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How to Upload & Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook Application?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 10th, 2023
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8 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for an instant solution to import PST to Gmail free account? Also, facing the problem while transferring large outlook into Google Mail?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will provide you with the best way to export your outlook emails to your Gmail account. Try an easy and quick way to save your PST file in Gmail with attachments.

Before continuing with the method to Import PST to Gmail free account, let’s understand the problem through a user query.

User Query;

“Hello, I am the manager of the IT firm. And my organization uses Outlook as a professional email application. Due to a problem, we are currently switching to Gmail. Now, the issue is that I Work in customer service and handle many clients in one day. The data in the e-mail folder is very important for me to send e-mails to the customers. So, the data in the email folder is very important for me for sending emails to customers. But I do not know how to import PST to Gmail without Outlook. Can someone suggest a complete solution for this?”

After reading the above user queries, hopefully, clear the need to migrate PST to Gmail. So let’s look at the method for exporting PST files to Google Mail Account.

Why do Users Import PST File to Gmail Without Outlook?

The users choose Gmail because of the following advanced features:

  • Provides Large Storage Space: Gmail offers 25 GB of storage space. This means that you can easily save unlimited emails and large files.
  • Instant / Online Messaging Anywhere: Google Mail uses the chat feature for instant messaging. The users can find the chat icon at the bottom of the left Gmail inbox. You can easily access it from anywhere.

Instant Solution to Move & Import PST to Gmail

With our perfect solution, like the 4n6 Outlook PST Converter, you can move outlook email items to Gmail easily and securely. This application is one of the best toolkits and there are no restrictions for importing PST to a Gmail / Google Mail account. The tool has a simple graphical interface that preserves all the formatting of e-mails during the .pst file to Google Mail conversion. This software is simple and easy even for non-technical users and can operate in a trouble-free manner.

Steps to Convert Outlook Emails into Gmail Accounts Directly

The PST to Gmail Converter software to transfer or import PST to Gmail. The trial version can export the first 10 items from each folder. The Users can purchase a license edition for bulk exporting PST email to Google Mail account.

Free Download

  • Run the application and click on the Open File tab or select the option to load the PST file.
    download outlook to gmail converter
  • Select the PST file/folder that contains the PST data emails.
    choose pst file
  • In the software panel, click on the email to check the preview of PST items.
    pst file properties preview
  • Go to the Export tab. Select the [Gmail] option to import PST to Gmail without Outlook.
    select gmail
  • Enter your Gmail login credentials. Finally, click on the Save button to start the process
    enter gmail login details

In this way, you can transfer selected emails and all emails from the PST file to your Google Mail account.

Note: Follow these steps first if you don’t want to have any issues while converting files from PST to Gmail account with this software.

Enable IMAP

enable imap

How to Create Gmail App Password

Manual Way to Import PST to Gmail Account With Complete Data

GWMMO stands for Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook. With this tool, users can easily import or open PST into Outlook for free. It is a free method to accomplish this upload PST to Gmail process that Google itself provided.

Before starting the import outlook emails to Gmail using this method, users need to follow the enlisted points.

Users should have Outlook installed in their Windows OS. In the absence of that, an error message will be displayed.
Then need to install the GWMMO tool to start importing PST files to the Gmail accounts with complete contacts, calendars, contacts, and so on data.

Steps to Use GWMMO Tool to Import PST into Gmail Account

  • Download the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool in your system, then install it and run it.
  • After that, the tool will open the sign-in window, where you need to enter your Gmail account id and hit the continue button.
  • Then, select Allow to give permission to the tool for migrating PST to Gmail
  • Select Outlook user profile or Outlook PST File to export. Hit the Next option.
  • Then, select the data you wish to migrate (Calendar, Contacts, Emails, Junk mail, Deleted Items, and so on). Next, click Migrate button.
  • The tool will show a complete migration ongoing status on the screen.
  • After completing the migration the tool will display a Migration Completed message click Ok.

By opening a Gmail account, you can ensure that all PST files will be seamlessly transferred over to Gmail.

Drawbacks of the GWMMO Method

The method requires technical knowledge, otherwise normal, users may problematize with this method critically. Below is the stumbling block you might face through this GWMMO method.

  • Users can only import Writable PST files into Gmail, not the read-only PST files.
  • The duplication of data in the PST file that is going to be uploaded to Gmail is not taken into consideration.
  • The Gmail PST file opening method only works with one Gmail account at a time.
  • Users of the GWMMO method must download and install multiple tools, including GWMMO and MS Outlook.
  • Importing PST files into multiple Gmail accounts is a one-by-one process.
  • If an interruption occurs, users must start the “import PST file to Gmail” task again.
  • When users attempt to migrate large data to Gmail over a slow connection, it displays a time-out.
  • When importing PST files in Gmail, common errors include 0x80040109, 0x80041066, 0x80070035, etc.
  • In Gmail, you cannot import certain Partial categories of email, calendar, contacts, etc.
  • The method does not import journal entries, Outlook Notes, tasks, or RSS feeds to the Gmail account.

Benefits of Choosing PST to Gmail Converter Tool

  • Export Outlook Emails to Gmail with Email Header: The software allows users to upload PST files with an email header to a Gmail account. This utility has an easy-to-use interface accessible to all users.
  • Easily Move Email Addresses and Attachments: The user can easily transfer PST email items with all attachments. This feature is only provided by trusted utilities to give additional benefits to the user.
  • Import PST to Gmail without Outlook Installation: There is no need to install the MS Outlook application for the migration process. This utility is smart and can send outlook email directly to Google Mail / Gmail account.
  • Save Attachments when Importing PST to Gmail: Users can save all attachments of PST using the software. To see an email preview, click the right side of the attachment and use features such as Open, Save, Save All, and Attachments.
  • Transfer Multiple Emails from PST to Online Gmail: This utility allows users to move unlimited outlook emails with attachments to Google mail accounts. A professionally designed utility provides a complete conversion message upon completion of the task.

Client’s Words for Product

“Uploading all PST files to Gmail / Google Mail account seemed like an impossible task. However, the transition from this 4n6 software made it look like everyone’s cup of tea. The program is very intelligent and works with the click on a command, so we didn’t have to do much. Great work!”

“Our company was searching for a solution to import PST to Gmail without Outlook installing. After some research, I got this 4n6 software. I first used the demo version of the tool and after using it, I was surprised that PST mail folders to the Gmail migration process are so easy to run. Thanks to the 4n6 Team for developing this advanced software!”

Final Words

If you are concerned about how to import PST to Gmail without Outlook, then simply try the 4n6 PST Data Converter. While Outlook is a powerful email service. But on the other hand, Gmail is a much more popular or free source among users with its features and accessibility. In addition, this export PST to Gmail solution will help you to transfer or move outlook email folders to Gmail / Google Mail. Also, users can use the free trial version to see how the tool works. By using the DEMO version, users can export 10 items from each folder.

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