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Simple Ways to Convert Text to BMP File Format in Batch on Windows

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Nick Rogers
Published On
July 27th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

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Is there any way to convert Text to BMP file? I have searched a lot but didn’t find any solution to complete this task.

Are you also facing problems like the above user? If your answer is yes, then this is the right place to get the correct solution for accomplishing the task. Here, we are going to provide best professional solution for our users. So, stay tuned with us for more information related to convert text to bmp file.

What is BMP File?

A bitmap (BMP) file is a digital image file format which has been used in digital photography and certain applications, like Microsoft Paint. Most of the BMP image files are uncompressed and occupy a large space, but can be compressed without compromising their quality.

One of the most important thing about this file is, it can store both monochrome and multi-color image data.

What are the Ways to Convert Text File to Bitmap Image Format ?

There are two ways through which users can accomplish this task:

  • By Using Online Applications
  • By Using Best Professional Solution

Let’s learn about these solutions in brief to clarify all the doubts of users.

Method 1: Export Text to BMP File by Using Online Application

Users have the option of using online applications to do the process. There are many online applications available in the market. However, it is very clear that these internet techniques never work for those who want to convert many text files at once.

Thus, it is well known, this method takes time, and users have to do the same action in order to save each and every Text file.

So, it is better for the users to go with technical solution to perform export text to bmp file procedure.

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Method 2: Convert Text to BMP File Using Best Professional Tool

If you guys are looking for a third-party method to convert Text to BMP files. Now, stop using all the online solutions for performing this task. One of the best and fastest automated solution is 4n6 Document Converter Software. Both technical and non-technical consumers can use it with ease.


Additionally, this software also offers high level security for rapid conversion of text file data. Users can complete the task with the aid of its sophisticated features. For better understanding of the users here we are mentioning some amazing features of this software.

Amazing Features of Text to BMP Converter Software

There are multiple amazing features of this application which is beneficial for users. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • The best thing about this application is users can easily convert the required text file data into bitmap image.
  • Also, there is no file size limitation involved here. User can upload text file of any size limit.
  • By using this tool user can always preserve the formatting of Text document files like headers, numbers etc.
  • Users can also bulk convert text files with this application. Converting multiple text files will save a lot of time of user.
  • This application also provides option to select required destination path for saving final output data.

How to Convert Text File to BMP Format? – Complete Working Procedure

Follow the below mentioned working procedure for completing the task:

  1. First, download and install 4n6 Text File Converter Software on your Windows Operating System. convert text to bmp file
  2. Next, select Document Files from the Open menu to choose Text files. select document file
  3. The user must then choose the Text files they want to convert to BMP Format from the list. select required text files
  4. Now, select the Export button. In the drop-down choice that opens, select BMP saving. select export option
  5. After that, choose the location where you want to save the output data. Also available is location-specific browsing. browse destination path
  6. Lastly, the user must click the Save button to complete export text to BMP file process. convert text to bmp file process completed

Important Note: This software has two versions, one is free demo version and another one is licensed edition. By using free demo version of the tool user can only convert 2 text files. For converting more files user will have to switch into licensed version of the tool.

Summing Up

Here user will get correct solution to convert text to bmp file in brief. Users can refer both the mentioned solutions for performing this task. But as discussed professional solution is best for the users. By this user will not have to lose any data.

Using technical solution is best for both professional and non – professional users. Just follow the steps mentioned – above to complete the entire procedure. We hope after reading this post user will not face any issues kind of in completion of this process.