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5 Simple Steps to Successfully Merge HTML Files to PDF File Format

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 19-10-2022 ~ Document Joiner ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Combining several pages in HTML format is tricky. A compiled index makes it difficult and time-consuming to open each page of an offline document. The best solution is to merge HTML files to PDF directly without converting HTML into PDF files. The best tool by 4n6 will get the job done quickly and easily, producing a document without altering the HTML coding.

Are you looking for a way to combine HTML files into one PDF? Then this article will completely guide you to perform the process without any hassle. Before starting the article, let’s understand why users need to merge HTML files to PDF.

Why Should Users Merge Multiple HTML Files to PDF?

The purpose of merging Hyper Text Markup Language files to PDF is to simplify the user’s life. Read the below-mentioned user query to know why?

“How can you ‘Combine files into pdf’ using HTML pages and get Acrobat to exclude the headers & footers from each HTML page. OR is there a scripted way to create a PDF file from a list of HTML pages but only use selected sections? I’d like to set up batch files to generate PDFs of text-heavy web content for client distribution (without hdr/footers being reproduced on every page). A batch file could be used to recreate a pdf whenever web information is updated. Any ideas?”

You will understand why users need to merge HTML files to PDF files in the above-mentioned user query. So, let’s get into the process to combine HTML files to PDF

Discover Document File Joiner Software, the most versatile utility for all of your merging needs. This program enables you to combine multiple HTML files precisely, quickly, and easily. There are several options for creating a table of contents, adding bookmarks, adjusting the layout, and encrypting the contents. Sound files in mp3 format can even be attached! For batch processing, there is no limit to how many HTML items can be processed.

As one of the most popular and universal file formats, PDF is your best choice. Transform your data without a hitch. No more problems with unsupported encodings! One powerful piece of software allows you to create multiple HTML Files into PDF combined documents. Corporate users also appreciate the impressive result of this tool.

What is the Best Way to Merge HTML Files to PDF?

Start merging multiple HTML Files into one PDF file format by using this HTML to PDF file merger tool to combine the file into one PDF file without converting them into PDF files and then merging them into one. With this tool, you can easily merge multiple files into one document without worrying.

Free Download

Also, this tool is very user-friendly and straightforward so any user can easily combine the files and get an instant result without waiting any longer. The algorithm of this toolkit is designed very simply and unique. Moreover, this tool is compatible with all windows OS.

Steps to Merge HTML Files into One PDF

1. Start the tool after installation is done and select the Open option.

select open option
2. Then move forward to the next step by selecting the HTML Files option and clicking Choose files and folder option.

select html
3. After that preview the uploaded email folder

select folder

4. Then select the Export button and click PDF from the drop-down options

select pdf
5. Finally, select the Save button to start the process.

select save

After selecting the Save button, the tool starts merging all the uploaded HTML files into one PDF file. The files will be merged as soon as they are all ready.

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Know What are the Benefits of Using the Best Merger Tool?

  • Easy to Use Html to PDF Combiner Tool: With just installation and choosing Hyper Text Markup Language files and folders from your system to merge multiple HTML files to PDF files, you can combine HTML files within a few seconds. There is no need to register to use our tool.
  • Merge Files into High Quality: Combine files into high-quality PDF file format documents. HTML files and folders layout and images will be kept as they were in Old HTML Files.
  • Secure Merging: We take care of the user’s data from harmful viruses and online attacks. Also, your files and folders are completely safe and secure during and after the merging process.
  • All Windows Version Support: Our HTML to PDF Merger works on all Windows versions – no matter if you use Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and all the latest versions.
  • Merge PDFs in Seconds: It is seriously ridiculously easy without a tool to merge files offline. You’ll love it if you give it a try.
  • Offline HTML to PDF Combiner Tool: Upload a batch of HTML files and folders and take a break, let our offline merging tool automatically complete all the merging procedures.

Author’s Recommendation

In this article, we described the best way to merge multiple HTML files into one without worrying about HTML coding, images, and formatting. This tool keeps all the HTML data intact during the merging process. Start free downloading this HTML to PDF merger tool on your Windows versions. And start the process of merging HTML to PDF File Format.