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How to Extract All Attachments from Kerio Server Account ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Attachments associated with Kerio client emails contain much more crucial information than anything else. Therefore, they need to be secured from time to time in order to intelligently deal with future contingencies. So if you have a requirement to do so too, let us help you a little. We will help you extract all attachments from Kerio Server in an easiest way.

However, we have to tell you that getting the attachments is not a difficult task. You can simply download them by opening each email one at a time. However, this route is best when you only want a few attachments. But if all the attachments in the account are important to you and want to extract them all, this task can get tedious.

Therefore, in order to make this tedious task easy for you, we would like to offer you a method by which you can extract all attachments from Kerio Server at once. Yes, just a few moments and your task will be done. So take a look at the method.

A Convenient Method to Extract All Attachments from Kerio Server

This task will no longer be tedious and hectic for you and the reason for this is the 4n6 Kerio Converter Tool. With this method, you can complete this task in a matter of moments. Unlike the manual method, you don’t have to open the each email to get the attachments.

With this application you can extract all attachments from Kerio server in a few clicks. Do you want to know where to hit those few clicks? Well, we give you the full guide for that. Check it out and see how convenient it is to do the job with this Kerio attachment Extractor

Complete Instructions for Batch Extracting Attachments from the Kerio Server

  • Download the Kerio Attachment Extractor to the device on which you are configured with the account


  • Now Install the application by following to the conditions and Run it after the setup is complete
  • Click the Open tab, then click Kerio Configured Account from the drop-down list.


  • Once you select the Configured Kerio account, all the account’ folders will start to load on the tool. Now select the folders you want to extract attachments from


  • Now click on the Extract tab and then click on Attachments from the drop down list


  • Click the Browse button to select the location for the Kerio server attachments and then click the Save


Note: You can activate the options such as; Open folder after export is done, create an empty folder, file extension filter. You can therefore select and deselect these options as you wish

Once you hit the Save button, the process begins; it only takes a few moments to extract all the attachments. Once the process is complete, information will appear on the screen to let you know.

Now that you are completely familiar with the process, we would like to introduce you to its features. Well, it is important to know how powerful this app is and why you need to use it to extract all attachments from Kerio Server. If you look at the features, you can know the effectiveness of the tool.

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Check out Some Features of the Kerio Attachments Extractor

1. Account Detects Automatically: If you want to extract all attachments from Kerio server, you must first upload all Kerio data to the tool. Hence, this tool gives you the ability to upload all account folders at once. This tool can easily discover the accounts you have set up with Kerio.

2. Extract from Preferred Folders: This application allows you to extract from the selected Kerio folders and files. You can freely select and deselect the folders. So if there are some folders that have not-so-important attachments, you can leave them.

3. Upload Data to the Tool Manually: Well, this app not only gives you the option of selecting the entire account, but also manually selecting the Kerio files and folders on the device. So if you are not set up with the account, this tool can still help you.

4. Extract Kerio Attachments in Bulk: This app is able to extract every single attachment from the account at the same time. Yes, this app is not limited to one data size. Therefore, you need to do the process once as it is enough for all the attachments.

5. Browse Destination to Save Data: You can extract all attachments from Kerio server to a place of your choice. Yes, this app allows you to browse the location so you can choose the desired destination for the resulting files.

6. Kerio Attachment Preview: This application also allows you to preview all attachments and other required Kerio data. See, if you don’t have a compatible application to access the Kerio data, this application can help you very well.

We offered you these features just for an overview of the tool. So keep in mind that these features are just the beginning and once you run the tool you will find a wide variety of features.

In Conclusion

Extracting all attachments from the email client has never been easier, but the simple functionality and automated process of the Kerio Attachment Extractor made it possible. This app is perfect in every way, it is effective and efficient, and it takes very little time to extract all attachments from Kerio server. Therefore, if you want to do this task more conveniently, you have to try the tool