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Best Method to Merge HTML Files into TEXT File – Expert’s Guide

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a way to quickly combine your HTML files into One HTML without going through the file conversion process? Here’s the blog post you’re looking for. The ideal method to merge HTML files into TEXT format without turning them into TXT files will be discussed in this post.

Yes, you read it right. In this post, we’ll show you how to combine several HTML files into a single one so you can quickly save them in the TXT file format without having to convert them first.

Before starting the merge HTML Files into TEXT file process let’s first understand a few things.

Why Merging HTML Files into TEXT Files Useful for You?

A web page is composed of plain text and HTML programming code that loads images and applies basic text formatting (e.g., bold, italics, and color). A web page is often saved with a .HTM or .HTML file extension to maintain the space and style.

However, it could be necessary to save the text from the web page as a text file or document. The techniques for converting or storing an HTML web page as a text document are listed below.

Reasons Why You’d Want to Merge HTML Files into TEXT (TXT) Format?

You might want to merge local or online HTML files to plain text for a few different reasons (.txt). You may want to transfer the files to a computer or other device that is unable to properly read or display HTML files.

Or that you want to combine several HTML files into a single text document for easier archiving. It’s also possible that you only require the text from the documents to use them for work.

Even if you can now copy and paste it or manually read through the source code to accomplish that, you’ll probably find that it takes some time. Going through the source code is typically not the best course of action since you risk transferring HTML tags that are not understood in plain text files to the new page.

When viewing an HTML file in a browser, you could also run into difficulties when attempting to copy its textual content.

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Instant Way to Merge Multiple HTML Files into TEXT/ TXT File – Time – Saving method

So here comes the 4n6 Professional Document Joiner Tool to rescue as it provides you with an automated way of merging HTML files to plain text. If the documents on your hard drive are stored in a single folder or folder structure, the program can work with single or multiple HTML files.

Free Download

You can choose the files and folders option to upload the HTML files from your system. Now, follow the below steps to merge HTML files into TEXT File format.

Quick Steps to Start the Merging Process

1. Download and install the HTML to TEXT merge tool on your Windows OS and click the Open button.

select the Open button
2. After moving forward to the HTML file option from the provided list. And then select any of the double options to upload the .html files from the system.

select the HTML Files
3. Next, the tool will upload all your selected files into the panel. You can double-click the uploaded files to get a preview in the right panel.

merge HTML Files into TEXT
4. Now go to the Export button and then click the TEXT file option.
5. Endly, select the Save button to start merge HTML files into TEXT File.

What are the Benefits of Using the Professional HTML to TEXT Merge Tool?

Get started with HTML to TEXT merger software from 4n6 today. Here is a rundown of our main product features and How they might help you to merge, and convert, multiple files into one file format.

  • HTML to TEXT Merger Tool: Looking for a more cost-effective solution to merge HTML Files into TEXT. With the great features and benefits? Look no further, this 4n6 HTML to TEXT merger allows you to combine HTML files into one same or another file format.
  • Merge into TEXT File: For those who are looking for a tool that can easily merge and convert HTML files into TEXT (TXT) file format. By using a single utility then this is a great option for them.
  • Complete Data Security & Safety: Similar to the above, this tool provides you with complete security and safety during the merging process. Moreover, very simple to use, easy to handle, and outputs files in a secure and sharable format.
  • All in One Solution: An all-in-one solution that handles both HTML merge and TEXT Conversion (and can also output files in TXT format). Essentially functions as a combo of HTML Merger and HTML Conversion. A great option for an organization that relies on multiple HTML mergers and converters software, on-demand.
  • File Merging Center: For users and organizations who require a range of options. This desktop application allows for a batch combination of files and folders. On an on-demand basis, to HTML, DOC/DOCX, MD, MOBI, ODDT, PDF, TXT, XAML, XML, and all Document file formats.

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Author’s Suggestion

In this article, we described the best and most trusted solution to merge HTML Files into TEXT Format without using more than one software. Use the best HTML to TEXT merge tool to combine multiple Hypertext markup language pages into a plain text file format (.txt).