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How to Extract Phone Numbers from PDF Document Files?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 20th, 2024
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Dear team, is there a way to extract phone numbers from PDF document files? I am struggling to find a solution to this. Can you please provide me a solution that supports to extract all phone numbers from PDF files in batch?

Well, we have to say that creating a PDF file is a lot easier, but extracting data from it is a bigger task. Now you can assume that extracting whole data is a problem. So how much effort would it require to bring out certain data like phone numbers?

But you don’t have to worry to solve this; we have developed a solution that allows you to easily extract contacts from PDF. So everyone who wants to perform the same task as in the query, take a look at the complete solution and resolve your query instantly in an easy way.

Extract Phone Numbers from PDF with Certified Software

The tool that makes it possible to extract data from PDF files that have a fixed layout and cannot be edited is the 4n6 File Converter Tool. This tool is perfect as it can extract contacts from PDF files with little effort and in a few moments.

This PDF Phone Numbers Extractor is completely automated and it just requires you to upload all of your preferred PDF files and go through some tabs and your job is done. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient with this tool.

So let’s explain how to upload files and which tabs to click on. For this purpose, we would like to offer you a complete guide of using mobile number extractor from PDF tool. You will follow them carefully and receive your answer to extract phone numbers from PDF files.

Learn How to Extract All Numbers from PDF Files with Screenshots


1. The first thing you need to do is download the tool by clicking the link below. Now you need to click on the Open tab in the top left.

click Open button

2. Then click on Document Files and select PDF files from the various options available.

select document file

3. Now select all the desired PDF files you want to extract phone numbers from and upload them to the tool. Once all of the files are displayed in the left pane of the tool interface, you can preview them too.

preview pdf files

4. Click the Extract tab, and then click Phone Numbers from the drop-down menu.

extract phone numbers from pdf file

5. Browse the location to specify the preferred destination path for your phone numbers.

select browse option

6. Click the Extract button visible in the top right corner.

select extract button

Your phone numbers will now be extracted from the PDF files. Once they are fully extracted, you will be notified of the information.

Your phone numbers are now saved in your selected location. You can now access it from the tab that the tool displayed after the extraction is complete. Your job is now completely done. Your request is now resolved.

Now let’s take a look at the other aspects of the mobile number extractor from PDF software. Well this tool can extract phone numbers from PDF files is just the primary thing, now you need to know what else it can do to make your data extraction more appropriate and convenient.

We, therefore, offer you some of the most important functions of the tool; you will go through them and get to know the proposed application a little better.

Key Features of PDF Phone Number Extractor Software

  • Simple User Interface: If you look at the screenshots above, you may already have an idea that the tool’s UI is very straightforward and doesn’t confuse you with any complicated things. Trust us; you won’t have any problems while completing the task.
  • Bulk Extraction While Previewing: This mobile number extractor from PDF can easily bulk extract phone numbers from PDF. There are no restrictions on extracting hundreds or thousands of contacts at the same time. You can bring out as many as you want. On the other hand, you can also preview all the contacts on the tool itself.
  • Previewing Specific Data: Well, this app lets you preview data is one thing and as a bonus, you can also preview specific data. You can use the search bar and apply different filters if you want to check out certain data like phone numbers from all other data.
  • Compatibility & Sufficiency: This Phone Number Extractor from PDF tool supports running on any old or new version of Windows, be it Win 10, Win 8.1, or one of the lower versions. On the other hand, this app is self-sufficient and you don’t need to download any other setup to fully extract phone numbers from PDF.

So we’ve done our best to give you a better understanding of the tool. However, if there is even more that you want to know, we recommend that you know it yourself using the tool. We can only tell you that there are still many features to be discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Ques 1: Is it possible to extract mobile numbers from PDF files manually?

Ans 1: Yes, it is possible to extract phone numbers from PDF manually. For this, you have to use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat or a text editor like Notepad++ to look for mobile numbers.

Ques 2: Can I use this software to extract other properties from PDF files like Email Addresses?

Ans 2: Yes, it supports to extract email addresses from PDF files in bulk.

Ques 3:What license do I need to purchase to quickly extract all phone number from PDF?

Ans 3: Buy the lowest price Standard license, which will enable you to extract all properties.

Question 4: Does the application require Adobe Acrobat installation to perform the conversion?

Answer 4: No, this application is completely independent. You don’t have to install Adobe Acrobat for get this task done.

In Conclusion

Now it has become very easy to extract phone numbers from PDFs and that’s because of the proposed app. The PDF phone number Extractor offers you all the convenience you need to carry out the task. It’s easy to use and brings you tons of benefits. So, if you want to enjoy all the advantages of the tool and have an enjoyable experience. Then you must try the tool. Thank you