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How to Convert Multiple VCF to Single vCard file?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Tired of managing multiple VCF files?

Would you like just one vCard file instead of many?

Your wish is now being granted as we will be providing a way to convert multiple VCF to Single vCard file.

It is very injustice when you try to combine all the necessary information such as phone number, email addresses and contacts addresses into a single file (vCard), and it shows you an error, or even shows you nothing and then you need to create multiple files by selecting only few files.

Few Problems that leads you to Create Multiple VCF files instead of One.

It is my personal experience when I tried to share all my contacts via some email client, all the contacts first appeared as an attachment in the .vcf file and then suddenly disappeared. And when I tried to do it so many times, the same thing happened. First they appeared and then just disappeared.

So I tried to share only a few contacts and then the problem was solved. After that I was able to share them. And now I have so many vCard files. It is some kind of problem that leads you to create multiple files instead of one.

Solution to Convert Multiple VCF to Single vCard

We must say that it can be a bad experience to perform this task as there are many versions of vCard files and we are not sure if they agree to join together to create a single file.

But that bad experience can turn into a good one. It lies in your hand. The choice is yours, whichever way you want. There are two ways, by which you can convert multiple VCF to single vCard, one is good and the other is somehow difficult.

We are going to tell you both the two ways one by one to complete the task. So let’s first know the manual way

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Manual way to Convert Multiple VCF to Single vCard

  • First of all on your computer, open the c:\ drive and then create a new folder named as Contacts
  • Now copy all of your vCard files into this new ‘contact’ folder.
  • Go to search option on the taskbar and type & search ‘run’ to open the app
  • Now a little window will appear in this type ‘CMD’ and then click OK
  • Type cd c:\contacts and then press enter
  • Now type copy *.vcf allcontacts.vcf and then press enter
  • Go back to contact folder in your c:\ drive, you will see a new allcontacts (this is the combined folder for all the selected vCard files).

This is how you can perform this task manually. But if you need a more convenient and simple way to perform this task. Go the automatic way.

Automatic way to Convert Multiple VCF to Single vCard

This automatic way is convenient and can make you feel relaxed and it will complete the job on its own. And do you know what to do during the whole process? Sit back and do a few clicks. Yes, you read it right with just a few clicks. Let us inform you so you can convert multiple VCF to single vCard quickly and then put your time into productive work.

vCard Viewer Tool: An Automated Solution

With the help of this application, you can get the job done more reliably. Unlike the manual process, you don’t need to create folders or save all your contacts first. With this 4n6 vCard Converter Wizard, you need to select all the files or folders you want and then export them to just one. This way can prove to be a more convenient for you.

Now we recommend that you go through the automatic process of the application so that you can know which way is better manual or automatic.

Steps to Convert Multiple vCard to Single vCard file

1. Download vCard Converter application, install and then run the tool to begin the process

Download Now

2. Click Open and then

click open

3. Now select the option such as choose folders or choose files

choose files or folders

4. Now you can see all the selected files / folders are loaded on the tool, you can now open them to take a preview

preview data

5. Click Export and then click on vCard files

choose vcard

6. Now click on browse button to select the desire location on your device

7. And finally, hit on the Save button

Your multiple vCard files will now be exported into single vCard files.

We see that this automatic process is more flexible as here you can even preview all VCF files. It was not possible manually as you cannot open them if you do not have any compatible application. So with this all-in-one solution, you can export, convert, and view vCard files at the same time without setting up another app.

In Conclusion

Managing multiple VCF files can be a very hard job and the only solution for this is to convert multiple VCF to single vCard. So we have provided both the manual and automatic way to do this task. Now it’s your choice which way you want to go. Good luck