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How to Export Opera Mail to Outlook PST Format in Easy Steps?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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7 Minutes Reading

Do you think for export Opera Mail to Outlook PST is difficult? Well, if you ask us, we’ll say exporting data is not a difficult task, but it is difficult to export bulk data. And when you have tons of emails in your accounts this task can be problematic. But don’t worry; not anymore. We are here to help and make this task easier for you.

“Hello is there a way to export multiple Opera Mail folders to Outlook supported PST file at the same time. I have no idea how to do it and at the same time, this job is very important. So help me find a solution to bulk Convert Opera Mail to Outlook PST. Thank you support team.”

This client’s request is about to be resolved now. Do you have a similar problem that needs a similar solution? If so, your requirement is about to be met. We offer you the best platform on which you can do your job. So get ready to get all about the solution.

A Reliable Solution to Import Opera Mail to Outlook PST

4n6 Opera Mail Conversion Tool is the platform on which you can get your work done very quickly and easily. This application can change your perception of this task as this difficult task will become one of the easiest for you.

It is one of the appropriate ones to export Opera Mail to Outlook PST, and as required in the query, it can easily export as many folders as you want at the same time. This application is full of benefits and creates a valuable one for you.

Everything is easy with this application. And one of the most important examples is the process. The process you need to go through to convert Opera Mail to Outlook PST. You look at it and know how easy it is, and also know what steps to take to get the job done.

Process for Exporting Opera Mail Data to Outlook PST

1. By clicking the link button, you may download the Opera Mail to Outlook exporter to your Windows OS.


2. Prepare to install and run the program after you’ve finished the setup according to the instructions.

3. Now go to the Open tab, pick Desktop Email Clients from the drop-down menu, and then select Opera Mail Account.


4. In the left pane, you’ll notice that all of the chosen account’s mailboxes have been loaded. You may preview the data when the loading procedure is finished.


5. You must now go to the Export tab and pick PST as the export format.


6. After that, click the Browse button to choose a location for the resultant files and then click the Save button.


That is all there is to it. The only actions you need to do are the ones listed above. Your Opera Mail folders will now be exported to PST in a matter of seconds. Congratulations, you’ve completed your mission.

What now? Are you impressed with the quality of the tool? Do you want to know anything else? Well, it’s a good idea because then you can know how effective this tool is. We then offer you some specs about the tool that will give you yet another reason why you need to use this app to export Opera Mail to Outlook PST.

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Take a Look at the Specifications of the Opera Mail to Outlook Exporter

  • Simple User Interface: Even if this is your first time using this tool, you will encounter no difficulties. The tool’s user interface is extremely intuitive, and any user can use it without any prior knowledge. Additionally, the interface simplifies the process of exporting Opera Mail to Outlook PST.
  • Select Opera Files Manually: It can be seen from the process that you can select the Opera Mail accounts, but now you need to know that this app also allows you to select the files and folders manually. When you aren’t familiar with the account, this function comes in handy.
  • Export Selective Folders: You know the tool can export multiple folders at the same time, but now you need to know if you don’t need to export all the folders you can simply deselect them. So, only export those that are of the utmost importance.
  • Export Opera Email with Attachments: Let’s clear it up if you have any confusion about what data this app can and cannot export. This application not only exports emails but also exports the entire data, whether it is attachments, contacts, or anything else.
  • Check Complete Opera Mail Preview: Not configured with Opera Mail account? Don’t have a compatible application to open Opera emails? Well, don’t worry; this application is here to help you out. In addition to converting Opera Mail to Outlook PST, this app also helps you preview it. This app also acts as an Opera email viewer.

These are only a handful of the numerous functionalities available to you for various reasons. They’re merely there to provide you with a quick overview of the tool. So, if you want to know everything about it, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Manually Import Opera Mail Emails to Outlook Account

If you’re seeking for a manual way to convert your emails from Opera Mail to Microsoft Outlook, this paragraph will show you how to do it. Furthermore, the software developers abandoned Opera mail once it reached the end of its life cycle. Updates and technical support will be discontinued, and Opera mail will no longer be available for download.

Converting Opera mail to MS Outlook, on the other hand, is the best option. The following article explains where Opera Mail’s mailbox data is kept, as well as how to locate and import Opera Mail to Outlook PST Files using the most efficient method.

How do I Access Opera Mail Emails?

To manually complete the conversion, users must first know the location of the source folder, which contains all of Opera mail’s mailbox data and other information. Opera mail creates specific storage folders and subfolders for each email account, and users must pick each folder separately. Users may also convert all Opera mail accounts at once by selecting the uppermost folder titled Store.

Opera Mail typically uses the following path to store mailboxes:

Note: Ordinarily, attachments are encoded into mailboxes, but Opera Mail also keeps a copy of each attachment in its Draft folder. Drafts allow you to save attachments separately.

opera mail

Other Way to Know the Opera Email Store Location
1. Navigate to Opera Mail and then click on Menu
2. Under the Help option, the About Opera tab is now available. Click the About Opera option.
open opera mail
3. Once you have copied the location, you can access it

opera mail storage location
4. In the Folder Access bar, paste it
5. View email messages in MBS by going to the Accounts folder

After that convert Opera Mail to Outlook directly using the Above mentioned automatic tool. To convert Opera Mail to Outlook PST users need to download this tool’s free demo version and start the migration without any hassle. The demo edition only enables you to convert the first 10 files and folders to Outlook PST. To migrate unlimited folders purchase the full edition.


Opera Mail Exporter seems to be one of the best applications to export Opera Mail to Outlook PST. This application is automated and trusted so you can export all the data in less time. So, if you prefer convenience in completing the task and you need a comfortable journey, this is the tool you need to use.