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How to Migrate Kerio to Yahoo Mail Account Directly in Simple Steps ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

If you’re struggling to access the Kerio account, you need to switch it now and the replacement account needs to be one that is easy for you to access. And we assume that Yahoo somehow is perfect for that. So if you’re planning to do this as well, this platform is perfect for you as it allows you to migrate Kerio to Yahoo.

Why Yahoo is perfect to Replace Kerio ?

  • Yahoo gives you easy access to your email. It gives you the flexibility and mobility to check important emails.
  • Unlike the Kerio account, you don’t need a specific device to access the account.
  • All data is on the cloud server, meaning if you lose email on purpose you can get it back, unlike the Kerio which stores all your data on a local drive. If the hard drive crashes, you can lose your data.

See how useful and beneficial this Yahoo account is. But all of these benefits can only be obtained if you can migrate Kerio to Yahoo. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the solution with which you can achieve this goal. You go through it quickly and find the solution useful and very valuable to you.

An All-in-one Solution to Help You Migrate Kerio to Yahoo

4n6 Kerio Converter Software  is the platform that can completely help you achieve your goal. This application is fully automated and requires little effort to migrate Kerio to Yahoo. It is efficient and can migrate all data in a few moments with no flaws.

Now you need to know why this application is best for this task. And to make you aware of that we would like to explain some of its functions. These functions are very advanced and can be used for different purposes. If you look at these, you can understand the value of this app.

Check out Some Functions of the Kerio Server to Yahoo Migration Tool

  • This application is easy to use as it has a very friendly user interface.
  • It can easily detect accounts that you have configured with the Kerio client.
  • You can also manually select the Kerio data, if not configured with an account.
  • This application allows you to preview all the Kerio data before migrating to Yahoo.
  • It allows you to migrate Kerio Server to Yahoo in bulk with no data size limitation.
  • You can also migrate Kerio to Yahoo with attachments associated with the account.
  • It allows you to include the email header if you want to see the full email journey.
  • You can give name to different files for easy identification after migration.

What do you think of this tool now, isn’t it all rolled into one? Well, you will find all of these features and more to make your migration trip more enjoyable.

Now is the time to tell you something more important. You now need to know the process that you need to go through to migrate Kerio to Yahoo. You take a close look at it so that when you run the tool, you don’t have any hurdles in following the steps.

Complete Process for Migrating Data from Kerio to Yahoo

  • First download the Kerio to Yahoo Migrator to the Windows computer.


  • Now install the application following to the instructions and launch the application after the installation is complete. Click the Open tab.


  • Then click the Kerio Configured Account to load data.

Note: If you are not configured with the account, you will need to click Select files and choose folders. After that, you need to browse all the preferred data from the device to load it into the tool


  • Then you will see that all Kerio folders associated with the selected account have loaded in the left pane. If you want, you can preview the emails here first


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click on IMAP from the drop down menu


  • Enter the Yahoo email address and password, also enter the IMAP server name for Yahoo and finally hit the save button


Your selected data from the Kerio account will now be migrated to Yahoo in a few moments. You will be notified when the process is complete.

Now that you know the most about the tool, it’s genuine to have a few questions. So we’re doing some question-and-answer sessions here. We hope this session will help you resolve your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Some Users

Ques 1- Does this tool have any limitations when migrating the data?

No, the only limitation you will have in the demo version, but once you purchase the license key there isn’t any restriction.

Ques 2 – Can I use this tool on Windows 7?

Yes, this application is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can use it on Win 0 and all following versions.

Ques 3 – Do I need to download another setup with this tool to fully migrate Kerio to Yahoo?

No, this application is completely stand-alone and does not require any further setup configuration to complete your migration.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to migrate Kerio to Yahoo, you need a reliable solution and Kerio migration is proving to be one of the best solutions for the job. This tool is efficient and it gives you so many benefits. This tool can make this difficult task easy for you because of its automated processes. Therefore, if you want to migrate Kerio server to Yahoo in a more pleasant way, you have to try the tool.