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How to Convert PSD to TIFF Format? Perfect Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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The PSD is an excellent file format for modifying graphics with a wide range of applications. Even while a PSD may be shared, it has limits in this area. The advantages of using a TIFF here are clear. How to convert PSD to TIFF is explained here.

Comparison Between PSD or TIFF

Because it is the file format of Adobe Photoshop software, the PSD image file is a Photoshop document. A PSD isn’t a single visual; rather, it’s a collection of picture parts. It may also include numerous pictures on occasion. The PSD is famous for its robust editing capabilities. It is designed so that users may update its contents in a variety of ways using powerful tools. Because the Photoshop application is linked to the PSD and includes everything needed to modify photos, it doesn’t need any other image-editing software.

A Tagged Image File Format is a TIFF image file. It’s a secure picture format for people who have photographs that are possibly sensitive or confidential. The TIFF is a raster image, which means it’s made up of individual pixels. Each TIFF file contains an incredible quantity of information.

TIFF is one of the most unusual picture file formats since it was created to be exceptionally safe and secure in a variety of ways. Because each TIFF picture is visible, no hidden viruses can attach themselves to it. This saves time since it provides users with useful information about the picture before they open it.

Why Does User Need to Convert Image PSD to TIFF?

The PSD is ideal for professional papers that need to be shared with a small number of people in a safe manner. It is, however, incompatible at times. Unfortunately, while uploading it, it does not fit into most formats. It’s also not a very adaptable picture file. When creating a website, this is obvious. Converting makes a lot of sense for these reasons.

So, when is it appropriate to convert it to a TIFF? When you need a more sharing file – one that a large number of people can view – it makes sense to turn off a PSD. The TIFF is also superior for size control since it may simply diminish in size. Finally, the information held inside a TIFF file is unique and, depending on the sort of work being done with the picture, may address a variety of difficulties.

Way to Export PSD Image into TIFF Format

There are a few different ways to convert PSD to TIFF. The first of them is the automatic solution, with the help of which you can convert your files in bulk. Another way is manually through Adobe Photoshop software. In which you can convert only a single file at a time. Let us see how both the solutions are used.

Method 1: Using Professional Way to Convert PSD to TIFF Image Format

With our 4n6 PSD Converter Software to convert PSD to TIFF image format, you can convert your photos into a variety of formats in a few clicks. It is very easy to use and supports batch processing. You can get the perfect conversion result with high quality and fast conversion speed.

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How to Use PSD to TIFF Converter Software?

  1. Install the PSD to TIFF Converter Software on your computer.
    psd to tiff converter
  2. Then, on the open tab, choose the Image File option from the drop-down box.
    psd file
  3. You may see the PSD files in the software panel after uploading them.
  4. Eventually, choose TIFF as an export option from the Export menu.
    select tiff
  5. Finally, choose your preferred destination route and press the save button.

Method 2: Using Adobe Photoshop

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer.
  2. Then open the PSD file you want to convert.
  3. Select the save as option from the file menu.
  4. Choose TIFF from the format drop-down option, then hit the save button.

Note: If you use this solution, then just one thing has to be kept in mind, in this way you can convert only one image at a time. You have to use this solution when converting each image. If you have data in bulk and you want to convert all the data at once then go to our first solution.


If you wish to convert PSD to TIFF image format, read the blog stated above. We’ve covered the best image converter software, which allows you to convert numerous PSD files to TIFF format in only a few clicks. It preserves the image’s originality, colour, size, and a variety of other characteristics. If you have any questions, please contact our support staff at any time.