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Know-How to Convert PSD to BMP Image Format with Easiest Methods

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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The Photoshop file format is an image editing software used by professionals. It is known for its superior capabilities and high-quality output. Photoshop can be used for many purposes, including retouching images, creating posters, designing logos, and so on. However, there are times when you need to convert PSD files into other formats. In this post, we’ll discuss the best ways to convert PSD to BMP image format.

It’s not easy to find a way to convert Photoshop files to BMP image format. And when you’re looking for a reliable tool to do this job, you will find it difficult. But now you came landed this article that will help you change PSD files to BMP with a reliable tool. This software is easy to use and will convert PSD to BMP without any problems.

User Query;

I’m a civil engineer who manages projects at several locations. I received a few PSD files from my senior that are connected to various project maps. However, I do not have Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer, thus I am unable to print and examine PSD files. In order to get photographs of higher quality, I want to convert PSD to BMP images.

What Are PSD and BMP Format and BMP Format Benefits?

The default file format for Adobe Photoshop, a potent and sophisticated graphic design application, is a Photoshop Document (PSD). One PSD file may include a picture as well as a complicated array of the image’s associated layers, vector paths, objects, filters, and more! PSD enables precise editing of specific elements of a graphic design or picture while keeping the file’s information in an accessible manner. PSD has the potential to be bulky and cumbersome.

The pixel-based bitmap (BMP) file format may be used to store two-dimensional images, often without any compression. The dot matrix data format employed by BMP, raster graphics, defines the image’s colour depth. BMP is mostly used for picture publishing online. However, because of the lack of compression, BMP files are often large.

Benefits of BMP Image File Format

  • Millions of hues are supported, allowing for high-quality output for consumers.
  • Transparency is not supported by a BMP file since it is not one of its features.
  • Layers must be remembered in order to produce a final, useful picture, thus it doesn’t remember them.
  • Because animation is not in the nature of bitmap images, they cannot support it.
  • Since acquiring high-quality photos was the main driving force for creating this extension, a BMP file does not support compression.

How to Export PSD File to BMP Format?

To convert PSD to BMP format is the only way offline software with the help which you can convert your files without worrying about data security, its name is 4n6 PSD File Converter Software. This software converts without losing any data and without making any compromise in image quality. You do not need any internet access to use this PSD to BMP converter software as this software completely works in offline mode.

Free Download

How to Use PSD to BMP Converter Software?

  1. Download the PSD to BMP Converter software and then install it on your computer
    psd to bmp converter
  2. After that, click on the Open button in the menu bar and then choose the PSD option in the drop-down menu
    upload psd files
  3. Thereafter, you can preview your files on the right side of the software panel
    psd file preview
  4. Eventually, hit the Export button in the menu bar and then choose the BMP option in the drop-down menu for the conversion process
    select bmp
  5. Lastly, choose the final destination path and hit the Save button, now your PSD files will be converted into BMP format
    bmp save

Key Features of PSD to BMP Converter Tool

  • Using this tool, PSD files may be converted in bulk to BMP files. This will save users time and effort, which is advantageous.
  • The app offers two choices for quickly uploading Photoshop PSD files: Select Files or Select Folders.
  • The application displays every PSD on the software panel before beginning the PSD to BMP conversion procedure. Only certain files may be chosen by users for conversion.
  • To save output data, the software offers the ability to explore a number of predefined destination routes. To save the output data, you may also connect external storage devices.
  • Photoshop to BMP Converter is compatible with *.psd files produced with both the most recent and earlier Photoshop versions.
  • The utility enables the conversion of PSD file layers that are now active and visible into BMP file extensions without emitting any alerts or errors.


Now that we are all aware of this, Photoshop is one of the greatest programmes that will enable us to convert PSD to BMP format in order to edit or edit photographs correctly. The PSD to BMP Converter is an alternative since Photoshop is highly costly and you cannot afford to use it constantly on your computer. Without Photoshop, the aforementioned software functions. Enjoy the conversion, shall we?