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Professional Solution to Convert ODT to XPS Document Format

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 10th, 2021
Reading Time
5 Minutes

Are you constantly looking for a way to save your ODT data in XPS? Well then we have to say you finally found it. We have a perfect solution for you to convert ODT to XPS. So if you want to be aware of that, let’s take a little walk with us.

If you are the person who keeps editing your data due to the demands of the job and constantly adding or deleting the text or images etc. contained in it, the ODT files are for you. However, if you’re the one who wants to fix your data and doesn’t want to mess anything between texts, the XPS files are perfect.

So if you’ve finally decided to make your editable data completely frozen, let us help you. Hence, we will help you convert ODT to XPS. We offer you a fully automated approach so that you can get this job done easily and quickly.

An Automated Method to Convert ODT to XPS

If you think that this task would be very difficult and longer for you to complete, so let us tell you. There is nothing like that. 4n6 ODT Converter is the method that makes it very easy for you to convert ODT to XPS, and not just easier but faster.

It is very reliable and maintains the integrity of all your data during the conversion. So you can rest assured that this app is not only the best to get the job done quickly, but also to maintain integrity. Hence, this app is perfect in every way.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this app perfect. There are many others and one of them is the process. Yes, there are just a few steps to convert ODT to XPS so that you don’t have to waste any more time. So first, let’s take a look at the complete steps so that you can perform your job.

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Instructions on How to Convert Data from ODT to XPS

  • First of all you need to Download, install and then run ODT to XPS Converter on your Windows operating machine


  • Now you have to click on Open tab and then click Document Files to select ODT Files
  • Start selecting all of your desired ODT Files that you want to convert in XPS. Once all the ODT files have been displayed, you can even preview them.
  • Click on Export tab and then click on the XPS Files from the available options
  • Now click the Browse button to choose the preferred destination for the resultant data and then click the Convert

Your selected ODT files will now be converted in a matter of moments.

So, these are the entire steps you need to take to convert ODT to XPS. So now you can do your job. However, if you want to learn more about the tool, we can help here too. We are now offering you some of the functions. Look at them and see what they can do.

Discover the key Features of the ODT to XPS Converter

  • Batch Conversion: There are two things that will speed up the conversion from ODT to XPS, the first is a small process and second, that you can convert the data as a whole. You can convert hundreds of files at the same time with no restrictions.
  • Full Data Conversion: it’s not just any text associated with your ODT files, it can be much more, like attachments, images or anything else. Hence, you can convert them all with this app. You don’t need to leave any information behind.
  • Data Preview: Don’t want to double check your ODT files before conversion? If so, you can. This app gives you a preview of all the ODT files so you can see the data you are converting, whether it is worth converting or not. So please preview first then convert ODT to XPS.
  • Browse location: Can you save your data in your system’s default download folders? No right? Well, you don’t have to, as this tool gives you the ability to browse the location. Therefore, you are completely free to choose where to save your data.
  • Standalone and Compatibility: This application is completely standalone and can convert ODT to XPS by itself. You will not be forced to download any other related settings for this tool. On the other hand, it is compatible with every version of Windows, be it Win 10 and one of the lower editions.

These functions are therefore only intended to give you an overview of the tool. So, if you want to learn about all of the other advanced features of the ODT to XPS converter, we recommend that you run the tool in person.

In Conclusion

One of the best and easiest and shortest ways to convert ODT to XPS is with the ODT Converter tool. This app turns out to be one of the best tools for the job. It’s easy to use, just gives you a small process, plus a ton of great features that can be used to accomplish different purposes. If you want to easily perform such a task, then you should definitely give this tool a try.