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How to Export Backupify to PST File Format? User Guidance

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 27th, 2022
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Are you having trouble importing Backupify to Outlook, or do you want a local backup of your Backupify cloud email data? – If you answered yes, you are at the right place at the right moment. The Outlook email software is the most used email client nowadays. Every user desires to have access to their information in the Outlook email client. We’ve had a few requests from users who want to export Backupify to PST but can’t find a suitable option. As a result, we’ve chosen to propose a solution.

This post addresses a frequently asked question on the internet about how to export Backupify to PST format. We’ll also provide a quick overview of Backupify and why it’s important to have a Backupify Converter on the internet market. Continue reading to learn more.

About Backupify and Its Usage

Backupify/Datto Saas Protection is a Datto tool that allows you to backup cloud applications like G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce easily, safely, and automatically. It makes it simple for a company to deal with data loss and fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.

An administrator may export an archive of emails, contacts, and other information to a local storage device using Datto Saas Protection. The admin receives a ZIP file containing all types of export objects using the export feature.

Emails are exported into MBOX files using Datto Saas Protection or Backupify. You’ll receive numerous MBOX files holding distinct mailbox emails after extracting the ZIP file. Thunderbird makes it simple to read MBOX files. If you want to see them in Outlook, you’ll need to convert Datto to PST first.

User Query;

“I made a backup of my Google account data using Datto Backupify for G Suite. It aided me in preserving Google account info on my local machine. However, I must access Google account emails (which Backupify has preserved) into Outlook owing to a pressing necessity. I attempted to import Backupify emails into Outlook but was unable to do so due to technical limitations. Now I’m in a bind. So now I’m at a loss on what to do?”

Way to Datto Backupify Export to PST

A thorough online search may turn up a number of converter applications that claim to be able to export Backupify to PST. However, guaranteeing that the tool is capable of doing the conversion is a difficult effort in and of itself. Examining the demo versions of every such application is the best approach to do so. Because it gives a solid overview of the tool’s capabilities and functioning.

With that stated, there is a Great Application called 4n6 MBOX File Converter that can effortlessly convert your Backupify files into Outlook PST format. The underlying algorithms guarantee that data transfer is swift and accurate with no difficulties.

Instruction How to Use Backupify Converter Software?

Free Download

1. Download the Backupify Converter Software and install it on your windows system
download backupify to pst converter

2. After installing the software click on the Open tab in the menu bar on the left side of the software panel
click on open tab

3. Thereafter select the Email Data file option in the drop-down menu and then choose the MBOX option and upload the Backupify MBOX file
select mbox file

4. After uploading the MBOX file you can preview your Mailbox file in different four modes Content, message Header, Hex view, and Raw message.
raw message

5. Then press the Export option in the menu bar and then select the pst option in the drop-down menu
select pst

6. Lastly, choose the destination path according to your choice for your resultant PST files, and then click the Save option
click save to export backupify to pst

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Some Features of Backupify Converter Software Wizard

The following are some of the advantages of implementing this application to export Backupify to PST format:

  • Multiple Export Formats: The software intends to analyze and convert the MBOX file created by Backupify into a variety of file formats, including PST, EML, PDF, HTML, Text, and others.
  • Export Backupify to PST in Bulk: Users may convert numerous Datto Backupify data files in a batch manner using this application. Users may also opt to export just a subset of their emails at a time. So whether you want to migrate selectively or in mass, our software can handle it.
  • Maintains the Data Integrity of Backup Files: In conversion cases, email headers and attributes are often lost. This application, on the other hand, guarantees data integrity for preservation throughout the process. HTML layout, header information, inline graphics, email structure, hyperlinks, and any other features of Backupify MBOX files are all preserved in their original state by the application.
  • There are no file size restrictions: The file size of the target data file has no impact on the application. It’s been shown to provide correct results for large Backupify data files with less effort. When it comes for export Backupify to PST or other formats, no matter how huge your MBOX file is, there will be no problems.
  • Self-sufficient, safe, and secure: Finally, the software is a stand-alone application that does not need the use of an email client such as Microsoft Outlook to convert emails. It also focuses on creating a safe and secure environment to safeguard information from viruses and other causes that might cause data loss.


When it comes to backing up cloud/G Suite data, the Datto Backupify converter is well regarded. We discovered customers attempting to export Backupify to PST format via a review of numerous technical forums. We hope that by publishing this post, we will be able to point such people to a useful software solution that will allow them to do this activity quickly.

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