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How to Report Cyber Crime in India & File Complaint Online?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
July 4th, 2022
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4 Minutes

Cybercrime affects one out of every five people in the country.

Every day, millions of people become victims of fraud. These instances of cheating occur with everyone. Whether you’re a software engineer or an illiterate, cybercriminals will take advantage of your carelessness. In this manner, your hard-earned money vanishes from your bank account in a matter of seconds.

When you have to go to the nearest police station to file a cybercrime complaint, the difficulty increases. Many times, the police will begin circling you by informing you of a cybercrime case. That is why we will tell you how to register a cybercrime complaint online, so that you can file a complaint while sitting at home.

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint Online

To begin, go to the internet and navigate to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal website of India https://cybercrime.gov.in

The above webite is managed by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India for the help of Indian citizens to report a cyber crime online.

When the website loads, a window similar to this one will appear in front of you.


This shows that after returning home, there is an option to Report Women or Children related crimes, as well as other cyber crimes.

As a result, if a woman or child is a victim of cybercrime, select the option to “Report Women/Child Related Crime.”

When you click it, you will be given the option to report it anonymously.

After that, you click the File A Complaint button and then the I Accept button.

In this section, you must click on the report of cybercrime against women and children.

However, you will need a user ID for this.

As a result, you must first log in.

Keep in mind that an OTP will be sent to the same phone number that you will use to create the login.

You can easily register a complaint after creating a login by selecting your area.

Keep Track of the Complaint’s Progress

You will be assigned a unique number after filing a complaint on the website.

Also, you can determine what action was taken on the complaint based on this number.

You can also look into this number further.

To do so, go to the website and click on the Report and Track button.

You can also file complaints without revealing your identity on this website.

Complain only via Email

You can also request that action be taken while keeping your complaint confidential. The Government of India has designated you as a Cyber Nodal Officer in all of the country’s states as a result of this.

You can file a complaint using their email address.

By visiting cybercrime.gov.in and clicking the Contact Us button, you will be able to obtain this email address in the form of a PDF file.

This PDF file contains the nodal officer’s phone number and email address, as well as the names of all the states.

You can get assistance with cybercrime by dialling

cyber crime helpline

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has also issued a helpline number.

This is the number 155260. This is a toll-free number.

On working days, this number is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you live in UP, file a complaint through the UPCOP Mobile APP

If you live in UP, you can also file a complaint using the UP COP mobile app.

You do this by downloading this mobile app and creating a login ID using your phone number.

After you’ve created a login, go to FIR and then Register e-FIR.

After clicking here, you can file a complaint by providing your name and other information.

In addition, in UP, dial 112 or 1090.

If you live in UP and are unable to obtain assistance from any other source, you can contact these two numbers.

Actually, you can file a complaint by dialling 112 in an emergency.

The complaint received on this number is properly recorded in the register, and action is also taken.

Similarly, if there has been a cyber crime involving women or children, you can seek assistance by dialling 1090.

It is completely free of charge.

Tweets can also be of Assistance

You can also file a complaint about cybercrime by tweeting.

People in Uttar Pradesh can also complain by tweeting at the UP Police Police Twitter handle and the UP Police Twitter handle 112.

Your complaint can also be handled here.

If you want to raise awareness about cybercrime, you can follow the Government of India’s Twitter handle Cyber Dost.

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