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How to Convert HTML to GIF File Format Using Simplest Procedure?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Facing issues in the process of convert html to gif format? If your answer is yes then, this is the right place to get the best and accurate solution. Stay tuned with us for more information.

So, let’s get started!

What is HTML File Format ?

A Web format file is HTML. In a text editor, HTML source code can be modified. HTML files are being created for usage in users’ web browsers in the future, enabling formatting of text, graphics, and other elements needed for websites. This type of file uses tags to create web pages. HTML code is typically not visible to users since it is parsed by Web browsers.

What is GIF File Format ?

A format for exchanging images is GIF. It is a widely used graphic format which is able to store compressed data in a format with no quality degradation that uses no more than 256 colors.

For exchanging raster images over networks, CompuServe created the GIF format in 1987 (GIF87a). The format was changed in 1989 (GIF89a), adding capability for animation and transparency.

Best Professional Solution to Convert HTML to GIF Format

User can make the use of best software solution for completing this conversion procedure. 4n6 Document Converter Software is best application for both technical and non – technical users. Also there is no need to install any extra application for accomplishing the task.

Users can also convert multiple html files into gif format in one go with the help of this software solution. Also, users can easily save the output data at desired location.


For better understanding of this software we are mentioning complete working procedure of this tool. But before that let’s have a look on some amazing features of this tool.

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Why to Use 4n6 HTML File Converter Software – Features

There are multiple benefits of this application. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • This software provides dual option to upload HTML data via Select Files and Select Folder options.
  • User will not face any kind of file size restrictions in this conversion procedure.
  • By using advance features of this tool user can export multiple html files in to gif format in one go.
  • This HTML Converter will always maintain data integrity and Meta properties throughout the procedure.
  • It helps users to convert HTML files into several savings like BMP, PDF, DOC, and more.
  • This software solution supports all the latest and older versions of Windows Operating System.

How to Convert HTML to GIF File Format – Complete Working Steps

Users have to follow some simple steps for accomplishing this task in best possible way:

  1. Firstly, user can download and install 4n6 HTML File Converter Tool. install application
  2. After that, click on document files and then select HTML file option from below options. convert html to gif format
  3. Now, user have to select all or required HTML files from the software interface. select required files
  4. Then, click on the Export button and select GIF option from the given drop list. select export option
  5. Thereafter, user can select destination path for saving final output data. User can also browse location as per their choice. browse destination path
  6. Finally, click on save button. User can see live running procedure on their screen. convert html to gif format

Is It Possible to Export HTML to GIF Procedure Manually ?

It is fact that users search for manual solutions for completing the task to convert html to gif format. The sad fact is that customers cannot complete this task manually because there is no available manual solution. Additionally, the manual solution has numerous dangers and disadvantages, which may provide difficulties for our users.

Therefore, using software solutions is preferable for users to seeking for manual ways.

Final Conclusion

In the above write-up, we have mentioned solution to convert html to gif format in brief. Multiple users were facing issues in completion of this task. Therefore, we have mentioned best professional solution for users to accomplish this task. This solution is also available for free trial users. Users can easily get to know about this tool by using the demo version. Users can convert 2 html files to gif format by using the demo version. For more features and unlimited users have to purchase the license edition of the application.

Hope this blog clears all the doubts of users. If still issue exists users can contact our live support team through chat or email.