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Guide to Download Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Desktop without Facing Hassle

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 19th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this guide, learn about the best and trusted method to download Zoho Mail to Thunderbird desktop account.

Nowadays, there are so many email applications used by business or personal users to manage and organize emails. Some of them utilize cloud-based programs, while others utilize desktop-based applications. On the other hand, it has been observed that certain consumers of cloud services are moving to desktop platforms, and vice versa. They have their own reasons for doing so.

Within the context of today’s topic, we will discuss how to download data from Zoho Mail to a Thunderbird account. Because there have been so many questions asked about this topic on the internet, we decided to answer them here. So, before that, lets mention some queries just to understand the need.

How to download Zoho Mail account to Thunderbird desktop directly?

Is there a way to add Zoho emails to Thunderbird with attachments?

How do I migrate Zoho mailboxes to Thunderbird account in batch?

Is there any solution available to add selected Zoho mailboxes to Thunderbird?

How to migrate Zoho emails to Thunderbird including header information?

The above queries has been taken by best forum sites. As a result of reading them, we are capable of understanding the needs of various consumers. Therefore, continue reading the article to get the appropriate answers to all questions.

One-Stop Solution to Download Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Desktop

Download the 4n6 Zoho Mail Backup Application, which can easily meet the needs of all users. This software allows users to add multiple Zoho Mail accounts to Thunderbird simultaneously. The application’s user interface is so straightforward that you will have no difficulty utilizing it. With this app, users can easily add Zoho emails to Thunderbird desktop with attachments, email headers, and other information. This incredible utility comes with a large number of innovative features that are designed to assist users in achieving the desired results.

Best Features List of Zoho to Thunderbird Software

  • Export Multiple Mailboxes: Using this Zoho mail to Thunderbird software, you can download multiple Zoho mailboxes to Thunderbird at once. You won’t have to go back via Zoho mails many times to complete the migration.
  • Simple and Tested App: This utility has completed exhaustive testing and does not provide any danger in any form. Users with technical expertise and those without such expertise are able to run this program without encountering any kind of difficulty.
  • Add Selected Mailboxes: This application is the superior choice for downloading Zoho Mail to a Thunderbird account. It has been developed with all of the requirements of the users taken into consideration. Additionally, customers are able to add specific Zoho mailboxes to Thunderbird depending on their requirements thanks to this software.
  • Preserves All the Properties: When downloading Zoho mailboxes to Thunderbird desktop, the app maintains properties. This software will provide you 100% accurate result as it maintains properties during conversion.
  • Supports Multiple Savings: This amazing app successfully supports to download Zoho Mail to Thunderbird. Also, it supports to migrate data into other savings like PDF, Outlook, Gmail, Google Workspace and more.
  • Export Email Headers Info: With this software, users can safely download all data from Zoho to Thunderbird account. You can easily add Zoho email to Thunderbird with header information in easy steps.
  • Check Preview of Data: The software is really good for Forensics users. It provides the provides the complete preview of Zoho emails, attachments, headers, and more. Also, there is no need to download any supportive app to add Zoho emails to Thunderbird account.
  • Supports All Windows:  This application is Windows compatible. You can download and use this software on Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and other earlier editions. So, download the app now!


Steps to Add Zoho Emails to Thunderbird with Attachments

Run the program and click on Open button.

click open to download zoho mail to thunderbird

Click on Add account option from the list.

click on add account option

Enter the credentials of Zoho Mail and click on Add button.

enter the credentials

It will load folders on the left panel. Click on it to check the preview.

check preview of emails

Now, click on Export and Choose Thunderbird as saving.

choose thunderbird

The app will auto detect location of configured Thunderbird profile. Finally, click on Save button to begin process.

saving process

The app starts downloading Zoho Mail data into Thunderbird desktop account. It will take only some seconds.

Commonly Asked Queries by Users

Question 1 – How do I download my Zoho email header information into Thunderbird account?

Answer 1 – Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run the app and click on Open button.
  • Choose Add account option and enter the credentials of Zoho Mail.
  • This app will load folders on the left panel. Click on mailboxes to check the preview of emails.
  • Now, click Export and choose Thunderbird as file saving.
  • Check the folders, and enable the option “include email headers” and click on Save button to begin the process.

That’s it. By following these steps, you can download Zoho email to Thunderbird including header information.

Question 2 Do I need to install supportive app to add Zoho to Thunderbird account?

Answer 2 – No, this software works independently. You can download Zoho emails to Thunderbird desktop without supportive application.

Question 3 – Can I use this app to download my Zoho email attachments?

Answer 3 – Yes, with this software, you can safely download email attachments from Zoho Mail account.

Question 4 – Can I use this software on Windows 11 machine?

Answer 4 – Yes, you can download and run this software on latest Windows 11 edition.

Question 5 – Does the app allow me to view hex values of my Zoho Mail account?

Answer 5 – Yes, you can easily preview the Hex Values of your Zoho account.

The Conclusion

In this blog, we have covered how to download Zoho Mail to Thunderbird account. Here, we have provided the best application to accomplish this task. Using it, one can download all data from Zoho to Thunderbird along with all the attached information. Also, it is suggested to go with the free demo version first. Freeware will allow you to check the working and complete features before investing anything. So, download the app now and start downloading Zoho Mail to Thunderbird desktop account.