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Solved Incredimail Flash Player Problem Incredimail Not Working Issue

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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3 Minutes Reading

This post is very helpful for users facing issues like can’t open Incredimail as no flash player. Read below scenario where we helped users facing issues Incredimail flash player problem.

Recently, a client contacted us about their need to restore emails from the IncrediMail application which failed to start on their Windows 10 computer. While checking for their problems, we found that IncrediMail had shut down its support in March 2020. The latest issue is that IncrediMail fails to start and function due to discontinued support of Flash Player by Adobe.

Problem — Flash Player Discontinued

As the IncrediMail email application uses Flash Player for its animated graphics display needs, due to the EOL of Flash Player, it stopped working. The client is not able to open IncrediMail and fails to access email messages saved in the IncrediMail application.

IncrediMail Data Store and Files Revealed

We investigated further and found that IncrediMail stores its data in IML files, which are linked to the MainStore.db file. Further search revealed a good utility named IncrediMail Migrator — This helped us read all folders and email accounts data from the IncrediMail install location.

Safe & Secure Download for Windows OS

Solution to Recover & Restore IncrediMail Emails

We installed the above tool and restored all IncrediMail data to EML files. Now these EML files can be imported into any email application like Thunderbird, eM Client, Kunomail, Windows Live Mail etc.

Here I personally recommend converting IncrediMail to Thunderbird Email Application. As Thunderbird is a Free Email Application and you can download it from https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/

Most users are facing the above problem due to the discontinued support of the Flash Player application by Adobe. The IncrediMail application actively uses Flash Player to show all email animations, so due to lost support for Flash Player in IncrediMail, it fails to start, and users are blocked from gaining access to their emails.

My Personal Findings

recommend using the above findings to all users who are looking to restore emails if IncrediMail fails to work due to a Flash Player issue.

For any more help needed, feel free to comment and ask me for directions. I will be happy to assist you with your IncrediMail data transfer needs. I am also hereby providing a video of the same tool I mentioned above.

Video to Learn How to Restore IncrediMail Emails from Non Working IncrediMail Application

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