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How to Import vCard to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) in Bulk Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Are you in need to import vCard to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) account? Have you looked online for a solution but couldn’t find one that allows you to bulk import vCard files into Office 365? When we are here, you don’t have to take worries.

This is the only topic we will be discussing today. Here, we’ll show how to quickly finish this operation by simply importing several vCards into your Office 365 account. Now let’s start the post by learning about the prerequisites.

Need to Bulk Import vCard to Office 365 Account

For users who have large contact lists, bulk vCard importation into Office 365 is quite helpful. Users may quickly and simply upload a vCard file containing all of their contacts instead of manually entering each contact one at a time. As all of the contact details and other information are instantly transmitted to the user’s address book, this saves time and guarantees correctness. Also, the possibility of human mistake while manually entering data — which may result in incorrect contact information or typos—is removed when using bulk import of vCard.

Certified Method to Import Multiple vCard to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Account

We are all aware that there are options available to do this work. Therefore, why go with this vCard Converter Software? The explanation is that it can do away with the restrictions placed by other applications. The needs of all users were considered throughout the development of this program. It is extremely simple and limitless to import several vCard files at once into Office 365 with this tool. Also, the program allows you to execute selective conversion if you need to. Nothing else but the app’s user interface is the finest thing. You may use this program without difficulty even if you have never converted anything before.

Also, there are no formalities like manual ways of vCard importation into Microsoft 365 accounts. Only the simplest process, which is described below, needs to be followed.

How vCard to Office 365 Import Software Works?

Suggestion: Nobody wants to lose their data or spend money on poor software, as far as we are aware. Thus, we developed a freeware edition to our software so that you may be confident of its incredible and potent features. So, it is suggested to use the freeware first.


  • Once the application is successfully downloaded, install it and run. Now, click the Open tab from menu.
    click open
  • Here, a drop-down menu will appears, click the Choose Files / Choose Folders option to browse your vCards.
    choose vcard files or folders
  • Once you select you vCard files, this app will quickly load them on the left panel.
    loaded vcard
  • Now, click on the loaded vCard files and preview all your contact details.
    preview vcard
  • Go to the Export tab and select Office 365 directly from it. (You can also import vCard files to several savings such as vCard to Excel, vCard to HTML, vCard to PDF, and more.)
    choose office 365
  • Enter the login credentials of your Microsoft 365 account and click the Save button to begin the process.

That’s it. This is how one can directly import vCard to Office 365 account without facing any type of hassles. In some moments, you will get the completion message. After that, login to your Microsoft 365 to check out the imported vCard files.

Powerful Functionalities of the Software

  • Safe and Easy: This program to convert from vCard to Office 365 is tried and risk-free. You will receive precise and secure results. Also, the user-friendly design makes it easy for users to do this activity.
  • Preview All Data: Before importing vCard files into Office 365 account, you can get the complete preview of your contacts. Once the app is loaded your vCard files on the left panel, double click on it to get preview.
  • Supports All vCard Versions: vCard to Microsoft 365 Tool is compatible with vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 editions. Also, you can download and run the app on Windows 11, 10, and earlier editions.
  • Maintains Contact Details: When you import vCard to Office 365 account, the utility maintains all the properties of your contacts. There will be no changes done with the original formatting.
  • Standalone Application: You can directly import vCard files to Office 365 account. There is no need to install any supportive program to perform such conversion.
  • Import Files or Folders: The application allow users to import vCard files or folders to Microsoft 365 account as per the need. It is suggested to always select the Choose Folders option to import a complete folder at once to save time.

We hope that you liked the features above. Not only are these. This application has a ton of additional functions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

So, if you are one of them who needs to import vCard to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) account, download the app without thinking too much. This application will safely import your unlimited vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 files into Office 365 account without losing any information.

Thanks for reading. For any help, kindly contact us anytime!