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Get Emails Out of Yahoo Mail and Save to A Folder in Simple Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 5th, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Want to save your Yahoo Mail emails outside the account like a computer desktop? Thinking about how to do this task effectively without wasting any time? If yes, read out this blog to find out the best way to get emails out of Yahoo Mail and save a folder.

Moving Yahoo Mail emails and saving to desktop means you wanted a solution that saves Yahoo emails into computer files like TXT, PDF, DOC, and more.

Here, we will teach you both the manual and automatic process to save Yahoo Mail emails in a folder with attributes maintained.

This page also covers:

  • Reason and User Query to Save Yahoo emails to desktop folder
  • Top two tricks to resolved most asked Yahoo Mail query
  • Manual vs. Automatic method: Which one is better?
  • All about Automatic Solution – demo edition, features, & more
  • Question and Answer Section

So, let’s get started!

The below section highlights a manual method and the automatic method to switch Yahoo Mail emails on a computer desktop.

You can choose the best method that meets your requirements.

How to Get Emails out of Yahoo Mail and Save to a Folder Automatically ?

First, let’s discuss the 100% reliable solution that enables you to save unlimited Yahoo Mail emails in the Computer folder quickly and with fewer efforts.

4n6 Email Backup Software is the most proficient solution to resolve the user query “how can I get emails out of my Yahoo Mail and save a folder.” It is a standalone toolkit with an intuitive interface for quick, simple, and accurate process. The software allows users to preview the Yahoo emails before saving them to a folder. Also, they can save multiple emails from Yahoo with attachments instantly.

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key steps to save Yahoo emails to folder rapidly

  • Install and run the toolkit on the Windows computer.
    download tool to get emails from yahoo to computer
  • Click on the Open button and choose to add account.
    click open button and add account
  • Enter Yahoo Mail credentials and then, press the Add button.
    add yahoo credentials
  • Access all your mailboxes from Yahoo Mail and select the required to continue the process.
    loaded yahoo folders
  • Click on the emails from the selected mailbox to preview messages with all attributes.
    preview yahoo emails
  • Now, go to to the Export tab and choose a required option from the document files.
    select export format
  • Browse the folder location to save the resultant file and check the advance settings options.
    select location
  • Hit the Save button and wait for the process to get completed.
    get emails from yahoo to computer

The software automatically opens the destination location of the folder containing Yahoo emails. Please check the final results.

This way, users can save the taken-out emails from Yahoo to a folder simply and straightforwardly.

How to Manually Copy & Paste Yahoo Emails in Word File and Save to a Folder ?

Yahoo Mail doesn’t provide any effective way to switch Yahoo emails outside account to a folder. One way that can be used is copy and paste, which is a tedious and lengthy process.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click on the email you want to save outside the profile.
  3. Now, press Control + C and save in a Word file.
  4. Repeat the same process for all other emails.

Please Note: You can also try out the save Yahoo email in PDF format method. To avail of this, click on the email and perform the Control + P function. This specific email is held in a PDF file. Users need to achieve the same function for all other emails in the profile.

Automatic Vs. Manual Trick: Which is better to choose?

We have discussed both the ways to get emails out of Yahoo mail and save to a Folder. We recommend you to choose the Automatic way over the manual. The primary reasons are it doesn’t have any limitations on the Yahoo Mail email save to folder process. Also, it allows saving yahoo mail emails on a computer folder in bulk which saves time and effort. Let’s know the Pros and Cons of the instant method:

The Pros 

  1. Bulk save Yahoo Mail emails to a folder at once
  2. 100% speedy and authentic solution.
  3. Offers numerous computer file-saving options.
  4. Standalone solution and free from errors.
  5. Allows switching selective emails outside Yahoo Mail.
  6. Significant preview of Yahoo emails with attributes.
  7. Permit to Open and Save Yahoo Mail email attachments.
  8. Helpful Search modes to find specific data from Yahoo emails.
  9. Straightforward and non-technical process for all types of users.
  10. Compatible with all the Windows editions, including Win10.

The Cons

It doesn’t support Mac or Linux OS.

Free demo edition allows saving 25 Yahoo emails to folder.

What about the Manual method?

The manual method has far more limitations than the automatic method. Let’s check out the list:

The Cons:

  1. Save one Yahoo Mail email outside the account at a time.
  2. The copy and Paste method is very time-consuming.
  3. Save Yahoo email to PDF doesn’t support the bulk method.
  4. No option for the Yahoo Mail email attachments saving.
  5. Doesn’t maintain the email attribute during copy &paste.
  6. Waste of time for extensive Yahoo Mail emails saving process.
  7. Doesn’t provide any other document file option than PDF.
  8. A hassle and slow process for all types of users.

The Pros:

There is no advantage of the manual method.

Yahoo Mail Users Need to Save Emails Outside in a desktop folder

Below are some real user scenarios Yahoo Mail users face to save emails on desktop. These are picked from daily user queries asked on forensiksoft support chat.

Scenario1: I need help! I created a Yahoo Mail account a few weeks back and facing the “Yahoo Mail stops working” issue many times. This is affecting my daily communication needs a lot. I am looking for a program to get 500 emails out of my yahoo mail and save to a folder on my desktop. Is that possible? – Chloe Taylor

Scenario2: When I am working with Yahoo Mail, it freezes and won’t send my emails. I have decided to switch my emails on the computer desktop folder and delete my Yahoo account? How can I do this?

The Conclusion

From the above scenarios, it is clear that many Yahoo Mail users don’t know the right way to save the Yahoo Mail emails to a desktop folder. A manual method can take a lot of your time and may fail to give complete results. So, better download the automatic solution and resolve your queries.