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How to Convert Opera Mail to MBOX Format with All Properties ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Large amounts of data are the only obstacle when migrating from one account to another. There are various accounts that support various file formats, and you cannot readily access a file from one account through another. If you need to access Opera Mail’s email from an account that supports MBOX, you must first convert Opera Mail to MBOX.

Hello, is it possible to convert my entire Opera Mail account to MBOX format at once? Please provide me with a reliable solution as soon as possible if one exists. Sincere thanks.

Such customer inquiries praise us for always being there for you and giving you the right answer to the problem. So here we are with something you need.

First of all, we have to tell you that there is a solution that you can use to convert Opera Mail to MBOX. So without delaying another minute, go through it quickly and use it to solve your current problem and get out of the problematic situation.

An Appropriate Solution to Convert Opera Mail to MBOX

The solution that makes this task easy for you is the 4n6 Opera Mail Converter Software. This application or we can say this solution is the most perfect for your current job. This application is fully geared towards migrating account data while giving you the convenience

You need to know why we think this solution is perfect for you. First of all, regardless of the data size, this application can convert Opera Mail to MBOX in a few moments, and in the whole process you don’t have to put a lot of effort and this is because this application is automated and capable of handling the entire task alone.

Other than that, one of the best things about this tool is the process. It only takes a few steps to get the job done. Do you want to see it? In the guide that we offer you here, you will learn how to convert Opera Mail to MBOX with this app. So carefully look at it.

Process for Converting Opera Mail Data to MBOX File Format

Firstly, Download the Opera Mail to MBOX Converter on your Windows supported computer.


Accept the general agreement and click Next to finish the installation process. Launch the app after you’ve completed all of the steps. Now press the Open button to begin.

click open to migrate opera mail to mbox

Select Opera Mail Accounts from the Desktop Email Clients drop-down menu.

choose deskop

After that, you’ll see that the program has loaded all of the folders linked with the specified account. You may preview all of the folders after they’ve been presented.

preview your data

Now choose MBOX as Email Files from the drop-down box under the Export option.

choose mbox

Select a chosen destination path for the resultant files by browsing the location and then clicking the Save button.

Your Opera Mail mailboxes will now be converted to MBOX in a matter of seconds. When the conversion is complete, you will be alerted.

Now you know the complete steps. If you’re in a hurry, get the job done right away. However, if you want to know more about the tool and see how unique this tool is, you can take a look at some of the features we offer you here. So if you like to go through them

Features of the Opera Mail to MBOX Converter

1. Auto Detects Opera Mail Account: this application perfectly detects the account you have configured with Opera Mail. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to do this. Just select open Opera-configured accounts and this app will automatically detect it and upload all the folders at the same time.

2. Convert Selected Opera Mail Folders: Once you’ve uploaded all of the folders to the tool, there is no need to convert them all. You are free to choose which mailboxes you want to convert and which you don’t.

3. Select Opera Mail Files Manually: This app takes into account all possible situations and then offers you the solution for them. This is not an issue if you are not set up with the account. You can manually select files and folders. With this app, it is easy to convert Opera Mail to MBOX whether or not you are set up with the account.

4. Bulk Convert Opera Mail to MBOX: Do you have a lot of Opera mailboxes? Do you want to convert them all at once? Well, this is possible with the Opera Mail to MBOX Converter. You can select multiple folders to convert to MBOX at the same time.

5. Preview Opera Mail Files: In addition to convert Opera Mail to MBOX, this app also allows you to preview it.  This app is all in one and also acts as an Opera Mail viewer.

These functionalities are merely meant to provide you with a general idea of how to use the tool. If you want to know everything about it and what other features are there to help you, you need to get hold of the tool.

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In Conclusion

Opera Mail Converter turns out to be one of the best applications to convert Opera Mail to MBOX. This app gives you so many benefits and gives you the most enjoyable trip. You won’t have any problems even if this is your first time using this app. As a result, we highly urge you to test this tool and see for yourself.