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Top Method to Delete Data from External Hard Disk Permanently

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 8th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

We are all aware of how important external hard drives are. Our personal and business data are stored on this device. But have you made up your mind to get a new external hard drive and give it to a friend, colleague, or someone else? If this is the case, it is extremely important to delete data from external Hard Disk permanently to protect your privacy. It’s very hard to trust anyone these days. There is no doubt that someone can misuse your data for their own purposes, and this will be very expensive for you.

So that’s the topic of today. Here we will look at a few of the main reasons why it is extremely important to clean up an external hard drive before selling it or giving it to someone. We will also provide you with the best tool to easily delete data from your external hard drive. So, let’s get everything understood without wasting any more time.

Need to Delete Data from External Hard Disk Permanently?

Every user immediately thinks about formatting an external hard disk when deleting data. What most people don’t know, however, is that formatting does not permanently delete data from an external hard drive. Data recovery software can recover data that is still present.

Therefore, wiping an external hard drive is critical if you are going to give it to someone. There are numerous reasons why it is critical to wipe an external hard disk before selling:

  • Your personal information will be secure after you wipe your external hard disk. Nobody could abuse it.
  • To avoid a possible data breach, it is good to delete data from external hard disk permanently.
  • Wiping external hard disk permanently is also good to protect the reputation of your business

Although we have already mentioned a few incredible ones, there are many more. After understanding them, let’s move on to the solution.

Best External Hard Disk Data Wiping Software by IT Professionals

Despite the large number of online solutions, users still consider 4n6 Data Erasure Software to be the best. This program promises to delete data in a manner that prevents software from recovering it. It takes only a few seconds to permanently delete data from an external hard disk. The tool is the best utility because it has so many incredible features including:

  • The software comes up with the simple and intuitive interface to delete data from external hard drive permanently.
  • This application has gone through a lot testing and is risk-free. Your external hard drive won’t be crashed; it will only be erased.
  • The application successfully supports to wipe only free space from your external hard drive.
  • Also, it you need to wipe complete space, just check out the option “Wipe Total Space”.
  • There are so many wiping methods provided by the software such as simple, advance, complex, and very complex.
  • With this application, it is also possible to wipe out selected data from external hard disk.
  • You can download, install, and use this app on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier edition.

These are merely a few of the application’s features. You’ll discover a lot more of them when you start using it to wipe your external hard disk. Let’s learn how you can use it to delete data permanently right now.

How to Permanently Wipe an External Hard Disk Using This Tool?

Note: This software comes with the freeware version. You can test the app’s functionality and features with the demo edition. Additionally, data smaller than 5GB can be deleted. Once you are satisfied with how it functions, buy the licensed version and erase the entire external hard disk.
  • Firstly, connect your external hard disk with your system.
  • Now, install and run the utility on your Windows computer.
  • The app will give you three options to wipe your data. Choose Drive option from it.
    choose any option
  • Now, check your external hard disk here and click the next button.
    check drive
  • This solution will provide you options to wipe your data such as “wipe free space only and wipe total space”. Choose as per the need.
    choose wiping option
  • Now, check the wiping methods such as simple, advance, complex, and very complex.
    choose wiping method
  • Finally, click the Wipe button to begin the procedure.
    click wipe

As you can see in the screen above, the application has already begun wiping your external hard drive. Data on an external hard drive that has been deleted is permanently lost and cannot be recovered using any software.

Make sure you need to completely wipe your external hard disk before you do anything else. If so, kindly take a backup into another device that is already in use.

The Conclusion

In the above content, we have explained how to delete data from external hard disk permanently. The solution we have provided is tested, reliable, and safe to use. It will help you to wipe external hard disk without facing any type of hassle.