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How to Convert TEXT Document to XML File Format ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 20th, 2022
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Summary: Today, in this blog we are going to discuss about convert text document to xml file in brief. Read complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information.

Before starting with the solution let’s know about the XML file format.

What is XML File Format?

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an XML file which is used to store data in the form of hierarchical elements. Data stored in the XML files can be read by computer programs with by using custom tags. It will indicate the type of element. There are both tags and text in an XML file.

User Query: Hey! I am Christina. Currently I am working in an MNC as a Technical Content Writer. I have few text files which I have to convert into XML File format as per the guidance of our seniors. I know few online applications through which I can accomplish this task. But I am worried about my data. Is there any other way through which I can convert text documents to xml file? If yes, then please suggest.

Thanks in advance!!!!

  • Christina, New York City

Is Online Solution Good to Convert Text Document Files ?

Online services are not always secure to use because their operation is mainly dependent on internet servers. As you Export Text files into XML format using the online services, your information will immediately be sent to their servers, where it may be stored. The confidentiality of your personal data will be compromised.

Therefore, it is preferable to utilize a technical solution, such as the below – mentioned application, to complete the task. Your data is completely protected and privately provided by our software at the same time. It is a complete offline solution that export text to xml file format on your PC.

Additionally, no data from the supplied document is stored by the software. Let’s learn more about the application.

Text to XML Converter – Best Solution to Convert Text Document to XML File

Manual and online solutions will create a lot of issues for the users in completing the task. So, it is better to go with professional solution. 4N6 Documents Converter Application is best suited solution for both technical and non – technical users.


This tool provides a fast & secure solution to convert text documents to xml file. Users can also use it offline, by this they can keep the data safe forever. Its user interface is also very simple which enables the user to perform this task in few simple steps. It will also maintain the internal hierarchy of the data.

Let’s have a look on some features of this application for better user understanding.

Prime Features of Text File Converter Wizard

There are multiple features of this application which is beneficial for users. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • This software provides completely straightforward user interface which can be used easily by every user. Every user will find this tool simple to use.
  • Users can also convert multiple TXT files by using bulk mode option to XML file format to save time.
  • User will not find any file size restrictions involved with this software. They can quickly and simply export text to xml file in a matter of minutes, as this utility does not have any restrictions.
  • The software also allows selective Text file conversion to user’s precious time and effort.

How to Convert Text Document to XML Format – Working Procedure

There are few simple steps which user have to follow for accomplishing the task. Firstly, user have to install the 4n6 Text Converter on your operating system.

  1. After installing select document files and then user have to click on the Text file option. convert text document to xml file
  2. Now, user can select the required text files which he wanted to convert. select required txt files
  3. Then, select the XML / XAML saving option by clicking on the Export button. select export option
  4. Thereafter, user have to browse the final destination path for saving the resultant data. browse destination path
  5. Finally, user will get a dialogue box showing message of demo limitation after completion of the task. convert text document to xml file

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Final Conclusion

In the above blog post we have mentioned best solution for our users to convert text document to xml file. Users who were having issues in completing this task can rely on this informative blog post. We have provided best solution here for both novice users and professional users.

By using the free demo edition user can easily convert 2 text files to xml format without any issue. For converting more files user have to purchase the licensed edition of the software.