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Guide to Convert ODT to PDF Document Format in Easy Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 24th, 2024
Reading Time
6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to convert ODT to PDF File? Well, that’s just a primary question. Now let’s ask if you want to convert such ODT files in 3 easy steps. Yes, even if this task is so tricky, we can help you achieve it in just 3 simple steps. So if you’re curious about it, let’s help you get it.

We would like to offer you the solution directly without further discussion. So, check out the solution, understand why it is necessary to convert ODT  File to PDF, why you need to choose it, and what it can do for you.

We make everything easy for you. Let’s line-up every offering so that you can find certain things easily. In this guide you will receive;

  • An Automated Solution to Convert ODT File to PDF
  • 3 Easy Steps to Convert ODT to PDF File
  • Why You Have to Choose This Solution
  • Some Common Questions

So these are the line up things in this guide. Now let’s start by introducing you to the solution.

A Suitable Method to Convert ODT to PDF

4n6 ODT Converter, the solution we talk about. This automated approach is perfect for you as it can export ODT to PDF in a matter of moments without your major effort. Yes, since this solution is inherently automated, it can handle the entire task on its own.


So now that you know the solution, let’s start learning every detail about it. We’ll start by introducing you to the simple steps that you can take to convert ODT to PDF. So let’s take a look at it first and see how convenient it is.

Easiest Steps to Export ODT TO PDF File Format

  1. First, download the Tool on your device. Now you need to install the app by agreeing to some terms and conditions. When everything is done right, start it. install application to convert odt to pdf
  2. Now, you need to click on the Open tab and then select the Document Files from the drop-down menu. convert odt to pdf
  3. Then, click on the ODT Files and select the require files from the saved location to convert them. select required files
  4. Once all of the files have been uploaded to the tool, click the Export tab, select PDF Saving option. select export option
  5. Thereafter, browse the location for saving final output data into it. browse destination path
  6. Finally, click the Convert button to start the conversion procedure. convert odt to pdf conversion process completed

Your files will now be converted in a matter of moments. Your job is done and as promised in just 3 easy steps.

Have you been impressed by this simple process? Well, it’s just the beginning; let’s move on to other property of the tool. We are now offering you some of the tool’s key features to help you better understands this tool.

Discover What Makes This Tool Beneficial for You

  • Convert in Bulk: Even though the process is so simple and involves just a few steps, you only need to do it once. This is because you can batch convert ODT to PDF. It doesn’t matter how many ODT files you have, convert them at the same time in a single operation.
  • Include Raw Message & Hex View: With this application you can convert the complete data including the Raw Message and Hex View. So if you have such a requirement don’t worry, it can be achieve with the help of this tool.
  • Show Page Number & Also Save Attachments: While you export ODT to PDF file, you can also activate the option for visible page number. So you can see the order of the data. However, if you have attachments in your ODT files, you can convert them using this app as well.
  • Preview Data & Browse Location: This app not only allows you to convert your ODT files, but also to preview them. So if you want to know what you are converting, it’s a good idea to preview it first. On the other hand, you can choose the location of your choice to keep your files and protect them from being confused with other data.

These are just a few of the many features we’ve revealed for you to help you get a better idea of why this app is essential for your job.

After knowing all of these things about the tool, you may a few questions about it. Well, few users have ask a few questions about the tool before. That’s why we’re making them available here so that if you come across questions similar to yours, you’ll also get an answer.

FAQs of How to Convert ODT to PDF File

1. Can I try this ODT to PDF converter first before I buy it?

Yes, you can safely do that. This app comes with a demo version so that you can check the quality and all processes for free. After you know all about it, you can purchase the license keys

2. Can I use this tool on a Mac computer?

No, this tool is not yet compatible with Mac, but you can use it on any version of Windows, be it Win 10 and any of the lower editions.

3. Can I use the same license key with the two tools?

Yes, you just need to download the same tool and then you need to register the key you bought before. Then you can fully operate the tool.

4. Do I have to download any additional settings for this app?

No, this app is completely stand-alone and doesn’t want you to download other compatible setups be configure with in order to export ODT to PDF.

In Conclusion

If you want to convert ODT to PDF Format in the easiest possible way, then nothing can beat ODT to PDF Converter. This software is easy to use and very reliable. It also offers you many other functions that you can use in completing the various tasks. So, if you want to have a pleasant journey, all we can say is that you have to try this tool.