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How to Clone Yahoo Mail Account? The Safest Method

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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4 Minutes

Overview: Do you wish to have a replica of your Yahoo Mail account? Do you have no clue how something like Yahoo Mail can be replicated? If you answered “yes,” then you should read this article. This article may provide you with information on the most efficient and effortless technique to clone Yahoo Mail account. We recommend that you keep reading this enlightening blog page in order to complete the task in the easiest method possible, despite the fact that you believed it would be the toughest.

How to Clone Your Yahoo Mail Account?

The most compatible application to clone Yahoo email is 4n6 Yahoo Backup Software. You may easily clone all or specific folders to various Yahoo mail accounts with it. This toolkit is 100% trustworthy and keeps the original file structure during the cloning operation. The tool’s biggest feature is that it can still be useful even if you wish to clone your Yahoo email to different accounts. We have compiled all the instructions you need to follow to use the programme to clone Yahoo Mail, and we ask that you go through them to become familiar with them.

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Step-by-step Guide to Clone Yahoo Mail Account

  • For getting the top Yahoo Mail replica tool, just click the green download button above. As soon as the installation is complete, you may run the programme to clone Yahoo emails.
    download yahoo cloning tool
  • After the software has been started, click Open tab from the main menu, and then choose Add account from the submenu of the tab.
    click add account button
  • Enter the login information for your Yahoo account. Additionally, you will be required to input the server address as well as the port number associated with your Yahoo account. After that, click the option labelled “Add.”
    enter yahoo credentials
  • Following the successful establishment of a connection between the application and your Yahoo account, the programme will then retrieve all of the relevant information. You are now able to view your files before you permanently clone the repository.
    preview emails
  • Now might be a good moment to select Export from the menu bar. Use the drop-down menu to find the Save option, and then choose it.
    select saving option
  • In order to clone Yahoo mail, you will first need to input the Yahoo email address and password for the account in which you want the cloned emails to be stored. Then select the “Save” button.
    click save to clone yahoo mail account

With this level of simplicity, you may clone Yahoo Mail account with the programme. Read the section that follows if you are interested in learning what additional steps you may take throughout the cloning process in order to achieve superior results. Examine the following to have a better knowledge of the instrument, as it may contain some of its greatest features.

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Analyze Several Features of the Yahoo Mail Cloning Tool

  • It’s Straightforward to Operate: Anyone, regardless of their familiarity with technology, should be able to pick up and start using this product immediately. The tool’s intuitive interface ensures that even inexperienced users won’t get themselves into any sort of hot water.
  • Time Saving: The purpose of the application is to make the cloning of a large number of folders in a relatively short amount of time. The cloning of Yahoo Mail folders in bulk is not subject to any restrictions. Cloning the entirety of Yahoo’s account will just take a few moments of your time.
  • Clone Selective Data: When in Selection Mode, you can opt to just copy the files and folders you want. Once the Yahoo account’s associated folders have loaded into the tool, you’ll be able to pick and choose which ones to see. If a box doesn’t need to be checked, it can be deselected.
  • Search Filters: This feature of the programme enables you to do a search for a certain item before cloning your Yahoo Mail. You have the ability to select a time frame within which to read emails. You may also review individual emails by setting the To, Subject, and From email fields.
  • Device Compatibility: You may use any Windows-powered device to clone Yahoo Mail account. The application is compatible with all Windows devices and operating system versions. You may use any version of Windows OS, new or old.


This guide will help you get the best programme to Clone Yahoo Mail account. The Yahoo cloning tool is the most popular application for cloning massive amounts of data in a couple of minutes. The main feature of this tool is that it offers a variety of alternate storing choices for cloned emails. Yahoo Mail emails may be copied to Gmail, iCloud, an Office 365 account, Exchange, and other platforms. If you’re thinking about replicating your data to Yahoo or another service, we strongly advise you to use this tool.

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