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How to Convert PSD to AI File Format in Bulk on Windows?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 29th, 2024
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The PSD offers so many editing capabilities but it doesn’t always meet the demands of a corporation. When your organization has to produce a project employing unique technologies, AI can be the better format. If this is the case, it’s necessary to understand how to swap the formats. Use this tutorial to convert PSD to AI file by using the best 4n6 Image Converter Software.

About PSD and AI File

PSD File: The PSD file extension is used by the Adobe Photoshop software to identify a picture file. An interesting aspect of the PSD is that it comprises a variety of various aspects of one picture. It can also save a variety of photos. Because Photoshop was developed to allow for significant picture manipulation, the final result is a highly modifiable image.

AI File: The AI picture file extension is used by the Adobe Illustrator application to identify the kind of file it is. For example, the AI employs the vector graphic type to create its visuals. In the creation of vector graphics, a number of points are used to define various aspects of the picture. Finally, AI files may be resized without losing quality.

Why Does User Convert PSD to AI File?

The PSD is quite flexible and may be used for a wide variety of creative projects. However, there are instances when consumers need a distinct set of capabilities from the images they have stored on their computers. An AI file conversion mainly relies on whether the graphic is going to be utilized in a corporate environment. A transition to artificial intelligence makes a lot of sense when the editing and final product are for an organization.

For commercial graphics, the AI file is a must-have. Although the PSD is capable of a wide range of visual manipulation, it lacks the fine-grained editing capabilities of the AI. When it comes to logos, for example, the AI shines out. This is due to its capacity to be resized, which becomes increasingly important when logos are utilized in a variety of contexts. Finally, the AI excels at tasks such as incorporating text into images.

The PSD is a fantastic picture format that allows for significant modification to be performed on it. However, when it comes to developing a brand image, it doesn’t work so well. In order to create logos and commercials for large corporations, you’ll need a tool like AI.

Way to Convert Image from PSD to AI Format

There are many methods available on the internet to convert PSD to AI file format. But we have brought a very beneficial and time-saving method for you among them. With the help of this, you can convert your images in bulk. Its name is 4n6 PSD Converter Software and it is invented by the 4n6 company.

For those with intermittent or no internet connectivity, this is a good alternative to consider. As a bonus, this option allows users the ability to convert large numbers of files at once. Check out PSD to AI Converter if you think this could be useful for you. Downloadable and powerful, it’s an excellent tool to convert PSD to AI file. Let’s see how this software is used

Free Download

Instruction How to Use PSD to AI Converter Software?

  1. Download the PSD to AI Converter software and install it on your windows platform
    psd to ai converter tool
  2. After installing the software click on the open button in the menu bar and select the PSD option and then upload the .psd file to the software panel
    select psd files
  3. You can preview your PSD image in different modes
    view psd files
  4. Then click on the Export option and select the AI option in the drop-down menu
    choose ai
  5. Lastly, choose the destination path of your resultant AI file according to your choice and then click on the Save button.
    click save


Lastly, if you want to save time and effort and do it quickly and accurately, there are several ways to convert PSD to AI file. One option is to use PSD to AI converter software. With the help of this software, you can convert PSD files in bulk. If you believe us, then you should go towards this software because we have seen it by using it ourselves, we did not get better software than this, so being an author, I have brought the best software for you. If you face any problem at any time then you can take help from our support team.