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Cyber Crime Fraud Transaction FIR Process for Refund

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 11th, 2021
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New Delhi India, Cyber Crime fraud transaction cases are increasing day by day in India. However, cyber-crime agencies are doing very well to prevent cases. Here, in this article I will provide you complete information about…

  • What are Cyber-crime fraud transaction reasons?
  • Where to report online frauds in India?
  • Fraud transaction detection using machine learning?
  • Is fraud transaction insurance, necessary?

Cyber crime fraud transaction possibilities

Internet – Being an internet user it makes you reach in range of cyber fraud like Fraud transaction. Internet users daily use several applications or websites as their daily routine. Sometimes, hackers can get successful to retrieve your crucial financial information or personal information. After that, they can easily make you a victim of cyber transaction fraud.

Social media – Now days social media, dating websites / applications are being most popular in India. A lot of youngsters / open minded / professionals are joining social media platforms. Sometimes they easily become a victim of fraud bank transaction due to honey trap / fake friendship, etc.

Specially targeted – Being a cybercrime expert for email forensics, I know sometimes hacker specially target some of special target business professionals / government defence employees / politicians, etc. Even sometimes they record your video using mobile phone and use in illegal videos. After that, frauds say to publish it in your social circle. After that, hackers compel targets for fraud transactions.

Fraud bank transaction (Cards) – Cyber cell reports say in a lot of cyber crime fraud transactions cases. After getting your

  • 16 Digit Debit / Credit Card Number.
  • Validity of users Credit / Debit card.
  • 3 Digit CW or OTP sent on registered mobile number.

Information, hackers try to retrieve your mobile SMS on their systems by installing some robotic malware software. Thereafter, they can make you victim of Fraud bank transaction.

Other online transaction frauds in India

In different states and union territories of India, several online cyber fraud gangs are active. Cyber fraud hackers use different types of techniques for doing cyber-crime fraud transactions.

  • Fraud transaction without OTP.
  • Tab & Pay transaction frauds.
  • Sim swap bank transaction frauds.
  • Fraud transaction through Paytm.
  • UPI / Debit card / Credit card fraud.
  • Cyber crime money fraud using matrimonial websites.

Online FIR for fraud transaction

If you are a Cyber Crime fraud transaction victim and want to know where to report online frauds in India. Then don’t worry and follow the guidelines of Indian Government Cyber Cell department about fraud transaction refund process.

Advise to Victim

  1. Debit / Credit Card or bank account holders should register a complaint with the concerned bank. Also request to block your cards and account transactions.
  2. Collect some crucial important information from your specific bank regarding the mode and description of the cyber crime fraud transaction.

Make online fraud transaction complaint

  1. Collect the bank statement of past 6 months from the concerned bank. You can contact to your bank for generating bank statement. You can collect both hard copies or soft copies of your bank statement.
  2. It is mandatory to make a copy of received SMSs related to the alleged cyber crime fraud transactions. In in case, you have accidently deleted SMSs then you can also follow the steps continue.
  3. Take a copy of your ID proof and address proof documents as shown in the bank records
  4. Thereafter, go to your nearest police station and explain the full incident along with the above-mentioned documents.

What Reserve Bank of India RBI Says?

RBI says in Hindi – “RBI Kehta Hai, Jankar Baniye aur Satark Rahiye”.

First of all, notify your bank about fraud transaction from Debit / Credit cards and account holders. For complete details, give a missed call on 14440.

You need to inform your bank immediately, if someone has fraudulently withdrawn money from your bank account. At the time of notifying bank about online Cyber Crime fraud transaction, please remember to take acknowledgement from your bank about the issue.

If the transaction occurred as a result of your negligence, such as disclosing your password, PIN, or OTP, you will be responsible for the loss until you notify your bank. If the fraudulent transactions continue after you have notified your bank, your bank will be required to reimburse you for those funds. Your loss will increase if you postpone reporting, and it will be determined by the RBI standards and the policy adopted by your bank’s board of directors.


National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

You can call on 155260 to report all types of cyber crime fraud cases online. This helpline number is available 24X7 for Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

Rest of state people can report cyber frauds related cases from 9 AM to 6 PM on working days. Even users can also contact to their police helpline numbers i.e., 112 or 1090.

cyber crime helpline

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Is it possible to retrieve fraud transaction refund?

First of all, nobody can’t be 100% sure about the refund process. Because hackers use fake documents for bank verification and address proofs. So, there are 50% chances for cyber crime fraud transaction refund procedure. If you are a lucky guy done some specific mistake then it can be possible to refund the amount of fake fraud transactions.

Fraud transaction detection using machine learning?

Currently, Government agencies step forwarding to use machine learning / robotic / artificial intelligence techniques. With the help of the latest techniques, now Government agencies are able to detect some crucial information about hackers. In previous years, defense officers arrested a lot of cyber fraud criminals due to location detection / document detection, etc.

Is fraud transaction insurance necessary?

Some cybercrime fraud transaction cases it should be considered as helpful. But sometimes, users don’t want to prefer fraud transaction insurance because of its heavy costing and critical hidden policy. Therefore, it is totally depended on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – can fraud transaction be reversed?

A – I am not 100% committed to the online cybercrime fraud transaction refund process. But most cyber fraud cases can be able to resolve by following the mentioned guidelines.

Q 2 – Can I follow same steps for FIR complaint against fraud UPI transaction?

A – Yes, you can follow the mentioned guidelines to do FIR complaint against fraud UPI transaction as well as…

  • Fraud transaction without OTP.
  • Online Fraud transaction through Paytm.
  • Fraud transaction on Kotak Credit card.
  • Done fraud transaction on Google pay by mistake.

Q 3 – Where to report online frauds in India?

A – First make a call to your concerned bank and block or deactivate your account and cards. After that, collect verification documents and messages and go to nearest police station for online FIR for fraud transactions.