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Merge TEXT Files to DOC File Using the Best TEXT to DOC Merger Tool

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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4 Minutes

It happens frequently that you want to merge TEXT files to DOC. Don’t you think copying and pasting are enough? Text documents can already be merged using these functions. Working with complex layouts and layouts that include more than text modules makes merging text more difficult. To help you merge text into the document, we have created a step-by-step guide.

If you are looking for a way to merge text files to doc file format then this article is for you. Because after getting a lot of user requests regarding the combine multiple text files into a single doc file format. We designed this expert 4n6 Document Joiner Tool to merge all the Document files into a single file type without worry about data safety.

This tool is the best approach that any user can easily be utilized for merging and joining multiple TEXT files into a single file format or can also choose another file.

Two Quick Options for Combining Text Files to DOC Files

Copying and pasting text into another document is one of the easiest ways to merge two files. For example, if you are using Word or Google Docs, start by creating the third document and naming it accordingly — such as “combined file” or “final project.” Then:

Open the Two Files You Want to Merge.

1. Select all text (Command+A/Ctrl+A) from one text file, then paste it into the new DOC file (Command+V/Ctrl+V).
2. Repeat steps for the second text file. This will finish combining the text of both texts into one DOC file.

Merging more than two files with this method can be tedious if you have more than two to merge. If that’s the case, you can simply merge your text files into a DOC format. Then, all you have to do is use a simple text to DOC file joiner tool to merge your TEXT into one doc. Additionally, you will be able to reorder pages more easily this way, saving yourself some time.

Make your text files work for you — discover everything you can do with 4n6 Software to Merge, Combine, Join, and safeguard your most important data.

Merge TEXT Files to Word DOC File Format?

This Txt to DOC Merge tool enables you to combine more than 1, 2, or 3, text files into one single DOC file format. Without having any errors start combining text files to doc file format.

Free Download

Moreover, this tool not only enables you to merge the TXT files into DOC file type but also you can easily combine multiple TEXT files into one Single PDF, HTML, RTF, MD, ODT, and so on file type. Within less than a minute this tool merges your bulk simple.txt files into a .doc file format at your desired location.

Steps to Merge TEXT Files to DOC File Format

1. Install the tool on your system and click the Open button.

click Open
2. Select the TEXT File from the provided list and choose any files and folders option.

select text files
3. After that click the uploaded folder to get a display containing files on the right side.

select folder
4. Then click the Export button and select the DOC file format from the provided list.
5. Finally, select the Save button to start merging all the TEXT to the DOC file.

Why You Never See Benefits of Using TEXT to DOC Merger Tool That Works

  • 10+ File Supported: Our txt to doc joiner tool supports more than 10+ file formats that including DOC, HTML, Mobi, ODT, PDF, TXT, XAML, DOCX, XML, and so on. Also, there is no need to use any free online tool that may store your important data on their system and can be used or shared with any third- party.
  • Data Security: 4n6 has been trusted by our users and customers. Plenty of users had successfully used this tool and after purchasing the full edition they can use it for an unlimited time. Moreover, there is no need to worry about your data security because we selling out our software, not our user’s data.
  • High-Quality Merging: Beside using any free online services that may run due to using their user’s data selling. Anyways, we provided the best result to our users by keeping all the file structure and folder hierarchy during and after completing the joining process. Moreover, this tool provides the high-quality result.

Author’s Suggestion

Use this TEXT to DOC merger tool to combine multiple TXT files into a single Word DOC file format. It also faster your work and takes only 5-6 minutes to merge all the text files into one DOC. Also, you can save the merged doc files into any desired location by the browse button.

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