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How to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird Desktop Account?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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6 Minutes Reading

Overview: Get here the safe, simple, and cost-effective method to import AOL Mail to Thunderbird desktop account.

In the case of email clients, consumers are transferring from one platform to another in order to obtain the superior features of alternative platforms. Our today’s topic is how to import AOL Mail to Thunderbird desktop. Both of these programs are quite popular, and if we have a background in technology, we have likely heard of and are familiar with both of them.

In this post, we will discuss everything, including the reasons why users need to import AOL to Thunderbird as well as the solution. Now, let’s get this post started.

Main Reasons to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird Desktop

The following is a discussion of some of the many benefits that can be obtained from adding your AOL account to Thunderbird:

  • There is a possibility of data loss over the cloud, thus it is recommended to export AOL mailbox data on the local system.
  • Users of Thunderbird can access several email accounts on the local workstation using this email client.
  • You will not be able to view the data in your AOL webmail account if you do not have an internet connection. So, import AOL emails to desktop platform like Thunderbird.
  • The storage of data on the internet is inherently risky. There is a possibility of data breach or data leaking occurring.

The aforementioned scenarios are some of the most typical ones in which consumers find themselves in need of importing AOL Mail to Thunderbird Account. These are not sufficient in any way. Users have suggested a wide variety of explanations on the many discussion forum websites. Therefore, let’s make an effort to find a solution that can effortlessly complete this work without any bother being involved.

Best Technique to Import AOL Emails to Thunderbird Account

Read Me First: If you are one of those people who are seeking for a manual solution, then you will be happy to know that there is a manual option accessible. However, the manual technique is only a feasible alternative for you if the only thing you need to do is add some data. If you have a significant amount of work-related data stored in your AOL webmail account, you might consider using a more professional solution. When done manually, there is a possibility of data being lost.

We have developed 4n6 AOL Backup Software for Windows. It is the most reliable and professional solution to import unlimited data from AOL Mail to Thunderbird account. Using this app, one can safely import AOL emails to Thunderbird with attachments. Also, the app has a really easy user interface. One can easily operate this program without facing any type of hassle.

Additionally, this AOL to Thunderbird program offers a free demo version. With this trial edition, one may evaluate the functionality and features without incurring any costs. Additionally, this sample edition allows you to integrate AOL mails into your Thunderbird account. Download the application immediately and do your assignment.


Simple and Smooth Working Steps of AOL to Thunderbird Software

1. After downloading it, run it and click on Open button.

click open to import aol mail to thunderbird

2. Now, please select the option Add Account.

click on add account

3. Enter AOL email address and password. Then, click on Add button.

enter login details

4. This solution will load all your mailboxes on it left panel as you can see in the screenshot.

loaded folders

5. Now, click on it and get the preview of your AOL webmail data.

check preview

6. Click on Export and from the list, choose Thunderbird.

choose thunderbird

7. This app will automatically detect the location if Thunderbird is configured on your computer. Also, you can change the location. Finally, click on Save button to begin the conversion process.


Now you can see that the software starts importing AOL mail to Thunderbird desktop account. This process of conversion will take only some seconds.

What Other Features Does This Software Offer?

  • Bulk Import Facility: It has ability to import multiple AOL mailboxes to Thunderbird desktop at once.
  • Import Email Attachments: This app will import your AOL emails to Thunderbird with attachments.
  • Convert Email Headers: You can safely convert AOL emails to Thunderbird including header information.
  • Check Complete Preview: This amazing software provides the preview of AOL content, attachments, email headers, hex view etc.
  • Get Accurate Results: While importing the data into Thunderbird, this app preserves all the properties.
  • Extract Properties: You can easily extract AOL properties such as email addresses, attachments, phone numbers and more.
  • No File Size Limit: With this app, you can transfer unlimited data from AOL webmail to Thunderbird desktop account.
  • Import Selected Data: The app allows you to check only those mailboxes whose data you want to import Thunderbird account.

Which Kinds of Users’ Problems Can Be Fixed by Using This Solution?

Question 1 – How do I import selected AOL mailboxes to Thunderbird?

Answer 1 – Follow the below steps:

  • Run the app, click Open, and choose Add account.
  • Enter AOL Mail credentials and click Add button.
  • The app load folders, click on it and check preview.
  • Now, click Export and choose Thunderbird saving.
  • Check the Required Folders here and click Save.

That’s it. Only the folders that you have selected will be converted when the process begins by the program.

Question 2 – It is utility is operable of Windows 10 machine?

Answer 2 – Yes, you it on any earlier or latest Windows editions.

Question 3 – Does the app allow me to import AOL mailboxes to another savings?

Answer 3 – Yes, you can easily import AOL emails to savings like Gmail, G Suite, PDF, PST, and more.

Question 4 – Do I need to have Thunderbird app on my computer to import data?

Answer 4 – No, this app doesn’t require the installation of supportive application.

The Conclusion

In this write-up, we have mentioned a perfect solution to import AOL mail to Thunderbird account. The app we have provided is best to overcome all the limitations of other methods. With this app, you can easily convert AOL emails, contacts, calendars, and other information without losing a bit of information.

In addition to this, we guarantee that our solution will. It will provide you with accurate results while also protecting the privacy of the data.