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How to Export Kerio Mailbox to MBOX Format?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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Have you come to this blog looking for a way to export Kerio mailbox to MBOX? So you have landed on the right blog, in this blog, we will show you the simplest and easiest way to convert Kerio server email files to MBOX. Using this you will be able to easily convert the profile data of the Kerio Server

Why should I convert Kerio’s profile data to MBOX in the first place in this blog? And also read the query of users, after that we will see how this query can be solved. Once you export Kerio mailbox to MBOX with the solution we described, you will see how easy it was to do so. Let’s start the blog now

Why MBOX Files Better than Others Files Format

  • MBOX files are known in plain text format because they are in plain text format and can be processed by all users.
  • It has 7-bit ASCII text messages, making it more reliable and easier to use with other mail clients.
  • Attachments are encrypted in MBOX format. That is, all attachments are secure and can be recovered for other purposes.
  • This file format can also hold a large amount of data, so it can store a large amount of data.
  • Alternatives are available in the MBOX file format and MBOX files are found in MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBOXCL and MBOXCL2.

Now we have seen in some points above that what are the benefits of MBOX files. Let us now look at the question asked by a user. Do you have the same question?

User Query;

“Hello, my name is James Desouza, today I am very worried about one thing, I just recently purchased a Macbook and now it has support for apple mail. Kerio Mail is not supported and only MBOX files can be imported into Apple Mail. That’s why I need a solution by which I can export my entire profile data in one MBOX format.”

After reading this query, you must have come to know that your query is also similar. If yes, then let’s continue reading. Now let’s see how we can export Kerio mailbox to MBOX and what are its methods?

Way to Export Kerio Mailbox to MBOX File

There is no manual solution to export Kerio mailbox to MBOX. To do this, there is only one method worker that this 4n6 developed, its name is Kerio Server Converter. This software converts your entire profile data in one go. And also maintains the folder hierarchy. This software is capable of converting Kerio’s profile data into multiple formats beyond MBOX. Now let us see how this software is used.

Instruction – How to Use 4n6 Kerio to MBOX Converter?

Free Download

1. Download the Kerio to MBOX converter for download now button (demo edition) and install and open in Windows OS System

2. After opening the software click the open button and choose the Kerio configure Account
kerio configured account

3. Thereafter configuring the Kerio account choose the emails in different view modes such as hex view
preview kerio in hex view

4. Hit the Export option and choose the MBOX format option
select mbox format

5. Lastly, choose the destination path and click the Save button to start export Kerio mailbox to MBOX Format

Benefits of Kerio to MBOX Converter Software

  • The attachments added to emails are likewise converted to MBOX format by this Kerio to MBOX Converter. Kerio emails and attachments may be simply converted to MBOX.
  • This freeware allows you to convert all of your Kerio data to MBOX format. Exporting Kerio emails, contacts, calendars, and other data to MBOX format is useful.
  • There are no risks associated with this program. In addition, the utility provides a highly user-friendly graphical user interface to export Kerio mailbox to MBOX format.
  • The program has a function that allows you to convert large amounts of data at once. It lets users convert many Kerio files to MBOX format at the same time. This function aids in the reduction of converting time and effort.
  • This utility may also be used to make a selective conversion from Kerio to MBOX. Users may convert many Kerio files to MBOX at once using this program.
  • Kerio to MBOX Converter aids in the preservation of all email features. To, Bcc, Sent, Receive, From, and other metadata characteristics are preserved by the utility. Users will also be able to acquire a precise and correct conversion without any difficulty.

Follow this YouTube Video Step-by-Step to Convert Kerio Mails to MBOX Format


Using the recommended technique, users may quickly export Kerio Mailbox to MBOX format. Users may convert an infinite number of files from Kerio Connect to MBOX using this method without losing any data. It’s also a good idea to try out the demo version first to see how the program works and functions. So, acquire the program and get your problem fixed.

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