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Best Technique to Export Outlook.com to Thunderbird Desktop

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you seeking for the right approach to export Outlook.com to Thunderbird account? If yes, this 4n6 guide is valuable for you.

Today, it is common to see desktop users shifting to cloud-based applications and cloud users going to the desktop. Several users have provided their own reasons for why they are required to export their data on top forum sites. This post is for Outlook.com account users who are thinking to transfer data to Thunderbird account. To begin, let’s examine some of the most typical explanations for why consumers might seek such a conversion.

The Most Common Reasons to Export Outlook.com to Thunderbird Account

  • Since Outlook.com is a cloud-based service, you will not be able to access your data unless you are connected to the internet.
  • Thunderbird is a free email client that includes a number of features to help handle day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Because to a change in business policy, users are now importing their Outlook.com data into Thunderbird.
  • It is not necessary to remember the password, and many Thunderbird accounts may access the whole database at the same location.

Read the Below Query:

“Since a very long time, I have used Outlook.com as my main email provider. Now, owing to professional requirements, I must export Outlook.com data to my desktop Thunderbird account. The difficulty I’m experiencing is that the solution I’ve obtained only enables exporting Outlook.com data one-by-one. I need a solution that allows me to export my whole Outlook.com account to Thunderbird, including all properties. Please assist.”

Solution to Export Outlook.com Account Data to Thunderbird Desktop

4n6 Outlook.com Backup Software is the most reliable utility to export Outlook.com account to Thunderbird. With the use of this application, one can export all of their Outlook.com account data into Thunderbird without any complications whatsoever. The program is helpful for exporting data from Outlook.com accounts in bulk or on a selective basis, depending on the needs.

In addition, the application’s graphical user interface is not very complicated at all. This solution can be readily used by non-technical people as well as technical ones without causing any difficulty or frustration. In addition to this, exporting data from Outlook.com does not need a significant amount of your time. You only need to proceed in the order shown below, which consists of a few easy steps.

Easiest Working Procedure of Outlook.com to Thunderbird Software  

1. Firstly, download free demo version of this utility on your computer. With the help of this free version, you can check the working and features of the software.


2. Now, click on Open button and choose Add Account option.

add account to export outlook.com to thunderbird

3. Enter the login credentials of your Outlook.com account and click on Add button.

enter login details

4. This application will instantly load all the data on the left panel. Click on the mailboxes and preview your information.

check email preview

5. Now, click Export and choose Thunderbird from saving.

choose thunderbird

6. In the last step, choose the filter you want to use and then click the Save button to start the procedure.

click on save button

The software starts exporting Outlook.com account data to Thunderbird desktop. This export process will take only some moments.

Best for Forensics Investigators

This software is really useful for Forensics investigator. It allows they to deeply analyse the data. It enables them to perform an in-depth analysis of the data. This tool offers a comprehensive preview of your Outlook.com account, including the text of your emails, email headers, and hex values. Additionally, the program is useful for exporting data including email header information.

Eye-Catching and Incredible Functionalities of the Software

  • Export Data in Bulk: Using this application, one can easily perform the bulk conversion of your Outlook.com account. Users can export multiple Outlook.com accounts data into Thunderbird as per the need.
  • Supports Multiple Savings: It is the best app that can meet the requirements of all users. The software offers so many saving options such as PST, PDF, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and more.
  • Convert Email Attachments: Also, the software has the ability to export complete data without facing hassle. You can export Outlook.com emails to Thunderbird along with attachments.
  • Check Complete Preview: This is very amazing utility as it provides the complete preview before conversion. You can preview Outlook.com emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, and more.
  • Export Selective Mailboxes: With this advance tool, one can get the desirable conversion. The tool successfully supports to export selected Outlook.com mailboxes to Thunderbird as per the need.
  • No File Size Limitation: There are no file size limitation imposed on Outlook.com to Thunderbird software. With this app, one can export unlimited data without facing any type of hassle.
  • Standalone Application: There is no need for external or supportive application to export Outlook.com to Thunderbird account. Also, this utility supports all the edition of Windows OS.
  • Extract Properties: This software program is the greatest option for exporting Outlook.com account to Thunderbird. In addition to this, it gives users the ability to extract attributes from their Outlook.com accounts, such as Email Addresses, Attachments, Hex Values, and other information.

The Conclusion

It has become very regular thing for personal, commercial, and other types of users to export data from one platform to another. We have offered the most effective method to export data from Outlook.com to a Thunderbird account in the preceding content. The application we have provided is tested and risk-free. One can safely export Outlook.com emails, attachments, and other data to Thunderbird desktop account.