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How to Extract Phone Numbers from Thunderbird Account ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Sometimes the only information required from an email account is a list of phone numbers. And when you only require a selection of the various items, it becomes challenging and time-consuming, necessitating a separate tool. So, here we are with this program. A solution that can very conveniently extract phone numbers from Thunderbird.

Phone numbers are one of the most valuable things these days because without them we cannot talk to a specific person from far. That’s why we keep protecting them with a backup. So if we lose them in time, we can still get them back. And for backup purposes, we also use an email account like Thunderbird in this case.

Hello is there a way to quickly extract phone numbers from Thunderbird at once. Please help me provide it. This is one of the many inquiries we have received from many of our customers these days. Therefore, if the customer asks, the problem should be resolved promptly. And if you also have the same problem, it will be equally helpful for you as we will offer you the best solution for it. So take a look.

The Perfect Way to Extract Phone Numbers from Thunderbird

No matter how many phone numbers are in your Thunderbird account, hundreds or thousands, the application that can still extracts them in less than a minute is 4n6 Thunderbird Converter Wizard. This app is just valuable and a must have to make this task convenient.

Let us tell you why this app is perfect and totally helpful for this extraction. One of the many things is that it can extract phone numbers from Thunderbird in bulk and the process you need for this extraction is very short.

The process is the main reason that makes this app valuable. It is very convenient and should be followed. You have to take a look to familiarize yourself with it. This guide will help you in time when actually performing this extraction as you will know which step to follow next. So take a look.

Process for Extracting All Phone Numbers from Thunderbird

Download the Thunderbird Phone number Extractor to the computer / tab on which the Thunderbird account is setup


Install the application by following the instruction. And once the installation is complete, run the tool. Now click the Open button.

click open to extract phone numbers from thunderbird

Click Desktop Email Client and then click to select Thunderbird Account files.

choose thunderbird files

Then you will see that all the folders of the selected Thunderbird account have been loaded into the left pane of the tool. Here you can click on the Thunderbird folders to preview them.

preview your data

Now click on the Extract tab and then choose Phone Numbers from the drop down menu.

choose extract

Click Browse Button to choose the destination you want for the resulting files and finally click the Save button visible at the top of the left pane.

Your phone numbers from the Thunderbird account will now be saved in the selected location in a few moments. Your goal has now been achieved. Congratulations!

What do you think of this tool now? Is it valuable or not? Would you like to test it for other parameters? Okay, that’s not a problem, you can do it. We offer you some of the main features of the tool; Check them out and decide for yourself if this app is perfect.

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Learn about Some of the key Features of Thunderbird Phone Number Extractor

  • Open Configured Account: You may already have understood from the process that this app can simply select the Thunderbird account. This app is automated and can easily see which account you are configured with. It’s perfect if you want to upload all of the data at once.
  • Select Files Manually: This application will help you in any possible situation. You know how? What if you are not configured with the account? How will you extract Phone numbers from Thunderbird? Well, in this situation, the tool allows you to manually select the folders. See how convenient this app is.
  • Thunderbird Preview: Keep testing the capabilities of this tool. This tool never tires of proving its ability. This application also acts as a Thunderbird phone number viewer. If you don’t have a supported application to preview phone number and other data in Thunderbird folder, this app will help you.
  • Select Location: We assume that you don’t want to mess up your phone numbers with other data. Well, you don’t have to. With this app you can browse the location to extract phone numbers from Thunderbird at the desired destination.

These functions will greatly assist you in fulfilling the various purposes and make your trip more reliable. However, you have to keep in mind that these features are only an overview of the tool. To find out all about it, you need to go through the app in person

In Conclusion

Extracting phone numbers from the account has never been easier, but now it is possible with the Thunderbird Phone Number Extractor. This tool is very reliable and very compatible to extract phone numbers from Thunderbird. Hence, to do this task easily, we strongly recommend that you try this tool.