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How to Convert Opera Mail to PDF Document Format in Batch ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a better platform to hold your Opera Mail emails in? Well, PDF is one of the best options. See, everything is great with it, easy accessibility, easy to share, and can hold tons of emails in a proper manner. So, if you don’t want to send your emails to another account, PDF is perfect and if you convert Opera Mail to PDF this will be your best decision.

“Hello, I want to have a backup of all my Opera emails; I don’t want to export them to another email account. I prefer PDF as this file format is easily accessible. Can you please tell me how to bulk convert Opera Mail to PDF? Many Thanks”

We have seen many users continuously back up their accounts’ emails and most of them choose PDF. Just like our valuable customer. And it’s obvious that people are always looking for an option that is convenient for them, and PDF keeps proving that it is the most convenient file format.

Hence, if this job of backing up emails is really important, it must be done. We will then offer you the right solution. So be ready to convert your data.

A Suitable Solution to Help You Convert Opera Mail to PDF

A solution that offers you the greatest possible comfort and is the most convenient and perfect for this task is the 4n6 Opera Mail Converter Tool. This application is completely focused on solving the user queries related to data migration and it solves them in the smartest possible way.

This application is reliable, efficient and automated. It takes little effort on your part to complete the task. To convert Opera Mail to PDF, you need to do just a few clicks and you are done. Don’t you believe us? Well, you have to.

We offer you the complete process guide for this. Kindly check it out and see what steps you need to take to convert Opera Mail to PDF. Well, this guide will also help you in time when you run the tool to complete the task.

Working Process for Converting Opera Mail Emails to PDF

  • To begin, install the Opera Mail to PDF Converter on your computer.


  • You must now install the tool by agreeing to certain non-binding terms and conditions. Once you’ve finished the setup, you may start using it. Now press the Open button.


  • To pick the Opera Mail Account, go to Desktop Email Clients.


  • After you pick the Opera Mail configured account, you’ll see that the tool has loaded all of the mailboxes from that account.


  • Then pick PDF from the drop-down menu by clicking the Export tab.


  • Finally, press the Save button after selecting the needed destination location for the resultant files using the Browse button.


In a few seconds, your Opera Mail will be converted to PDF. Congratulations. Your assignment has now been completed and, as promised, in a very convenient manner.

That tiny operation is one of the tool’s many distinguishing features. Would you want to learn more about the tool’s other features? Well, we want you to know them too because that’s how you can learn more about it and why you need to choose this app to convert Opera Mail to PDF.

Features of the Opera Mail to PDF Converter

1. Simple User Interface: You know what makes this application valuable and unique, its user interface. It is very easy to use, all of the things in it are understandable, no complexity is there to confuse you. So feel free to use it even for the first time.

2. Manually Select Opera Mail: This app doesn’t just let you select the entire account. You can also manually select the Opera Mail folders or files. This function is most useful if you don’t have any accounts set up on your device.

3. Bulk Export Opera Mail Data: What makes this application efficient is the ability to convert Opera Mail to PDF in bulk. You can select multiple folders. There is no limitation if you want to export tons of data at the same time.

4. Preview Opera Mail: We said it may not be necessary that you configured with the account to convert it to PDF and if you are not, how would you preview it. Well, you can’t just manually access its files. Well, this problem can be solved through this app. You can preview all emails and attachments in the tool itself.

5. Browse Required Location: Don’t want to save your files in a tool’s default location? Well, you don’t have to. This application allows you to search the location yourself. You can just choose a separate folder to store your files and protect them from getting mixed up with the other data

The features are merely meant to give you a general idea of the tool; as stated in the heading, these are only a few of the options. So if you want to know more about it, you have to get it fast.

In Conclusion

Converting Opera emails to PDF has never been easier, but with the help of Opera Mail Converter, this has become possible. This tool is the most perfect for this task as it gives you ease and can convert Opera Mail to PDF in no time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use this tool and experience its quality for yourself.