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One-Stop Method to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook.com Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: In this blog, learn about the best method to extract email addresses from Outlook.com account without facing hassle.

Are you in need to extract email addresses from your Outlook.com account? Have you discovered the solution or still looking for it? If you are seeking for the answer, then this post is a wonderful assistance for you.

Therefore, let’s begin this topic by discussing the most frequent forum questions:

“Hello, I have been using my Outlook.com account for years. Now, I must extract email addresses from my Outlook.com account for official purposes. I am unable to discover a solution that can extract my data in batches, though. If anybody knows the answer, please assist.”

“Hello there, does anybody have any information on a solution that would allow you to extract email addresses from attachments in Outlook.com? I have looked everywhere for a solution, but it would seem that there is no available method that can help us complete this task.”

You will discover many more questions on the discussion sites, just like the ones that were mentioned above. You will see that the majority of consumers have the issue that they are unable to find a solution to the problem. Therefore, without further ado, let’s quickly come at a solution that may be of assistance to them.

Software to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook.com Account

4n6 team develop Outlook.com Backup Application that can help users to export and extract data from Outlook.com account easily. Users are able to quickly and simply extract all of the email addresses stored in their Outlook.com accounts when using this tool. This excellent program offers a simple and straightforward graphical user interface. Therefore, users will not have any difficulties while using this program. They are able to retrieve email addresses in bulk or selectively, depending on the requirements of the situation.

This incredible application offers so many advance and attractive features. Also, the tool comes up with demo edition. This demo is completely free and reliable. So, it is suggested to download and use the free demo version first without investing any money.


Steps to Extract All Email Addresses from Outlook.com Using  4n6 Tool

1. After downloading the app on your Windows computer, run it and click Open.

click open to extract email addresses from outlook.com

2. A list will appear, choose Add Account from the options.

click add account

3. Enter the Outlook.com email credentials and click Add button.

enter email credentials

4. This solution will start analysing the data and load Outlook.com folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. If you need to preview your Outlook.com account data, it is possible with this application.

check preview

6. Now, click Extract and select Email Addresses from options.

choose email addresses

7. Choose the destination where you need to extract email addresses and click on Extract button.


The application starts extracting email addresses from Outlook.com account and it will take only some seconds. That’s it.

Feel Open and free While Using the Program

If you are concerned about data loss, feel free. Our product has been tested and rated favourably by IT professionals. We guarantee that our Outlook.com email address extractor will provide precise and secure results. No edits or modifications will be made to the original formatting of the data in your Outlook.com account. Don’t worry about a thing when you’re making use of our program.

Take a Look at Some of the Outstanding Characteristics That Make This Software the Best

  • Extract Email Addresses in Batch: With the help of this utility, one can extract data in bulk. The tool successfully supports to extract all email addresses from Outlook.com account in batch at once.
  • Save Email Addresses from Attachments: The utility is useful to extract email addresses from each data. The application allows users to extract email addresses from Outlook.com attachments.
  • Supports to Export Outlook.com Data: Additionally, the program allows users to export the data from their Outlook.com accounts into a variety of other file formats, including PST, PDF, Gmail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and more.
  • Maintains All Properties of Outlook.com: This program provides the most precise and secure results. This application preserves characteristics while the tool extracts email addresses from an Outlook.com account.
  • Choose Required Output Location: The tool provides access to a wide variety of innovative features. Additionally, the software gives users the ability to choose the output location where they want their data to be saved. Users will not have to go through any difficulty in order to have access to the output thanks to this fantastic feature.
  • Selective Extraction is Possible: If you need to extract email addresses from selective Outlook.com account fields, it is possible. The tool allows you to check fields such as From, To, Cc, Bcc, and more.
  • Supportive App is Not Required: Outlook.com email addresses extractor doesn’t require installation of supportive app. Also, it successfully supports all Windows version such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and more.

The Conclusion

In today’s 4n6 blog post, we have provided the safest way to extract email addresses from Outlook.com account. The software is reliable, easiest, and simple to accomplish this task. With this app, one can easily extract email addresses in bulk or selectively without facing any type of hassle.

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