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How to Import Maildir to Exchange Online & On-premises

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Nick Rogers
Published On
November 16th, 2022
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6 Minutes

Introduction: Are you all looking solution for how to import Maildir to Exchange server online? But not able to get the perfect solution. No need to worry now. Here, we will discuss about this process in brief by proving best possible solution. So, stay tuned with us and read full article.

In today’s era, many companies offer multiple email clients and their services. But the fact is only some of them are popular nowadays. Likewise, the Maildir email format is one of the common solutions for storing email messages, where each and every message is stored in a separate file along with a unique identification name and each folder is a directory.

There are certain users who want to migrate their Maildir files into Exchange server. And the main reason behind this is there is a benefit of using Exchange server, that it can be simply accessible from any location and from any system also just by adding few necessary details.

User Query

“Hello! Myself Jerry, from New York. Currently, I am working in an IT organization. Our higher authority has decided to import from Maildir to Exchange Server. As we all know that migrating is one of the hardest tasks to do and if we choose a manual solution, it will take months to complete it. Therefore, we want an easy, reliable, and effective application for performing this task. Also, we have been instructed by our senior authorities that:

  1. It is necessary to migrate all the emails along with their respective email attachments.
  2. Second instruction is we have to import data in bulk from Maildir to Exchange Server On-premises. So, for doing both of this task in minimum time we need a software solution that will help us in performing this task in best possible manner without having any data loss scenario also. We can’t afford to lose any data.

– Jerry, New York

By keeping the above user’s issue in mind, we have mentioned solution in below section. It will for sure help users in completing their task on time and without any data loss.

  1. Technical Solution
  2. Non-technical solution

Perfect solution to Import Maildir to Exchange Online

The automated solution mentioned in this article is one of the best solutions for both professional as well as non–professional users. Download Maildir Converter Software is one of those solutions that can be used to perform this import procedure easily. It is one of the finest software which can be used easily without any trouble.

Download 4n6 Maildir to Exchange Migrator

By choosing this third–party solution users can also opt for selective migration of Maildir files. Users can batch import multiple Maildir files at the same time to save their time and effort. Also, users can do this process along with the respective attachments as well. This tool also offers advance filter options like date filters, attachment filters, email filters, etc.

Let’s have a look at the complete working procedure of this application for having safe migration.

How to Move Maildir to MS Exchange Server – Step by Step Procedure

Follow some simple steps for importing Maildir to Exchange On-premises without any hassle:

  1. First, install and run 4n6 Maildir to Exchange Migrator on your operating system and click on the Open button.
  2. This conversion tool offers an option to load load Maildir files / folders.4n6 Maildir to Exchange Migrator
  3. Thereafter, click on the email folder to check the complete preview of Maildir files.
    Preview data
  4. Now, tap on the export button and select IMAP from the given saving list.
    Import Maildir to Exchange Server
  5. Then, enter IMAP account login credentials in the software interface to proceed further.
    MS Exchange login credentials
  6. Finally, click on Save button to start the import Maildir to Exchange Online process.
    Save option
  7. After completion of the task, a pop–up box will appear on the screen. Click on Ok to exit

Why user should consider using this application – Benefits?

There are some benefits of using Maildir to Exchange migrator:

  1. This tool provides a batch function to migrate multiple Maildir files into MS Exchange in a single go.
  2. Multiple amazing filters are available for benefits of users to migrate selective Maildir emails like email filters, date filters, and attachment filters as well.
  3. Its easy user interface helps every user to simply handle it at the time of import Maildir to Exchange Server.

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Manual Solution to Migrate Maildir to Exchange Server

As such there is no manual solution available for the users to fulfill the migration process of import Maildir to Exchange On-premises procedure. Also, it is best not to use manual procedure for solving this task. As there are certain limitations which user has to face if they choose to use manual approach.

Some of the limitations are listed below:

  • Takes a lot of time for completion of the procedure.
  • Users have to follow lengthy procedure.
  • Does not provide a 100 % guarantee of the accuracy of results.
  • Novice users will not be able to use this without any technical assistance.
  • Includes a lot of technicalities in the entire process.

Therefore, the user is left with the only solution i.e., an automated solution for performing this task in the best possible manner. So, go with the above–mentioned software solution for performing this task without putting much effort.

Bringing up together

In this informative blog, we have mentioned detail about import Maildir to Exchange in brief. Users will get complete information about this issue in this blog. In fact, the solution given in this post is the best-suited professional solution that will help users in every perspective.

The best part is the user will get two versions of this application, one is a demo version and another one is paid version. The Demo version is completely free of cost. In this user will be able to import 10 Maildir mails. For more, users have to purchase the licensed edition of the tool.

We hope after reading this post will complete this task effectively & efficiently. If it still issues exists, try contacting our live support team. They will guide you further.