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How to Convert Image from TIFF to PNG Format?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

It’s possible to reduce the file size of both the PNG and TIFF formats without affecting picture quality. They cannot, however, be used interchangeably. See what benefits there are to making the convert image from TIFF to PNG.

Difference Between TIFF Image and PNG Image

It is a Tag Image File Format (TIFF) that preserves high quality even when it undergoes modification. The TIFF is appropriate for security reasons since it does not include links or other hidden data. They’re perfect for keeping important documents and other important items.

A Portable Network Graphic (PNG) file is a form of the image file. It’s a raster picture, which assembles graphics one by one. The PNG format employs lossless compression, which allows huge data to be compressed without sacrificing quality. The resolution is also preserved when the image is reduced to its original size.

Why Do Users Want to Export TIFF to PNG Format?

Tiff and PNG image file formats are relatively comparable in that they both maintain a high resolution after compression. However, there are certain distinctions that need conversion in some cases. If a user wants to distribute a TIFF file to numerous persons, for example, they’ll probably want it in PNG format. This is due to PNG’s greater accessibility to a broader variety of users and systems.

When considering whether or not to convert, the two most important elements to consider are convenience and security. Keep in mind that TIFF is a safe file that cannot contain any hidden viruses. As a consequence, companies that handle sensitive information use it. The PNG is less secure but more practical. If you don’t need any additional protection for your file, consider converting.

When determining whether to convert image from TIFF to PNG, weigh the relevant details and implications. When sharing, mailing, or uploading data to create an impact, the file type might make all the difference.

Best Way for TIFF to PNG Conversion

The methods you will find in this blog today to convert image from TIFF to PNG have come to you after a lot of research and testing. The first method is automatic software, with the help of which you can convert your image file in bulk without any size restrictions. Another method is manual, in which you have to convert your image files one by one, which wastes time and energy, and runs the risk of loss of image quality.

Method 1: Using an Expert Recommended Software

The first way to convert image from TIFF to PNG is with automated software which is a solution recommended by experts. This software was invented by 4n6 company, its name is TIFF Converter Software. With this software, you can convert your TIFF image file in bulk and without any size restrictions. If you use this image converter to export tiff to png, your image quality will not be reduced at all, it will remain as it was.

Free Download

Instructions on How to Use TIFF to PNG Converter Tool

  1. Download TIFF to PNG Converter software and launch it on your Windows system
    tiff to png converter
  2. After that click on the open button in the menu bar and then select the TIFF option in the drop-down menu
    select tiff
  3. Thereafter uploading the TIFF images you can view your images in the software panel
    preview tiff image
  4. Then click on the Export button in the menu bar and then select the PNG option in the drop-down menu
    select png option
  5. Eventually, choose the preferred location and hit the Save button
    click save

Method 2: Using MS Paint Software

A manual solution to convert image from TIFF to PNG is also available, which allows you to convert your Tiff image file, but has some limitations. Its first drawback is that you have to convert your files one by one and there is a risk of image quality.

  1. Use the Microsoft Paint application to open the TIFF file.
  2. Choose the save as option after selecting the file button.
  3. From the save as type selection menu, choose PNG.
  4. Save the file to your preferred place.


In conclusion, we’ve created a simple offline tool that will convert image from TIFF to PNG format. Simply upload the image, choose the output format, and click on the Convert button. This will automatically convert the image into PNG format. The conversion is 100% secure and takes only a few seconds. We hope this tool will save you some time and make your work easier.