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How to Convert GIF Files to PNG Format? For Both Technical and Non-Technical Users

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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When it comes to image formats, GIF is still one of the most widely used formats, especially for web graphics. However, support for GIF is quite limited in some browsers, and the file size of GIF images can be quite large. In this post, we will show you how to convert GIF files to PNG format, a more versatile and supported image format.

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time working with images in Photoshop and other image editing programs. However, when you open an image file, the default format is usually GIF. This is fine for small images, but if you save a lot of images in GIF format for your web design, converting them to PNG can save you a lot of time.

User Query;

Hello, I’m in possession of a few folders that each have many GIF files. Therefore, I’m looking for a technique to convert all of them to the PNG image format at the same time. I would appreciate it if you could tell me whether or not it is possible to convert GIF files to PNG files in a secure manner.

Why Does User Want to Convert Image from GIF to PNG Files?

On the internet, a bitmap file known as a GIF (graphics interchange format) is often utilised. GIFs contain up to 256 colours, making them unsuitable for images, but their lossless compression makes them excellent for website navigation buttons and logos. A notable contrast between a GIF and another bitmap image file, such as a JPG, is the ability to maintain animated GIFs, which cycle between photos to generate a short, looping animation. These are mostly designed for and utilised internet-based websites. You’ve most likely seen them before, particularly on social networking and photo-sharing sites.

The Portable Graphics Format (PNG) is a raster image file format that is extensively used on the internet. They’re compatible with a broad range of software programs. PNG files, unlike JPG files, feature lossless data compression, meaning they may compress without compromising data or picture quality. They can also read translucent backgrounds, which makes them ideal for logos and other symbols that are often present over images. PNG is frequently using for digital images and graphics, and they are supports by most internet programs.

The followings reasons to convert GIF files to PNG format:-

  • PNG pictures are lossless, so you may open and save them as many times as you like.
  • Because these files can handle both 8-bit and 24-bit colours, many users opt to convert their GIF files to PNG.
  • Also, the quality of the photo stays entirely the same as before even after converting it.
  • PNG files are also open-source and have no file size restrictions.

Experts Recommended Way to Change Image GIF to PNG Format

4n6 Animated Gif File Converter software is the best solution to convert GIF files to PNG format. With the help of this software, you can convert bulk GIF files into many formats. This software is offline as well as a secure application, due to which users trust this software a lot. This image converter software is much better than other online tools because your data is saved by visiting the web on online tools whereas your data remains on your system at the time of conversion on this software.

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Guidance on How to Use GIF to PNG Converter Software

  1. Download the GIF to PNG converter tool click on the download now button and install it on your windows platform
    gif to png converter
  2. After installing and opening the software then click on the Open button in the menu bar and then choose the GIF option in the drop-down menu and upload it.
    upload gif files
  3. After uploading the animated GIF files you can preview your files in the software panel
    view gif files
  4. Thereafter click on the Export button in the menu bar and then select the PNG option in the drop-down to continue the conversion process
    choose png
  5. Finally, choose the preferred location path for the resultant files and then click on the Save button, now your GIF files are converted into PNG files format.
    save png files

Advance Features of GIF to PNG Converter Software

  • It has an easy-to-understand UI, so you won’t have any problems comprehending what you’re doing.
  • This application will upload the data for you immediately, allowing you to get starting on your conversion right away.
  • The application has no limitations when it comes to converting massive amounts of data. It has the ability to batch convert GIF files to PNG format.
  • All attributes relating to GIF files may convert using GIF to PNG Converter.
  • It also lets you get a preview of GIF files so you can check out all of the information they include.
  • To keep your data secure, you may use this software to explore the location of your generated files.
  • During the conversion, this software ensures the integrity of the GIF files and retains their attributes.


GIF to PNG Converter is one of the finest applications that quickly convert GIF files to PNG format. It creates with the requirements of consumers in mind, and as a result, it provides a number of benefits. It’s simple to use and a powerful tool for completing your goal. This tool is a must-try if you’re seeking a solution that may make such conversions straightforward for you.