migrate Outlook.com to Exchange Server Account

1. Firstly, we would like to suggest you to download the free demo version of the app. As the app is free, you don’t need to invest anything on it. You will be able to test the utility without running into any problems and move some data with its assistance. In the following sections, we are going to walk you through the processes using the trial version. Take a look.


2. Once this solution is downloaded, run it on your Windows machine and click Open to begin.

click open to migrate outlook.com to exchange

3. Now, your will see options, choose the Add Account option from it.

click on add account

4. Enter the login credentials of your Outlook.com account and its IMAP Server details. Then, click Add button.

enter login details

5. Now you can see that the app starts analysing the data and load it on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. Click on the mailboxes and preview all your Outlook.com account data.

preview your data

7. Now, click Export and from the options, choose IMAP.

choose exchange

8. Here, you have to enter the details of Exchange Server account including IMAP Server details. After filling them correctly, click Save to begin the process.

migration process

That’s it. Using the above steps, one can migrate Outlook.com to Exchange online without facing hassle.

Facing Login Issues?

If you have any difficulty when signing in, please verify that you have entered the right credentials. If the credentials are valid, then you may get assistance from our support staff. They’ll assist you. Also, we assure you that our application is tested and risk-free. This application will provide you accurate result.

Read More About Outlook.com to Exchange Server Migration Tool

It is the only solution available that supports such type of migration. With the assistance of this application, migrating from Outlook.com to Exchange Server online is a simple process that does not need the assistance of any professionals. Additionally, there are a great deal of cutting-edge features included in this program. Listed below are some of the properties that it has.

  • Migrate Data in Batch: With the help of the 4n6 software, moving numerous Outlook.com mailboxes to Exchange online at the same time is quick and simple. In order to complete the migration, you will not be required to repeatedly log in.
  • Migrate Selected Mailboxes: If you need to migrate some data from Outlook.com account to Exchange, it is possible. Please check only those Outlook.com folders which you needs to migrate into Live Exchange account.
  • Check the Preview of Data: If you need to preview your Outlook.com account data, it is also possible. The app provides the preview of Outlook.com emails, message headers, attachments, hex values, and more.
  • Other Saving Options: The tool also has the ability to migrate Outlook.com account data to several savings. It offers PST, PDF, Gmail, G Suite , Yahoo, Zoho, AWS, Thunderbird, Office 365, and more as saving. Also, the app doesn’t require the installation of supportive app to perform this task.
  • Migrate Attachments and Headers: This incredible application has the ability to migrate complete data of Outlook.com. The app allow users to migrate Outlook.com emails to Exchange account with attachments and header information.
  • Completely Windows Compatible: Outlook.com to Exchange software is complete Windows-based. You can download and run this utility on Windows 11, Windows 10, and earlier edition. Also, it has a very simple user interface. You can use it without facing hassle.

The Conclusion

Hope you are now aware of the tool that supports to migrate Outlook.com to Exchange account. By using our tool, it is possible to perform a problem-free and straightforward migration from Outlook.com to Live Exchange. The application is helpful for transferring data either in bulk or selectively, depending on the circumstances. Use the application that was provided if you are one of those people who needs to do this activity. It will be of great assistance to you.