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How to Convert JPG to PNG in Bulk on Windows? Complete Guide

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 6th, 2023
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Many people in today’s digital world are looking for a way to convert their image, photo, drawing, figure, icon, illustration, model, snapshot, picture, portrait, statue, angle, photocopy, reflection, replica, etc. In this article, we will describe How to Convert JPG to PNG in Bulk?. With the aid of automatic JPG to PNG converter software, you will be able to comprehend the same in this article.

We’ll teach you how to convert JPG to PNG in bulk without compromising picture quality in this tutorial. For picture conversion, you may utilise the JPG to PNG Converter Tools, which is by far the greatest tool available. To convert pictures to PNG format, follow this instruction.

What is PNG and What are Its Benefits?

PNG is a widely used image format in the graphics industry. Because it does not compromise the picture quality, PNG is a lossless file. Both 24-bit and 8-bit colours are supported by PNG. Different degrees of transparency is also supported by PNG.

  • The PNG file format allows for lossless compression without sacrificing data quality.
  • For the finest picture quality, the Portable Network Graphics Image format provides a high number of colours, such as PNG – 24 16.7 million colours and PNG – 8 256 colours.
  • Users may work with layers in the PNG format, and since the backdrop is transparent, they can simply move pictures.
  • Metadata information in Portable Network Graphics Images may be simply added by digital marketers for SEO purposes.
  • Many site designers recommend utilising PNG pictures. When you open a PNG image on the Internet, it takes a lot less time for it to load.

Way to Convert JPG to PNG in Bulk 

There are many ways to convert JPG to PNG in bulk format. But we have told in this article after finding the best way out of them. The first of them is the manual method which is very effective for small data. But if your data is in bulk then you should go to our second solution which is the Best Software made by Experts named Image Converter. With the help of this software, you can convert the data in bulk and can also convert in many formats other than jpg. Now let us see how both the solutions will be used.

Method 1: Convert JPG Image Using Paint

Microsoft Paint is a free image editor that comes with Windows. In Windows 10, you may convert pictures to PNG using Microsoft Paint. It will not degrade the original image’s quality. The disadvantage of utilising Paint is that you can only manually transform pictures. Converting a large number of photos at once is not possible with Microsoft Paint.

Converting all of the photographs one by one takes a long time. As a result, you can effortlessly convert images using the Bulk JPG to PNG Converter application.

Follow the Steps:

  • In the Photos app, open the image you wish to transform.
  • Now, go to the top of the Photos app and choose Edit & Create.
  • After clicking the Edit & Create button, a drop-down option will appear. Select Edit with Paint 3D from the drop-down menu.
  • This choice will launch Paint 3D with the JPG picture. Now choose Menu from the drop-down menu.
  • A Save As window will appear when you click the Image section.
  • To save the picture in PNG format, choose 2D – PNG (*.png) from the Save as type menu. It’s also
  • possible to provide the file’s name here.
  • To save the picture in PNG format, click the Save button.

Method 2: Export JPG to PNG Image in Bulk Using Automated Solution

JPG Converter Tools in bulk convert JPG to PNG in bulk which allows you to convert photos to PNG, JPG and other image formats. Plus, you can convert picture formats in bulk with relative simplicity. JPG to PNG Converter Tools allow you to convert multiple image formats to the format of your choice.

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How to Use JPG to PNG Converter Software?

  1. Download the JPG to PNG Converter Software and install it on your windows machine.
    jpg to png converter
  2. After that, click on the open tab in the menu bar and then select the JPG option in the drop-down menu and then upload the image file to the software panel
    click jpg option
  3. After uploading the image file you can preview your image file in different modes
    jpg image view
  4. Then click on the Export option in the menu bar then select the PNG option in the drop-down
    choose png
  5. Lastly, select the destination path of your converted image file according to your choice and then click on the Save button.
    hit save

Best Feature of JPG to PNG Converter Software

  • JPG to PNG Batch Converter allows you to convert numerous JPG files to PNG files at once. Time and effort will be saved for the user.
  • It’s an offline programme that’s great for security since users may alter their photographs without having to submit them to the internet.
  • Before for convert JPG to PNG in bulk, the program displays all photos in the interface so that customers may choose just the files they want to convert.
  • This software allows you to explore the target directory where the converted PNG images will be saved.
  • The .jpg to .png converter produces a distinct PNG for each JPG file so that the final data is easy to interpret.
  • When converting a JPG to a Portable Network Graphics Image, there are no size restrictions. 4n6’s creators put it through its paces with 50GB of JPG images.
  • JPG image, photo, drawing, figure, icon, illustration, model, photograph, picture, portrait, statue, angle, photocopy, reflection, replica, carved figure, etc. may all be converted to PNG format with this utility.


You’ve read two techniques to convert JPG to PNG in bulk in this post. To convert photos into a new format, you may use either the first or second methods. However, to change the picture format at once, it is better to utilise the JPG to PNG Converter, and the bulk JPG to PNG converter. All users will find this software to be simple to use. You will have a great time with these tools.