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How to Import MBOX to Apple Mail Manually?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 9th, 2024
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Overview: Want to import MBOX to Apple Mail? Here are the two best ways to import single/multiple MBOX files directly into Mac Mail. Read on to choose from the best solutions for migrating your data.

MBOX is a file format which is used to store and manage email messages. These files are generally supported by wide range of Windows, iOS and Linux email applications such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Evolution. MBOX can also be used for backup, transfer an archiving process as they as they can all messages in a single file in a rich Text format suitable for human readability.

Apple Mail also knows as Mac Mail, on the other hand, is an email application comes default with macOS. It is designed to help users send, receive and organize email messages. Mac Mail can simply sync with the Apple iCloud and can provide a cohesive user experience with whole ecosystem of multiple Apple devices or services such as Contacts, Calendar, Spotlight search.

Quick Steps to Import MBOX to Mac Mail

  • Run iOS Apple Mail on your Mac device.
  • Go to File option and Import Mailboxes.
  • Select File in the MBOX format and continue
  • Select folder in Apple Mail in import files.

How to Add MBOX Files into Mac Mail?

It is widely known that iOS Apple Mail supports MBOX files. You can use Apple Mail’s built-in functionality to easily import .mbox files. However, you should note that if your MBOX files are unhealthy or without .mbox extension, Apple Mail will refuse to import them. Although in such a scenario, there is an automatic tool that can be used to convert your MBOX files to be compatible with Apple Mail.

Sometimes MBOX files are corrupted or without a .mbox extension. Such a file Mac Mail completely deny to import. In such a scenario, the automatic tool allows you to convert corrupted MBOX files to Apple-appropriate .mbox.

We have described the methods for both the scenario in detail below. You can check and consider them as per your need or the nature of your MBOX file.

Import MBOX to Apple Mail with Built-in Function 

  1. First of all; consolidate your MBOX files into one place.
  2. Then, Launch the Apple Mail, select the File option and then Import Mailboxes.
  3. Now, a Dialogue box will appear. Check the “File in MBOX format“, then click Continue.
  4. Select the place in which the MBOX files are saved in the next window.
  5. The import process will begin. The size of the MBOX file affects how long it takes to import.
  6. A notice will be prompted after the import has been completed. Then, Select Done.
  7. Following the import procedure, the emails will show up in the Import folder.

So, here’s how to use Apple Mail’s built-in features to import MBOX files. If your MBOX files are intact and have .mbox extension, the process will run smoothly. However, if Apple Mail fails to import MBOX files, try the automatic tool to convert them first.

What to Do If Apple Mail Fails to Import MBOX Files?

If Apple Mail fails to import your MBOX files, it is certain that your files are either corrupt or without an extension. However, you don’t have to worry about this problem. We have the right solution for that too. 4n6 MBOX Converter allows you to convert MBOX files for Apple Mail. The professional software allows you to convert your unhealthy files into healthy and suitable files for Mac Mail.

This software is easy to use and does not require much technical knowledge on the part of the users. We have described all the steps of using the tool. Please check it out and import MBOX to Apple Mail easily.

Steps to Import Unhealthy MBOX to Mac Mail

  • Download the tool from the button above. Then, install it and start it to import MBOX to Mac Mail.
    download mbox to mac mail import tool
  • Go to the Open tab, then Email Data file, and then either choose file or choose folder.
    choose file or folder
  • Browse, select and import your MBOX files into the software panel.
    browse mbox files
  • You can see that your MBOX files have been uploaded into the tool. If you like, you may preview them.
    preview mbox emails
  • Then choose the MBOX file format to repair your damaged MBOX files.
    select saving option
  • Click the browse button and select an appropriate location for output files, then press the save.
    click save to import mbox to apple mail

Once all of the files have been fixed, you may manually import them into Apple Mail using the procedure mentioned above. This suggested automatic tool is feature rich and can be used for various task. Please read about them below.

Discover Some Benefits Automatic Tool

  • Import MBOX to Apple Mail in bulk, including attachments and other attributes.
  • View MBOX files before importing them into your Mac Mail account.
  • You can conduct MBOX file forensics since you can read emails in Hex & Raw mode.
  • In a single click, you may use the search tool to find a certain text, email, or attachment.
  • Allows you to choose the place where the resulting files should be saved.
  • You may also import MBOX to a variety of storage options, including PDF, PST, Office 365, Etc.

In Conclusion 

We have provided complete instructions on how to import MBOX to Apple Mail. You can use the built-in function of your Mac Mail to import MBOX files. However, if you face any problem in the import procedure and find that your MBOX files are unhealthy, you can use the automated tool to solve the problem. The software allows you to import unhealthy MBOX files to Mac Mail easily.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1) Can Mac Mai import MBOX files from Gmail?

Yes, Mac Mail allows you to import all .mbox files no matter they are from Gmail or Thunderbird.

Question 2) Can I import Windows MBOX files into Mac Mail?

Yes, you can easily import MBOX from Windows, Linux and other operating systems to Apple Mail.

Question 3) How to import multiple MBOX files into Apple Mail?

You can use manual and automatic tool to import MBOX to Apple mail in bulk.

Question 4) Can I add MBOX files from multiple email accounts to one Mac Mail profile?

Yes, you can merge MBOX files from different accounts into your Apple Mail profile.