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How to Import Maildir to Gmail Account in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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6 Minutes

Hey! are you guys searching solution on how to import Maildir to Gmail? Well, this is the right place to get the correct solution for performing this task in a simplified way. Stay tuned with us for knowing full information regarding this procedure.

As we all know that each email application saves data in different file formats. So, it is quite difficult for users to perform this task without having any guidance. But no need to worry, here users will get all the solutions regarding this issue.

Gmail is one of the most used email and well–known email application across the world. It offers multiple to its users like calendars, hangouts, drive, notes, photos, etc. It has a very simple user interface along with multiple amazing features. Gmail is convenient and can be used easily.

Nowadays multiple users are looking for Maildir to Gmail migration process. Let’s have a look at some of its reasons.

Why Users Are Importing from Maildir to Gmail?

There are some various reasons due to which users are looking for this migration procedure:

  • It offers various advanced features like 15 GB free storage capacity, video chat, and more, which makes the work process more systematic.
  • Users can get free 15 GB of storage space and after that, they can purchase extra storage space as well.
  • Features of Gmail come under very high security. In comparison of other email clients, Gmail is best. This application offers malware and virus checking as well.
  • It can be accessed easily on different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops with Gmail irrespective of place and time.
  • Gmail is available at a very low cost. Also, it doesn’t require any maintenance. Gmail data gets stored in the cloud that makes its emails and documents safe and available.

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How to import Maildir files to Google Mail – User Queries

“From past 9 years, I am using an email application which supports Maildir file format. But time to time it is becoming difficult for me to handle all the data stored in Maildir file. I have started getting so, much errors. I can’t use this application anymore. So, I have decided to migrate into Gmail services. But the issue here is I can’t import the data directly into Gmail. I don’t have any idea that how could I transfer all my data into Google mail. Please guide me to know the solution for “How do I import Maildir to Gmail without losing any data. Thank you!!”
– Mandella, New York City

Hi, I am Ziva. Currently working in an IT organization having 350 employees. Our company is using application which supports the Maildir format for saving data. But from the past few days, we are planning to migrate our entire data from Maildir to Gmail mailboxes. Kindly help me in performing this task as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
– Ziva, Austria

Note: Solution for the issue of above user is mentioned below. By using best alternative method, users can accomplish this task easily.

Import Maildir to Gmail through a perfect automated solution.

Users can make use of a Maildir File Converter for completing this task on time without having any trouble. This is one of the best applications for both professional and non – professional users. This utility is built with an intuitive user interface to provide quick and accurate results to the users. With the help of this tool, users can easily import Maildir files to Google Mail accounts directly. User just have to put credentials of Gmail account to start this conversion process. Also, it supports all the versions of Windows OS.

Download 4n6 Maildir to Gmail Migrator

User can batch import Maildir mails by using this application at the same time to save time and effort. This tool provides multiple amazing benefits. Users can import attachments as well along with the emails. It is a 100 % safe and secure application, maintains all the email properties.

Below we are mentioning the entire process of using this application. Have a look on it.

Step-by-Step Working Process to Import Maildir Files to Gmail

Follow these simple steps for performing this task in a hassle-free way:

  1. Firstly, users have to install and run 4n6 Maildir to Gmail Migrator on your Windows operating system and click on the Open button.
  2. Now insert Maildir files in the software window.
    Maildir to Gmail Migrator
  3. After that, click on the email folder to check the complete preview of Maildir files.
    View content
  4. Then, click on the Export button and select Gmail as a saving option from the given list.
    Import Maildir to Gmail
  5. Thereafter, users have to put Gmail account login credentials in the software interface to proceed further.
    Login details
  6. Finally, click on the Save button to start the import Maildir to Gmail procedure.
  7. After completion of the task, a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Click on Ok.

What Are the Benefits of Maildir to Gmail Migrator?

There are multiple benefits of using this application, as it offers multiple amazing features:

  • Always maintain email structure and elements: – This migrator application maintains the Maildir database structure and Maildir email elements like Email Address, Emails Subject, Emails body, content, etc. intact.
  • Simple and consistent user interface: – This amazing software offers a simple and consistent user interface that can be easily understandable by both technical or home users.
  • Import Maildir mails to Google account: – With the help of this application, users can directly migrate Maildir files to Google Mail account. Moreover, the utility only needs Google account login credentials to perform the entire task in few simple steps.
  • Compatible with all the Windows OS versions: – This all-in-one software supports all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 10 (32/64 bit) and all the below versions.

Final Verdict

In the post we have briefly discussed about that how to import Maildir to Gmail account. Also, it is clearly mentioned in this video that, as such, there is no manual solution available for the users to perform this task. Therefore, using the professional solution mentioned in this blog is the only and best option for users. Both technical and non-technical users can make use of this application.

Also, users can first use a demo version of this tool to know more about it. Through this user can import 10 Maildir files without any hassle. For more, users have to purchase the paid version of the tool.