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How to Convert Multiple GIF to JPG? Top 4 Methods

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Nick Rogers
Published On
June 24th, 2024
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If you want to have single frame or a static version of your animated GIF file, converting it to a JPG is a best solution. In this article, we will discuss multiple easy methods to convert multiple GIF to JPG in order to reduce unnecessary animation data. Read on to discover the best solution.

GIF and JPG both are image formats, but they serve different purposes. While GIF is used when we need to create a repeating sequence and grab the user’s attention, JPG is used for lossy compression, flexibility in image editing, and more. Although both image formats are rated higher, there are certain scenarios where JPG is a better fit over GIF. We’ve outlined some of the main reasons to convert GIF to JPG, which you can explore below.

Why Change GIFs as JPG?

  • High-quality Compression: JPG uses lossy compression allowing you to reduce file size while maintaining image quality. The JPG format is more suitable for sharing images with complex color gradations than a GIF file.
  • Color Depth: While GIF files are limited to 256 colors, JPG supports millions of colors. As a result, a GIF image can result in color banding and loss of detail, and a JPG represents the subtle variations in color and tone found in photographs.
  • Processing: If you need to edit or process a GIF image extensively, JPG is the best choice. JPG format provides better flexibility in editing photographs.
  • Use in Websites: If you don’t need animation or transparency in your image, and want to reduce the file size for efficient storage or faster loading on websites, converting to JPG is best.

These are some of the best reasons why it is beneficial to change GIF file to JPG. Now, let’s move on and find the best solution.

Solutions to Convert GIF to JPG ?

There are multiple ways to convert GIF animation files to JPG. You can either use DIY methods that include Adobe app, and Microsoft app. However, these methods may require sufficient amount of time and effort from you.

Alternatively, there is the best GIF to JPG converter, which can surpass the ability of all DIY methods and provide you with a great result without asking you for great effort and time.

We have discussed all the methods in detail below. You can begin by exploring them one by one.

1.  Adobe Photoshop

  • If you don’t have Photoshop on your computer, set it up first.
  • Then, open Adobe Photoshop and open your GIF.
  • Go to File menu and select Save As.
  • Now, select JPG from the drop-down menu and then Save.

Alternatively, you can go to Export, select Export as > File Settings > Format > JPG, and then select Export All.

2. Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is no longer a tool for drawing and design purposes only. Now, it can also be used to edit and change photos. Please follow the simple steps below to convert GIF to JPG with MS Paint.

  • Open MS Paint on your Windows computer.
  • Go to File >> Open, then select and open the GIF file.
  • You can now see the GIF displayed in the Paint app.
  • Now, click again on the File menu and select the Save As option
  • Select JPG from the various image format options and click Save.

3. Microsoft Photos

MS Photos is a default application that comes in Windows 11 and 10. With this photo app, you can easily save a GIF image in JPG format. Please follow the steps below to use this method.

  • Open the Microsoft Photos app on Windows and open the GIF
  • Now click on the ellipsis (…) option from the top and select the Save As
  • Then select the file name, select Save As, type “.jpg” and save

So, these are all the DIY methods to convert GIF image to JPG files. However, before using these methods, we suggest that you take into consideration the following points.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • DIY methods require sufficient amount of time and effort from you.
  • These methods are not suitable for converting GIF to JPG in batch.
  • You can only convert one image at a time using Photoshop, Paint, and Photos.
  • Image quality may degrade using these DIY methods.

To overcome the limitations of manual methods and convert multiple GIFs to JPG at once, please consider the following professional method.

An Easy Way to Convert Multiple GIF to JPG

4n6 Image Converter is the simplest and most reliable solution to convert GIF images to JPG without losing quality. The software overcomes the limitations of all of the above DIY methods. It allows you to convert multiple GIF files to JPG at the same time which can save your time and effort.

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This tool is easy to use and suitable for non-technical users as well. You can try and test the tool for free using the download button above.

Advanced Features of GIF to JPG Converter 

  • It is time efficient and allows you to convert GIF to JPG in bulk without losing quality.
  • This tool is self-sufficient and does not require you to download and set up any additional app.
  • It is easy to use and does not require great technical skills to convert multiple GIF files to JPG.
  • It’s safe and secure and doesn’t store your image like many online GIF to JPG converters do.
  • This software also allows you to review your images before converting them.
  • It is Windows based and allows you to change GIF animation to JPG on Windows 11, 10, etc.

In Conclusion

In the above content, we have discussed 4 different ways to convert GIF files to JPG. You can choose to use DIY methods that involve using Photoshop and other applications. But DIY methods are time consuming. In order to convert multiple GIF to JPG at once with just a few clicks, you can use the professional software. Please explore all the above methods and use them as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question) Can GIFs be saved as JPEG?

Yes, GIF files can be saved as JPEG image using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, etc.

Question) How to save GIF as an image?

You can save GIFs as a still image by converting it to JPG/JPEG and any other type of still image like PNG, TIFF, etc.

Question) How do I convert GIF to JPEG on Windows?

You can convert GIF to JPG with Photoshop, Microsoft Photos, and the professional 4n6 GIF to JPG converter.

Question) Can Photoshop convert multiple GIF files to JPG at once?

No. With Photoshop, you can convert only one GIF file to JPG at a time. There is no option to process processing.