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How to Extract Phone Numbers from Opera Mail Accounts ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

It’s all about finding a suitable solution and you can confidently say that I can extract phone numbers from Opera Mail in less than a minute, even if there are thousands of contact numbers. That sounds so fantastic, doesn’t it? So let this idea become a reality. We will help you get the most suitable solution for this. So let’s get ready.

My Opera Mail account contains almost 3000+ phone numbers, now I need to put them back in my phonebook. I have no idea how to do that; I can only get one at a time, which will take days of work. So can you help me get a suitable solution to extract phone numbers from Opera Mail all at once?

Do you have the same amount of phone numbers in the account as in the query? Do you have more than that; don’t worry the solution we offer you will solve the problem of yours and that users who made a request to our support team. So let us offer you the solution right now.

A Suitable Tool to Extract Phone Numbers from Opera Mail

Regardless of how many phone numbers you have in your account, the 4n6 Opera Mail Converter Solution can extract them all at once and that makes this application suitable for you and also for the task. This application has been completely focused on solving the user’s data migration queries for many years and solves very flawlessly.

This is a fully automated application that takes very little time to extract phone numbers from Opera Mail. However, there are many great things about the tool, some of which we’d like to share with you. So that they can help you decide why this tool is a must for this task.

One of the most appealing aspects of the instrument is the procedure it provides to extract phone numbers from Opera Mail consists of very few steps and is very convenient. We highly recommend that you look at it so that you can familiarize yourself with it.

Complete Process of Extracting All Phone Numbers from Opera Mail Account

  • To begin, install the Opera Mail Phone Number Extractor on your Windows computer.


  • You must now install the tool while adhering to the terms and conditions. After that, run the tool after it’s been installed. Then choose the Open tab.


  • And then pick Opera Mail Accounts from the Desktop Email Client drop-down menu.


  • After that, you’ll see that all of the folders linked with the specified Opera Mail account have been loaded into the tool’s left section.


  • Select Phone Numbers from the drop-down box after clicking the Extract tab.


  • Then, at the top of the left pane, click the Browse button to choose a location for the generated files, and then click the Save button.


Your phone numbers from Opera Mail will now be extracted in a few moments. Once the phone numbers are saved in the location you choose, you can easily access them.

Now are you ready to see the other best quality of the tool? We’re now interested in sharing some of the tool’s specs with you. These tell you what capabilities the tool has and what other purposes this tool can be used for. So take a good look at them

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Check out Specification of the Opera Mail Phone Number Extractor

1. Simple and Easy to Use User Interface: you don’t have to worry even if this is your first time using the tool. The user interface of this tool is very user-friendly so you can get familiar with it easily. There is no complexity to confuse you. All things are simple and understandable.

2. Auto Detect Phone Numbers from Opera Account: This application can easily detect the account you configured with Opera Mail. It makes it very easy for you to upload all of your account folders to the tool at once.

3. Manually Select Opera Mail Files / Folders: You can easily extract phone numbers from Opera Mail whether you are configured with the account or not. With this app, you can manually select the files and folders one by one. A configuration with the account is therefore not necessary with this tool.

4. Mass Extraction of Opera Mail Phone Numbers: The reason why this app is perfect and we recommend this tool is because it can extract phone numbers from Opera Mail in bulk. Whether you have 5,000 contacts or more, it only takes a single operation and that’s all. This app is perfect for saving time on this difficult task.

5. Check the Complete Opera Mail Preview: You may have trouble accessing the Opera Mail phone numbers if you haven’t set up your account. This problem can now be solved with this application. This app allows you to preview the phone numbers and required data.

Do you find this tool suitable for the task? Well, this app doesn’t stop there. There are several additional features that you may use for various objectives, and you will need to meet the tool soon to learn about them.

In Conclusion

Now you probably won’t have a problem extracting phone numbers. This Opera Mail phone number extractor gives you the best possible platform to help you achieve your goal. This app is efficient and effective. So, if you need to extract phone numbers from Opera Mail easily and quickly, this application is a must-have.