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How to Export Kerio Contacts to vCard Format in Bulk ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Well, when it comes to vCard, it is the most reliable platform that can keep your contact numbers safe and in the most organized way, therefore if you are selecting it to preserve your Kerio Server contacts, this is the best decision and we would like to help you in that. Hence, let us help you get the most perfect way to export Kerio contacts to vCard.

When you have thousands of contacts, or even twice as many, if you need to save them in just one file, vCard is perfect. Using this file format can help you a lot with managing your contact numbers as it is understandable that managing one file is easier than managing tons of data.

Therefore, in order to have this great advantage, you have to export Kerio contacts to vCard first and for that we offer you the best platform on which you can accomplish your task. So, go over it quickly to get the job done.

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One of the Best Program to Export Kerio Contacts to vCard

The solution that takes care of your convenience and gives you one of the greatest advantages to achieve your goal is the 4n6 Kerio Converter Tool. This application has been in continuous use to resolve users’ Kerio data migration requests. This application is full of benefits and can easily convert Kerio server contacts to vCard.

This Kerio contact to VCF exporter is very effective and efficient and requires very little effort on your part. Yes, this is fully automated and only takes a few clicks to export Kerio contacts to vCard in a matter of moments.

Now you need to know where to do those few clicks. For this purpose, we would like to offer you the complete guide. They go through it carefully so that you know how to convert Kerio Server contacts to VCF with this app.

Complete Procedure to Export Kerio Server Contacts to VCF

  • Firstly, you need to download the Kerio Contacts Exporter on your Windows supported device by clicking the button provided


  • Now by agreeing to the general terms and condition install the tool, and once its setup is done, run it and Click on Open. Then select Kerio Configured Accounts from the drop down list


  • Now your selected account’ mailboxes will be loaded into the left area of the tool. Here, you can select all the Kerio contacts folders for exporting them.


  • Click on Export tab and then click on vCard from the drop down list


  • Now click on Browse button to select the desired destination to save the resultant files. Also, you can select the version of VCF files as per the need. Lastly, hit on the Save button


You can now see that the export has started. It only takes a few moments and once the process is complete, information will appear on the tool’s interface to let you know.

Now that you know the tool and the process involved in exporting Kerio to VCF, you can either get your job done or if you want to learn more about the tool, you can do so too. We offer you some of the features to help you decide why this app is must for this job.

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Check out Some Functions of the Kerio Contacts to CSV Converter

1. User-friendly Interface: This is the thing that a solution to export Kerio contacts to vCard must have. Therefore, this application has the simplest user interface so that you will not have to face any hurdles in achieving your goal.

2. Select Kerio Data Manually: This app not only gives you the option to select the configured Kerio account. You can also manually select the Kerio files and folders from the device. So if you are not configured with the account it is not a problem.

3. Batch Export Kerio to CSV: This application allows you to export Kerio server contacts to VCF in bulk. This app is not limited to sending large amounts of data. So if you have multiple folders with the contacts, you can export them all at once in a single operation.

4. Support Different Versions: As you know, there are different versions of VCF. Hence, this application supports all of them; you can choose any of them according to your needs. This app supports vCard versions 2.0, 3.1, 4.0.

5. Kerio Contacts Preview: This app not only helps you export Kerio contacts to vCard, it also helps you access them. Well, if you are not set up with the account and don’t have a compatible application to access the Kerio contacts, you can use this app for that purpose. You can use it as a supported app to preview the Kerio contacts and other data.

6. Browse Storage Location: You can also freely choose the storage location of your choice to save the resulting files. While you export Kerio to VCF, you can browse for the destination, so you can choose a completely separate place to avoid confusion with other data.

As already mentioned in the header, these features are just a few of many features. Once you run the tool you will find many others that you can use for different purposes, so good luck.

In Conclusion

Kerio contacts exporter turns out to be one of the most suitable tools to export Kerio contacts to vCard. This app is easy to use and it gives you so many advantages. There are so many features that can make your trip more convenient and even short. Therefore, for a greater experience and to make this task easier, you need to try the suggested tool.