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How to Batch Convert TXT to TIFF Format at Once Easily ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 20th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Hello, 4n6 support team. I have a lot of TXT files that I want to convert to TIFF. However, such files do not support changing their extension to another. But I strongly need to do such job. So, Can you please tell me how to convert TXT to TIFF? If there is a way, please get me one ASAP. Many thanks.

Well, yes, it is true that Documents files like TXT do not provide you with a feature that allows you to save your data in any other file format. But no worry; this does not mean that there is no method to get such a job. Yes, there is a way to convert TXT to TIFF and that method is very perfect for your job.

So, for this task to be possible to perform in the simplest way; let us introduce you to that method. We are sure you are going to love it as it is the possible way to accomplish your preferred task. So, now quickly review it, get to know it and then use it and do your job.

Checkout the Possible Way to Convert TXT to TIFF

When there is no manual way to do your job, the 4n6 TXT File Converter Tool is there to help you. This automated approach is specially designed to convert your data from a document file, such as TXT, to your preferred platform.

This tool facilitates the platform where you can easily convert TXT to TIFF. It’s reliable, and it also maintains the integrity of all of your data, so you can rest assured that this tool is right for your conversion. Besides, it is also very efficient and able to achieve your goal in a few moments.


Well, you need to know that not only are we bringing you this app because it can convert TXT to TIFF, there are many reasons for such an offer. Yes, the tool offers you various advantages, which we would be happy to explain to you. So, look at them get to learn more about the tool.

Why You Need to Choose the TXT to TIFF Converter

  • This app has a simple user interface so you won’t have any problem completing the task.
  • This tool can easily convert bulk TXT to TIFF without letting you select a few files at a time.
  • It gives you the preview of all of the TXT files so you can check what information is in them.
  • You can also check out particular data by applying various filters using the search bar.
  • It also allows you to browse the location so you can choose the destination for your files.
  • This is completely self-contained and doesn’t require you to download any further settings.
  • It is also useful for investigator as they can check the hex view and raw messages of the files
  • It is compatible to run on any version of Windows, be it Win 10, 8.1, 8 and any lower edition.

So these are the5 few of the many features that will make your data file conversion more perfect. However we must mention that these functions are just a glimpse, so all we can do is point out that you will get many others once you run the tool.

Now we come to another great advantage of the tool. The process you need to go through to convert TXT to TIFF is another great benefit of using the tool. This is because it is very small and you only have to do a few clicks. Check it out for yourself.

Complete Process for Converting TXT to TIFF

  • Download 4n6 Document File Converter on your Windows compatible device by hitting the given link. Now, Install it following the instructions and then launch it. convert text to tiff process begins
  • Now, click on the Open tab visible in the top left, after that click on Document Files and select TXT Files. select text files
  • Browse through all the TXT files you want convert to TIFF and upload them to the app. Once all of the files have been displayed in the left panel of the tool UI, you can preview them, if required. select required txt files
  • Now, you need to Click on the Export tab, and then click to select TIFF Files from the drop-down list.select export option
  • Click on Browse button to specify the desired destination path for your resultant data and then click the Convert button at last visible in the top right corner. browse destination path
  • Your TXT files will now be converted to TIFF files. Once the conversion is complete, information will be displayed on the tool’s screen to let you know. convert text to tiff process complete

So, these are the entire steps you need to follow to convert TXT to TIFF. So now you can see how convenient the process is as all you have to do is clicking two tabs. That is why we said that it is also an advantage of the tool.

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In Conclusion

If something can convert TXT to TIFF easily and quickly, this is our suggested automated approach. The TXT to TIFF converter is the method by which you can do such a conversion. It’s an all-in-one solution as it gives you a lot of great benefits. It’s reliable and can get your job done in no time. Therefore, if you want to achieve your goal in the easiest possible way, give the tool a try.