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How to Batch Export Kerio Contacts to CSV Format at Once Easily?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

If you want to backup Kerio Server account contacts and related information in a file format that can keep them in the most organized manner, CSV (Comma Separated Values) seems like one of the best options. So, if you think CSV is perfect as well and are ready to export Kerio contacts to CSV, let us guide you on how to accomplish this task.

However, it is known that the Kerio account has no such option to convert its contacts to CSV file format, making this task more difficult and complicated to perform. But at the same time, we saw such requirements on various forum pages as well as from our valuable customers, hence they had to be met.

So in order to make this job possible and easy for you, we would like to offer you a reliable solution. You can use it to export Kerio contacts to CSV more conveniently. We hope you find it valuable, so let’s take a look at it now.

A Suitable Solution to Export Kerio Contacts to CSV

4n6 Kerio Converter Software is the solution that can make it possible for you to achieve this goal. This converter is only designed to export the Kerio data, so just focus on it and do it very professionally. This application is completely reliable and can export Kerio contacts to CSV in a matter of moments.

This application is very efficient and effective and requires very little help from you. Yes, this app offers you all the comfort so that you do not feel tired and stressed.

Now we recommend that you check out the full process so that you know how to export Kerio contacts to CSV using this application. There are just a few steps to follow, we are sure you will love it as it is one of the first advantages of the tool.

Complete Procedure for Exporting  Kerio Server to CSV

1. First of all, Download the Kerio Contacts Migrator on your Windows-supported device, by clicking the given button.


2. Install the application by accepting the agreement and when everything is done, run the application. Now, click on the Open button.


3. Then, in drop-down list, choose the required option to load Kerio contacts data.


4. Once you select the Kerio configured account, you can see that all of the folders have been loaded in the tool. Once all of the folders are displayed, You can select the Contacts folders for exporting.

5. Now click on the Export tab and then choose CSV from the drop-down menu


6. Click on Browse button to select the desired location for saving the resulting files, once the location is finalized, click on the Save


You will now see that the process has just begun. It only takes a few moments and you will be notified as soon as the export is complete. Well, your job is now done.

Wait … wait are you still here or have you just left? We have something else for you. We strongly recommend knowing the specification of the tool. Well, this will help you get to know this app better and at the same time it will help you decide why you need to select it to export Kerio contacts to CSV.

You can Watch this YouTube Video to Learn How to Complete this Process

Check out Some Specifications of the Kerio Contacts Migrator

  • 1. Manually Select Kerio Contacts Data: this application has already taken all sorts of situations that could become a barrier. For example, if you haven’t configured the account, this app will help you choose the data for the device manually. If you only have Kerio files and folders, you can select them individually.
  • 2. Batch Export Kerio Contacts at Once: This app values your time, allowing you to export Kerio contacts to CSV in bulk. If you have multiple folders containing Kerio contacts, you can export them all at once in one process. This app is not restricted to ant data size limit, so feel free.
  • 3. Check Complete Kerio Server Preview: This application also acts as a Kerio data viewer. Well, if you don’t have a way to access the Kerio contacts, you can use this app for that purpose. This application allows you to preview all the contacts and other required data, so you can check what information they contain.
  • 4. Choose Location to Save CSV Files: This application doesn’t force you to save your files to any default location. Now, you are completely free to export Kerio contacts to CSV in the location of your choice.
  • 5. Standalone and Compatibility: This app is completely standalone and can do this task on its own. You don’t need to download any other compatible setup to fully accomplish your task. On the other hand, this application is compatible to run on any version of Windows, be it Win 10 and all lower versions.

Now what do you think of this tool, is it helpful? Well, we also have to mention that these features are just a few of the many features. Once you run the tool in person you will find more than these, so good luck.

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In Conclusion

With the help of the Kerio Contacts Exporter you can now easily export Kerio contacts to CSV. This application is all about your convenience and therefore offers you corresponding advantages. It is easy to use and gives you a pleasant experience.